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When you need replacement toilet parts for your American Standard, Briggs, Case, Caroma, Crane, Delta, Eljer, Gerber, Kohler, Mansfield, Porcher, Toto, Universal Rundle or other brand, what do you do? You drive all over town, maybe spend more than one day looking, and then you may still not find what you need after making all those stops. Well, we have the solution!® offers thousands of toilet repair parts, and as many of our customers have found, we have the largest selection of replacement flappers, fill valves, flush valves, toilet seats, supply kits, flanges, gaskets and rings, tools, tank lids and more - all in one convenient location. Our extensive selection and great prices will make shopping for what you need a snap, and if you aren't sure what you need our helpful staff is here for you.

Learn how a toilet works and how to find the right repair parts for your toilet

Shop for Quality Toilet Flappers by Brand

Can't find your specific brand? We offer a huge selection of universal flappers that fit many brands of toilets.
Simply compare your flapper with the flappers shown here to find one that will fit your toilet.

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Shop Toilet Flush Valves by Brand

We also offer dual flush conversion kits to turn your 1.6gpf toilet into a water-saving toilet!

Shop Hard to Find Toilet Seats

Note: For sanitary/hygienic reasons, toilet seats may not be returned.

Check out our toilet seat index page for even more brands and hard-to-find toilet seats!

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Toilet Tank Lids - For Charity

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How can I find the parts I need for my particular toilet?"
A. The best place to start is your toilet tank - to determine what your toilet model number and brand are. Some toilets might even have a list of replacement parts on the underside of the tank lid. Check out our video below to learn more about how your toilet works and how you can find the RIGHT replacement parts for your toilet - or read our guide to finding "will fit" toilet parts for more assistance.

If you'd like to learn more about how your toilet works and how you can find "will fit" parts, view the video below.

Q. "WOW! It looks like you offer a huge selection of toilet repair parts. Do you sell toilets as well?"
A. Yes we do. We offer residential toilets such as: macerating toilets. We also offer a few commercial toilets and urinals.

Q. "Do you offer pressure-assist toilets, or repair parts for them?"
A. Due to safety concerns with pressure assist toilets, we choose not to offer this type of toilet nor do we offer parts for these models. There are many toilet models that were offered as both "pressure assist" and "non-pressure assist" and we offer parts for the "non-pressure assist" models.

Q. "I didn't see any water saving eco-friendly toilet tank parts on your site and was wondering if you might add them in the future?"
A. There are many so called eco-friendly products on the market. However, eco-friendly does not necessarily mean user friendly. In our opinion, we have not found one that is user friendly. Toilets are designed to flush with a set water usage and that is why the federal government passed a law in the 1990's that all new toilets made must flush using 1.6 gallons of water or less. Once the waste is flushed from the toilet, a certain amount of water is still needed to push the waste down the drain line to the sewer or septic tank.

Most "eco-friendly" conversion devices we have seen allow the user to flush a toilet at two levels. Some are called 'dual flush'. One level is set higher to allow a lesser amount of water to be flushed into the bowl, and the other lower level to allow a full flush when needed. The one set higher will not necessarily flush the water in the bowl, but can dilute it. Not eco-friendly in our minds if it is not sanitary.

If you have to flush a toilet twice to get the water in the toilet to flush completely out, then it is not "eco-friendly", and possibly should be replaced with a toilet that is designed to use less water and still flush properly. Possibly in the future, if someone designs a tank coversion product that is both eco-friendly and sanitary, then we would certainly consider offering that product. Please note: We do offer PARTS for Caroma dual flush toilets and commercial dual flush flushometers.

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