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Claro Toilet Repair Parts
by Mansfield

Don't give up the unique look of your Mansfield Claro toilet just because of a leaky flush valve or broken trip lever! From repair kits and new seals to bolt caps and toilet seats,® is your source for top quality Mansfield toilet replacement parts.

Mansfield Claro Toilet

Replacement Parts for Mansfield Claro Toilet
Two Piece 1.6gpf Model - 164

Parts diagram for Mansfield two-piece 1.6gpf Claro toilets

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 88-1034 Plastic Fill Valve - 10-3/4" - Replaced by #08ULF-1034 - includes float rod, refill tube & locknuts $14.71
2 630-7984 Fill Valve Repair Kit - includes 1 upper and 1 lower diaphragm $4.98
3 09 Brass Fill Valve - 8-1/2" from tank to top of fill valve - includes float rod, refill tube & locknuts $38.82
4 630-7066 Fill Valve Repair Kit for 09 - includes 2 thumb screws, 1 nylon seat, 1 valve seat & 1 cup seal $10.22
5 Float Ball "Will Fit" Plastic Float Ball - 4" x 5" $3.52
6 211-1034 Flush Valve - 11" - includes spud gasket & locknut - no flapper style, easy to replace seal (#M001) $15.89
7 225-5907 Replacement Stop Cap for Flush Valve $2.28
8 M001 Replacement Flush Valve Seal - 3-1/8" O.D. x 2-1/8" I.D. $3.13
9 WA84 "Will Fit" Replacement Flush Valve Gasket $1.37
10 43 Front Mount Trip Lever with Plastic Handle & Arm - Chrome $8.20
11 630-0204 SmartFasten 2" Tank to Bowl Kit - includes tank to bowl gasket, three bolts, & three nuts $6.36
12 WA75 "Will Fit" Replacement 2" Tank to Bowl Gasket - View dimensions $3.98
13 Bolt Caps Bolt Cap Covers (1 pair)
  Round Premium Quality Replacement "Will Fit" Slow Close Toilet Seat by Bemis
  Elongated Premium Quality Replacement "Will Fit" Slow Close Toilet Seat by Bemis
Please note: The toilet seats featured here are the manufacturer's closest color match available & are non-returnable. View more colored toilet seats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I have installed the tank to bowl kit (630-0204) and tightened the 3 nuts and bolts to attach the tank to the bowl but water still seeps around the bolts and puddles on my floor. Are these the correct size bolts for this toilet?"

A. The bolts are the correct size. This will usually happen when the bolts and nuts are not tightened adequately. The manufacturer says the white nylon nuts should be hand tigtened and then a 7/16" socket should be used on them to tighten them 2 or 3 turns more. Make sure to tighten each bolt one turn at a time in rotation. By tightening in a rotation you will help prevent one side of the tank from to much stress which could cause the tank to crack. After each bolt has been tightened one turn, go back in the same order and tighten each bolt one turn again until the black rubber on each screw squishes down to seal the holes. After each bolt has been properly tightened there should be no leaks.

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