Kitchen Accessories

Everything you need to make the kitchen of your dreams a reality can be found right here at®. Start with a fabulous new sink, find the drain, faucet and disposer you need, throw in a few accessories, and voilà - a reflection of your excellent taste, right in your own home. We are pleased to offer these and many other options for your home decorating needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Wow! You offer many accessories for the kitchen. Do you offer pipe fittings as well?"
A. Yes. We offer a wide variety of pipe fittings and valves as well as pipe tubing, hoses and accessories.

Q. "I have a hole in my kitchen sink for an air gap. I'd like to use it for a faucet. Can I just pass that air gap?"
A. You could, but we absolutely do not recommend that. Air gaps have an important (health safety) function and should be kept on the deck of the sink or kitchen counter.

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