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Hair catching cleaning brush

Hair interceptors

Halsey Taylor drinking fountains and parts

Hammer arrestors, water

Hammered sinks, bar/prep

Hammered sinks, Nantucket

Hand basins, Barclay

Hand decorated Barclay sinks

Hand dryers (Saniflow automatic wall-mounted)

Handheld bidet spray

Hand held drain inspection camera

Handheld shower complete index listing

Handheld shower filters

Handheld shower for pets

Handheld shower holder for grab bar, sliding

Handheld shower holders

Handheld shower hose

Handheld shower, Jaclo

Handheld shower kits

Handheld shower on/off holders

Handheld shower sets, Symmons

Handicap accessible sinks with drainboards

Handicap accessible undermount sinks

Handicap, drinking fountains

Handicap, restroom signs

Handicap, reversible shower seats

Handicap shower products by Seachrome

Handicap showers

Handicap, stainless steel toilets

Handicap, toilet seats with safety bars

Handicap, transfer benches

Handicap, water coolers

Handle puller

Handles, faucet

Handles, shower doors

Handles, toilet trip-lever

Handling a flooded basement

Hand operated water pumps

Hand pumps, cast iron

Hands free electronic faucets, Hydrotek

Hands free electronic faucets - index page

Hands free electronic faucets, Sloan

Hands free electronic faucets, Symmons

Hands free gooseneck faucets, Sloan

Hands free soap dispensers, deck mount

Hand shower accessory, deckmount

Hand shower accessory, diverter

Hand shower accessory, hand shower heads

Hand shower accessory, shower arm mount

Hand shower accessory, shower hose

Hand shower accessory, wall bar

Hand shower accessory, wall mount hand shower bracket

Hand shower accessory, water supply elbow

Hand shower hose, stretchy

Hand showers, grab bar

Hand showers, kits

Hand snakes

Hand spray for bidet

Hand wash sinks, Aero

Hand wash sinks, Griffin

Hand wash sinks w/ soap and towel dispensers

Hand wash sink tankless water heaters

Hangers, hose

Hangers, pipe

Hansa America faucet parts

Hansgrohe parts

Hard copper pipe

Hard to find grease traps, oil separators

Hardware, partition

Hardwired heated towel rails

Hardwood folding shower seats

Haws AXION™ eyePOD™ eyewash system

Haws drinking fountain parts

Haws drinking fountains, wall mount

Head loss information

Heads, shower

Heads, shower adjustable height styles

Healthcare - ADA transfer benches

Healthcare - bedpan washing systems

Healthcare products - index

Healthcare - surgeon scrub sinks (manually operated)

Health concerns related to plumbing and sanitation

HealthCraft mobility products

Heated livestock watering supply valve

Heated towel rails

Heated shower mirrors

Heated water supply valve for mobile homes

Heaters, hot water dispenser

Heaters, instantaneous water

Heaters, small electric water

Heating, radiant fittings

Heavy duty drop-in stainless steel sinks

Heavy duty gas connector

Heavy duty garbage disposer

Heavy duty kitchen sinks by Nantucket

Heavy duty pumps

Heavy duty sewage pumps

Heavy gauge luxury kitchen sinks

Helpful toilet seat color cross reference chart

Helpful toilet troubleshooting information

Help choosing the right pump

Help to identify your Delta part

Help with fitting sizes

Help with leaking toilets

Help with replacing your toilet seat

Hercules Series Universal Rundle toilet parts

High arc kitchen faucets

High arc swivel shower arms

High box flanges

High capacity ARC replacement cartridges for Sprite shower filters

High capacity commercial food grinder

High flow whole house filters

High-Low (hi-lo) adjustable height shower heads

High magnification (10x) mirrors

High output HOC replacement cartridges for Sprite shower filters

High temperature submersible pumps

High-water alarms

Hi-lo downpour heads

Hinged repair pipe clamps

Historic (antique style) drinking fountains

Historic (antique style) kitchen and bathroom products index

History of no-hub couplings

History of plumbing (toilets)

Holding tank, float valves

Hole covers

Holiday gift ideas for everyone

Holiday prepping tips for your home

HomeAdvantage II tankless water heaters

Home Guard brand sump pump

Home outdoor pool showers

Home prep tips for the Holidays

Home sewer vents (automatic)

Home water supply booster pumps

Honeywell air relief vents (eliminates air in water lines)

Horizontal venting

Hose, adapters, brass

Hose, adapters, PVC

Hose adapters, quick connect

Hose bibbs

Hose bibbs, freezeless by Prier

Hose bibbs with decorative handles

Hose, bibs (valves)

Hose couplings (plastic)

Hose, discharge 7/8" from air gap hose

Hose, disposer, 5/8" drain hose

Hose, drinking water safe

Hose fittings, snap connectors

Hose, garden

Hose, garden - help choosing the right one

Hose, hand shower

Hose holders for the garden

Hose hydrant, freezeless, leak-proof

Hose menders (plastic)

Hose, pre-rinse faucet

Hose, shower

Hose, stainless clamps

Hose, washers (vinyl)

Hospital fittings

Hospital interceptors (intercept lint, buttons, strings..)

Hospital shower seats

Hospital sinks

Host great parties with a home bar complete with faucet and sink

Hot and cold outdoor wall faucets

Hotel motel complete products listing

Hotel motel lint interceptors

Hot-Shot pipe thawing machines

Hot water air relief vents (removes air from water lines)

Hot water drinking faucets

Hot water filters

Hot water filter system (complete filtered instant hot water system)

Hot water heaters (instant style) - directory

Hot water heaters, tankless

Hot water related products

Hot wet taps for PVC

Household Mfg toilet tank lids

House hydrant, freezeless and water theft resistant

Houzer drop-in sinks

Houzer lavatory sinks

Houzer luxury sinks

Houzer sink accessories

Houzer undermount sinks

How no-hub couplings revolutionized plumbing

How to care for copper sinks

How to care for porcelain fixtures

How to care for your garbage disposer

How to change your water heater anode rod

How to check for leaks in and around your home

How to choose a flood prevention system for your home

How to choose a new toilet

How to choose an outdoor shower

How to choose between pressure balance or thermostatic shower valves

How to choose the right kind of pump

How to find the best shower head for you

How to find toilet repair parts when you don't know your model or manufacturer

How to find your toilet model number

How to flush your water heater

How to get hot water the "green" way

How to handle a sewage backup into your home

How to install a Flood Guard for floor drains

How to install an instant hot water filter system

How to install a no-hub coupling

How to install toilet seats

How to install toilet seats on 1-piece toilets

How to install tub drain flange

How to keep your drains clear

How to measure for a toilet seat

How to prep your home for the Holidays

How to order from us

How to remove a tub drain stopper

How to remove common mold from your bathroom

How to repair your toilet and find parts

How to replace a toilet seat

How to replace toilet fill valves

How to troubleshoot your garbage disposal

How to turn off your water

How to use the Drain Key tool

How to use the Smart Dumbell

Hudee type sink rim bolts

Hudson valve livestock water tank filler

Hunterdon one-piece toilet parts

Hydapipe exposed showers

Hydrants and hose bibs index page

Hydrants, commercial roof

Hydrants, freezeless, leak proof, water theft resistant

Hydrants, sanitary yard

Hydrants, sanitary yard (parts)

Hydra toilet replacement parts

Hydronic air relief vents (eliminates air in water lines)

Hydronic - Alpha pumps

Hydronic pipe Sharkbite fittings

Hydrostatic test pumps

Hydrotek electronic faucets

Our catalog has over 2,900 pages of plumbing related supplies and products.

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