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Commercial Lint Interceptors

by Zurn Mfg.

Help protect your laundromat drainage system with a commercial lint trap from your source,®! Retain the objects that might clog up the drainage system, and save money on costly cleaning and repairs.

Deluxe Commercial Lint Interceptors
These high quality lint interceptors are great for commercial applications such as: laundromats, hospitals, hotels and motels and nursing homes. They are designed to separate solids such as buttons, stones, string and lint, which helps keep the drain lines clear and can help save money on drain maintenance. This is accomplished through the principal of gravity separation. The bigger and heavier buttons, stones, etc. will be retained in the first compartment, while smaller and lighter particles, such as string and lint, will be trapped in the second compartment and on the removable screen.

The waste water flows from the inlet piping into the interceptors main chamber passing through the affixed perforated primary screen and removable secondary screen, into the main body chamber, then exits the interceptor to the sanitary drain system. These lint interceptors are very easy to clean. Simply remove the cover and clean out any large debris from the first chamber and accumulation of lint in the second chamber. Remove the secondary screen assembly and clean off any lint build up.

These lint interceptors are coated with an acid resistant coat on the interior and exterior and constructed using steel for strength and durability. They are furnished with a threaded high inlet and low outlet. Note: models Z1185-3 & Z1185-7 are not furnished with a lift handle.
lint interceptor
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Model # Inlet/Outlet size Flow Rate (GPM) Approx. Wt. Lbs. Dimensions In Inches Price & Quantity
*B x B C D E F
Z1185-3 2" 30 93 17" 16 1/2" 13 1/2" 3 1/4" 17 1/4" $5,000.53
Z1185-7 3" 70 155 25" 20" 17" 3 1/4" 25 1/2" $5,790.25
Z1185-10 4" 100 271 33" 28" 25" 4" 34" $6,883.77
Z1185-20 4" 200 404 40" 35" 32" 4" 41" $8,378.18
Z1185-30 6" 300 654 45" 40" 36" 5" 46" $9,671.38
Z1185-40 6" 400 723 48" 43" 39" 5" 49" $11,004.16
Z1185-50 6" 500 911 52" 47" 43" 5" 53" $12,438.57
*B x B = The distance between the inlet and outlet baffles

Due to weight and size these units ship by truck (freight company),
which is an included feature of the product and incurs no additional charge.
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Please note: due to the size/weight, these items cannot ship via 2nd Day Shipping or US Mail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I noticed that the interceptors with a 6" NPT inlet and outlet can be furnished with an 8" NPT inlet and outlet. Does that change the dimensions of the interceptor?"
A. Yes. The 'C' dimensions will change to 42". The 'D' dimensions will change to 35" and the 'E' dimensions will change to 5 3/4".

Q. "What are the maintenance requirements for the Z1185 lint interceptors?"
A. Cleaning should be done on a regular basis. Remove the cover and clean out any large debris from the first chamber and accumulation of lint in the second chamber. Remove secondary screen assembly and clean off any lint build up. Reinstall the secondary screen into the interceptor. Make certain the cover gasket is intact and clean. Apply a light coating of oil on the cover gasket, which helps prevent the cover gasket from adhering to the cover and aids in maintaining a complete seal. The cover should then be placed back on the unit and secured. Efficiency of operation is directly related to the level of maintenance.

Q. "How come models Z1185-3 and Z1185-7 are not furnished with lift handles?"
A. The Z1185-3 and Z1185-7 don't come with lift handles because they are small units, and the lids are light enough to lift off the bases without the use of handles. To do this, simply unscrew the four screws located on the lid (one screw is located at each corner). Then you will need to unscrew the middle screw and you will be able to lift the lid off of the base.

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