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Baby bowl toilet seats

Baby changing stations

Baby Devoro toilet seats

Baby shower replacement filters

Baby size toilet seats

Backflow devices for water

Backflow preventers

Backsplash mounted commercial faucets, 4" centerset (4"cc)

Backsplash mounted commercial faucets, 8" centerset (8"cc)

Backsplash mounted commercial stainless steel faucets, single hole mount

Backup sump pumps

Backup sump pumps, water powered

Backup sump pump, water powered, Guardian

Backwash filter, TwistIIClean by Lakos

Backwater valves for drains

Bacteria drain opener by Roebic

Bacteria for septic tanks

Badger 1 & 5 disposer parts - Insinkerator

Bakery tables, racks, and other supplies

Bala hydronic towel warmer

Ball bearing lock basket strainer

Ballcock, how to replace

Ballcock (toilet) valves

Balloons for testing

Ball valves - brass/bronze for water

Ball valves - gas

Ball valves - PVC plastic

Ball valves - stainless steel

Bamboo wooden shower benches

Banner brand faucets

Barbed, brass fittings

Barber shop hair interceptors

Barclay acrylic bathtubs

Barclay bar / small metal sinks

Barclay farmer sinks

Barclay farmhouse sinks

Barclay faucets & bathtub fillers

Barclay hand decorated sinks

Barclay porcelain pedestal lavatory sinks

Barclay porcelain self-rimming bathroom/vanity sinks

Barclay products index listing

Barclay round brass sinks

Barclay toilet tank lids

Barclay vessel sinks

Barclay vintage style kitchen and bathroom products

Bar faucets, complete index listing

Bar faucets, Danze

Bar faucets, Symmons

Bariatric mobility products

Barrier free water coolers

Bar sinks, Barclay brand

Bar sinks, hammered

Bar sinks, stainless steel - self rimming/top mount

Bar sinks, stainless steel - undermount

Basement flood preparedness

Basement flood protection

Basement sewage ejector pump systems

Basement sewage removal systems

Basement shower drain replacement

Basement sump pump systems

Basement toilets

Basic low cost toilet seats

Basin faucet index page

Basin faucets, old fashioned style

Basin faucets, old fashioned style (more)

Basin legs, wall-hung lavatory

Basin sinks, pedestal

Basin taps

Basket strainers and disposer flanges

Basket strainers by Jaclo

Batch feed garbage disposers

Bath and shower diverters

Bath and shower diverters (more)

Bath and shower volume controls

Bath benches, wooden

Bathing in steam - benefits

Bath mirrors and links to more

Bath mirrors defoggers

Bathroom accessories, Symmons

Bathroom accessories, teak

Bathroom Ceramic books

Bathroom Collections Replacement Parts by Grohe

Bathroom fans

Bathroom faucets

Bathroom faucets, double handle

Bathroom faucets, Danze

Bathroom faucets, Danze, Amalfi Collection

Bathroom faucets, Danze, Eastham Collection

Bathroom faucets, electronic faucets index

Bathroom faucets, flood protection

Bathroom faucets, hands free sensor operated

Bathroom faucets, single handle

Bathroom faucets, two handle

Bathroom medicine cabinets

Bathroom mirrors, affordable

Bathroom odors, replacement toilet seats for the toilets that remove them

Bathroom remodeling products

Bathroom safety grab bars

Bathroom safety products

Bathroom sink stopper, Flip-It®

Bathroom sink drain assemblies

Bathroom sink finger activated stoppers

Bathroom sinks, porcelain

Bathroom sink stoppers

Bathroom sinks, wall mounted - unique

Bathroom soap dispensers and sanitary products

Bath & shower diverter valves & trims

Bathtub cable operated drain and overflow

Bathtub drain for Roman tub tiled in

Bathtub drain plugs

Bathtub drains

Bathtub drains, cable operated - brass

Bathtub drains, cable operated - plastic

Bathtub drains, flexible

Bathtub drains, index

Bathtub drains (old fashion style)

Bathtub drains with designer finishes

Bathtub drain trim kits in many finishes

Bathtub drain toe activated stopper

Bathtub fillers - spouts

Bathtub fixtures, spouts index

Bathtubs, acrylic - Swirlway

Bathtubs, cast iron clawfoot style

Bathtubs, education

Bathtub spouts index page

Bathtub stopper, Flip-It®

Bathtubs, walk-in bathtubs

Battery backup sump pump

Battery operated, antique style faucets

Battery operated drain inspection camera

Battery operated faucets

Battery operated flush valves

Battery operated hand sinks

Beach showers

Beauty salon hair interceptors

Bed and breakfast hotel plumbing products

Bedpan valves and knee valves

Bedpan washing system

Bedroom mobility / transfer products

Bed mounted support rails

Beeswax toilet rings for floor and wall mount toilets

Bell flanges

Bemis complete product index listing

Bemis elongated toilet seats #1200SLOWT

Bemis round toilet seats #200SLOWT

Benches for showers

Benches for showers, more

Best garden hose

Best water purification system

Best ways to clean copper sinks

Bibbs, freezeless hose by Prier

Bibbs, hose

Bibbs, hose - 2014 Federal Safe Drinking Water Act compliant

Bidet complete product listing

Bidet rinsing hand spray

Bidet toilet seats, Swash

Bidet toilet seats, Toto

Big John sump pumps

Big John toilet seats

Big sinks

Big Yank handle puller

Bio-Shield treated disposers

Black ABS plastic drainage and vent fittings

Black metal fittings

Black pipe nipples

Black push-connect fittings

Blow bags (for drain cleaning)

Blowtorch, "serious" self-igniting

Boat accessories, teak

Boat sinks

Body sprays, Danze

Body sprays, Jaclo

Body sprays, Waterdance Series

Bolt caps for toilet bowls

Bolts, brass, tank-to-bowl

Bolts, brass, toilet

Bolts, for toilets

Bolts, plastic, closet

Bondi toilet parts by Caroma

Bone color toilet seats

BoneCrusher brand garbage disposers

Book, "Profitable Plumbing"

Booster pumps for constant water pressure

Booster pumps for home water supply

Booster pump systems for water pressure

Boosting low water pressure

Borg Warner toilet tank lids

Bosch powerstream pro-tankless gas water heaters

Bosch tankless water heater

Bosch tankless water heater parts

Botanical Series tub/shower repair parts

Bottle filling stations

Bottle traps

Bowl caps for toilet bowls

Box flanges

Bracket drinking fountains

Bracket for expansion tanks

Bracket, partition mounting

Brackets for pipes

Braided, stainless flexes

Braided, vinyl tubing

Braille restroom sign

Braintree Brass shower systems

Brass ballcocks

Brass ball valves

Brass, barbed fittings

Brass, bolt sets, closet

Brass, bolt sets, tank-to-bowl

Brass, check valves

Brass cleanout plugs

Brass compression fittings

Brass compression fittings - 2014 Federal Safe Drinking Water Act compliant

Brass cross adapters

Brass fittings

Brass fittings - 2014 Federal Safe Drinking Water Act compliant

Brass flare fittings

Brass float valves

Brass flushometer valves, Sloan

Brass flush valves

Brass gate valves

Brass globe valves

Brass hose adapters

Brass hosebibbs

Brass needle valves

Brass nipples

Brass pressure relief valves

Brass p-traps

Brass tee adapters

Brass three-way valves

Brass valves

Brass wye strainers

Brianne Series one-piece toilet parts by Gerber

Brianne Series two-piece toilet parts by Gerber

Brick, stone, and stucco mounting sleeve kit for Woodford wall faucets

Bridgeford Collection Repair Parts by Grohe

Briggs replacement toilet tank lids

Briggs toilet identification

Briggs toilet parts

Brisbane toilet parts by Caroma

Bristol toilet parts by Toto

Brondell Swash bidet toilet seats

Bronze, ball valves

Bronze compression repair fittings

Bronze, float/fill valves

Bronze, gate valves

Brushed nickel trim kits for Delta, Moen and Valley

Brushes for cleaning hair from sink and tub drains

Brush/sponge for cleaning pots, pans, plates, faucets and sinks

Bubble jetted clawfoot style bathtubs

Bubbler - 2014 Federal Safe Drinking Water Act compliant

Bubbler, drinking fountain

Bubbler, drip irrigation

Bubbler, flexible

Bubbler head, drinking

Bulkhead fittings, PVC

Bunny boxes

Buried gas pipe tape, and other tapes

Burmese teak floor mats

Burmese teak shower benches

Butler faucets for water filter systems

Buttermere hydronic towel warmer

Buyers guide for towel warmers

Buying a drill-style drain cleaner, information about

Our catalog has over 2,900 pages of plumbing related supplies and products.

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