Commercial Restroom Products

Handwashing & Hygiene

Handwashing is the #1 way to prevent the spread of germs. Keep your facility cleaner and ensure your customers, clients, associates, and employees have a pleasant and easy to access means of maintaining good hygiene at your place of business with hands-free faucets, high speed dryers, automatic soap dispensers, and more.

Whatever your commercial restroom needs - industrial-strength equipment for high-traffic areas like shopping malls or elegant designer fixtures for upscale private restrooms in cafés or boutiques - we've got a wide selection of sinks, faucets, and accessories so you can create just the feel you're going for with minimal fuss.

Lavatory Sinks

Lavatory Faucets

Soap Dispensers & Accessories

Hand Dryers

Comfort & Cleanliness

Few things can make or break a business's reputation faster than a bad restroom experience. Lack of changing stations for families, broken or missing accessibility equipment, poor signage, slippery dirty floors - the list goes on and on.

Make sure your restrooms are comfortable and safe for all users with our selection of commercial restroom accessibility products. And make clean-up quicker and easier for your staff with a variety of maintenance aids, from small mop sinks that will easily fit in a janitor's closet to replacement latches and parts for stall partitions.

Accessiblity & Comfort Aids

Maintenance & Cleaning Supplies

Toilets, Urinals & Related Items

Let's face it - the main reason your customers or employees are in the restroom is usually to use the toilet. We've got a variety of heavy duty toilets and urinals that can stand up to the rigors of high-traffic restrooms for years of use. Add a water-saving flush valve and your business just went "green"!

If you don't need new fixtures, it's still important to make sure your facilities are in top notch working condition to avoid messes and costly damages. We offer repair parts for tank-style toilets, as well as for commercial flush valves and flushometers.

Toilets & Urinals

Flush Valves & Flushometers

Don't see what you need? Don't stress! We offer many additional commercial flush valves for you to choose from

Repair Parts & Related Items

Customer Testimonials

"You guys are great and I just want you to know it. I feel it important to recognize customer service that is exemplary. I'm in the television production business and I meet a lot of people. Whenever the topic of plumbing comes up I will refer folks to your website."
- Lloyd Thomas Swain, Swain Communications, LLC, Richland WA, 99352

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