Quick PVC Repair Fittings

Contractor time savers

When you need to repair a connection quickly, but need the strength of a glued fitting, you want the KwikRepair replacement fittings, offered to you by PlumbingSupply.com®! With their easy in-line installation, and multiple styles and sizes, you'll find just what you need right here. When you need an easy solution to install or repair sprinkler pipes that are just not lining up correctly then the Flexible Landscape Couplings can be the answer you are hoping for. Looking for additional pipe fittings? Visit our page.

Flexible Landscape Coupling

flexible landscape coupling used for tree rootstree roots
flexible landscape coupling used for awkward cornersawkward corners
flexible landscape coupling used for brokent pipesbroken pipe

Flexible landscape coupling
Flexible Landscape Coupling features:
  • Landscapers, sprinkler installers, handy persons, farmers and home owners will appreciate these Flexible Landscape Couplings
  • Turn a nightmare situation into a sweet dream solution
  • Broken pipes can easily be repaired even if the two ends will no longer line up
  • Constructed from flexible PVC
  • Versatile 18" length provides incredible flexibility
  • Ideal for sprinkler systems. Not for constant pressure applications
  • Designed for underground use
  • Couplings glue over PVC Schedule 40 piping
  • Not for potable drinking water
  • 150 PSI maximum working pressure
  • For use with cold water applications

Now there is a simple solution for connecting sprinkler pipes with issues. Awkward or odd angled corners can easily be resolved and pipe connected. Tree roots in the trench? Not a problem! The Flexible Landscape Couplings can be maneuvered over or under it. These nifty flexible couplings can help you make pipe connections when the piping has become offset and normal fittings are unable to easily correct the problem.

Description Price & Quantity
1/2" x 18" Flexible Landscape Coupling
- approximately 7/16" internal diameter
3/4" x 18" Flexible Landscape Coupling
- approximately 3/4" internal diameter
1" x 18" Flexible Landscape Coupling
- approximately 13/16" internal diameter

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Quick and Easy PVC Repair Fittings
KwikRepair PVC Fittings - One-piece PVC line repair and fitting replacement


Quick Repair Fitting Features & Benefits:
  • Sliding sleeves make it great for limited space applications
  • Permanently replaces defective fittings or adds to an existing system
  • Fits both schedule 40 & 80 PVC
  • Total solvent weld seal helps make installation a breeze
  • Sleeves slide and glue onto pipe, eliminating bending or flexing of pipe for in-line repair or replacement
  • Easy installation saves on time and money
  • Available in multiple sizes and types
  • No o-ring design means it's less prone to leaking or failure

Quick Repair PVC 90° Elbows

Sample Size I.D. Cutout Length Price & Quantity
Elbow 1/2" 0.50" 3.00" x 3.00" $2.75

Please Note; Limited to Stock - While Supplies Last!
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Quick Repair PVC Tees

Sample Size I.D. Cutout Length Price & Quantity
Tee 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2" 0.50" 5.90" x 2.50" $5.70

Please Note; Limited to Stock - While Supplies Last!
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PVC Pipe Tubing Cutters


PVC tube cutter

  • Cuts up to 1" PVC pipe - all schedules!
  • Cuts up to 1" CPVC pipe
  • Ratchet cutting for ease of use
  • Durable metal handle stands up to the toughest jobs

Heavy Duty

Large PVC cutter

  • Ratchet action for quick cuts
  • Virtually perfect right angle cuts
  • Hardened steel blade
  • Dozens of other uses
  • Cuts up to 2" PVC

Description Price & Quantity
Standard PVC Pipe Tube Cutter with Blade $23.17
Heavy Duty 65MM PVC Pipe Tube Cutter with Blade $93.33
Replacement Cutter Blades
Replacement Blade for Standard PVC Pipe Tube Cutter $10.67
Replacement Blade for Heavy Duty 65MM Cutter Temporarily
Replacement Blade for MEGA-9 Cutters (old style) $31.79

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Easy Installation Diagram


KwikRepair PVC Working Pressure Ratings (Water @ 60°F)

Fitting Diameter Pressure Rating (PSI)
1/2" 450
3/4" 360
1" 338
1-1/4" 278
1-1/2" 248
2" 225
2-1/2" 210

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What does the cutout length mean?"
A. It is the size you need to cut out of your existing line in order to install one of these quick repair fittings.

Q. "Are these fittings permanent?"
A. Yes, these quality repair fittings are glued into place and designed for permanent replacement of defective fittings.

Q. "What is LO-V.O.C.?"
A. LO-V.O.C. cements produce significantly less amounts of "V.O.C.'s". V.O.C. stands for "volatile organic compounds", which are unhealthy when breathed or induced. V.O.C.'s also diminish air quality. Please read and follow all directions carefully when applying these cements.

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