Kitchen Remodeling Products

Kitchen Sinks

The cornerstone of every kitchen has to be the sink. It's where you wash up before meal prep, where you re-hydrate, and where pretty much everything ends up to get a thorough cleaning before going back in the cupboards. As the functional centerpiece of your kitchen health and hygiene routine, shouldn't it also be a design focus? Whatever your tastes, we've got plenty of beautiful kitchen sinks to choose from. Durable stainless steel, gorgeous copper, country-style name it, we've got it - and all the installation parts and accessories you'll need to go with it.

Basket Strainers & Drain Parts

Most people don't give much thought to their basket strainers, but they can be a useful tool in many situations. Choose a model with a removable crumb cup to help prevent clogs, or get one of our unique remote-operated strainers and you'll never have to stick your hand in greasy water full of questionable-looking floaty things again. And be sure to check out our selection of wrenches and tubular parts to make your installation quick and easy.

Garbage Disposers

Garbage disposers are a staple in many kitchens. Whether you're installing for the first time, are ready for an upgrade, or just want to update your look with a new flange, you've come to the right place. We offer only the best quality disposers, repair parts, and accessories.

Sink Accessories

Make kitchen prep and clean-up a breeze with over-the-sink cutting boards and colanders, save money and buy in bulk with a new soap dispenser, or get a professional leak-free sink installation without messy caulking. Whether you want to make your kitchen easier to work in or just need to install your new sink, our selection of sink accessories has what you need.

Kitchen Faucets

What's a sink without a faucet? An expensive bucket with a hole in the bottom! In all seriousness, though, the right kitchen faucet can be the perfect finishing touch to a great design and enhance your kitchen's efficiency (both in water savings and meal preparation tasks). Whether you're looking for a basic replacement or want the upgraded luxury of a pot filler, pre-rinse, or hands-free model, we've got literally hundreds to choose from in almost every style, finish, and configuration you can imagine.

Drinking Water Filtration

Nothing beats the convenience of a drinking water filter faucet. You can save money over bottled water, help protect our environment, and even get steaming hot water in an instant with one of our quality filter systems.

Faucet Accessories

Faucet installations and repairs are usually fairly easy for an experienced DIY'er. Find everything you'll need to handle the job here - from angle stops in designer finishes and water-saving aerators to a HUGE selection of repair parts.

Kitchen Accessories

Install a new dishwasher with top-quality hoses, find non-abrasive cleaners that will make your sink sparkle like new, or add some gourmet flair with a restaurant-quality pot rack. Whatever your design inspiration, you can find all the accessories to enhance and upgrade your kitchen right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I see that your prices are very low and am wondering if it's possible for you to offer even better 'special' pricing for plumbing contractors, plumbing distributors, hardware stores, home centers, kitchen and bath designers, plumbing showrooms, architects, and/or manufacturers"
A. Instead of offering a "secret" price, we simply offer the best prices, best service and largest selection to everyone, from do-it-yourselfer to professional. Our prices are the lowest possible in order to stay in business; it's simpler and means absolutely no hidden pricing, so you don't need to wonder if someone is getting a better price than you because they aren't. Our prices are the same for everyone and we believe that's one of the many reasons we have been so successful. We began serving the online community in 1995. To put into perspective how early that was, know that it was 3 years before Google started! We were one of the first online plumbing suppliers. Because of our lowest pricing for all, our best service and largest selection we will continue being the best.

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