Our easy-to-use picture index can help you figure out which toilet model you have, view parts diagrams, and find the right Case & older Briggs toilet repair parts.

Case & Briggs Toilet Identification

Our easy Case and Briggs identification page is here to help you figure out which toilet you have, and to assist in getting the correct parts for your classic Case or Briggs toilet. Just look for the model that matches yours, and click on the link to go to the page where replacement parts for that model can be found.
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Need parts for a newer Briggs toilet? View our Briggs Parts Finder for help locating parts on new Briggs toilets

Case "Old Style" aka Kidney

Old style Case Kidney toilet

Case 1st Model A & Case 2nd Model A

Case toilet first model a
Case toilet first model b

Case Toilet Model #3000 - Wall Mount Toilets

3000 Toilet

Case #3200 - Wall Mount Toilets & Briggs #6000

Briggs 6000 and Case 3200 Toilet

Case Toilet Model #4000

Case 4000 Toilet

Case Toilet Model #4000-A

Case 4000-A Toilet

Case Toilet Model #4100

Case 4100 Toilet

Case Toilet Model #4100-A

Case 4100-A Toilet

Case #4200 & Briggs #6001, #6011, #6012 Toilets

6011, 6001, 6012 and 4200 Toilet

Click Here For Toilet Repair Parts - Case #4200 & Briggs #6001, #6011, #6012

Case #4300 & Briggs #6002, #6014 Toilets

6002, 6014 and 4300 Toilet

Case IV & Briggs #6024 Toilets

6024 Case Toilet

Case Emperor II & Briggs #6026 Toilets

6026  and Emperor II Toilet

Case Regency III & Briggs #6036 Toilets

6036 Regency Toilet

Case II & Briggs #6022 Toilets

6022 Case Toilet

We offer many toilet tank lids for Briggs and Case toilets, as well as many other brands.

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