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Note: spaces are ignored for alphabetizing

Saddles for pipe (made out of PVC)

Saddles for PVC pipe (Flo-Tap)

Safe drinking water filters

Safe drinking water hoses

Safer bacterial-enzyme drain and sewer cleaner

Safety first

Safety grab bars, designer

Safety grab bars for basic bath tubs

Safetymix® showers

Safety tips for flood events

Safety walk-in bathtubs

Safety tips for the bathroom

Sale items (our overstocked items)

Salmon electric towel warmer

Salmon hydronic towel warmer

Samsung refrigerator filters

Sand cloth for copper fittings

Sand filters, separators (carbon steel)

Sand separators by Lakos

Saniflow automatic commercial hand dryers

Sanitary heated water supply valve for mobile homes

Sanitary yard hydrants for outdoors

Sanitary yard hydrants, parts

Sanitation and good health

Saxby electric towel warmer

Scala2 pressure boosting pump

Scald-protected showers

Scald protection for showers and tubs

Scale reduction filters for cold water systems

Scale reduction filters for ice makers

Scale reduction filters for water heaters

Scale removal system for gas-fired tankless water heaters

School play ground cooling towers, misting spray

School showers

School sinks

Schools, low lead solutions

Scullery sinks, Griffin

Screens, foot valves (used mainly for wells)

Screens for rooftop vent pipe

Screens for shower drains

Scrub sinks

Sculpted shell wood toilet seats

Sculptured wood toilet seats

Seabury Collection Repair Parts by Grohe

Seachrome brand folding shower seats

Seachrome grab bars

Seachrome tub and shower products

Seals, toilet to flange wax gaskets

Search service that we offer for toilet tanklids

Sears toilet tank lids

Seashell theme toilet seats, round acrylic

Seats, ADA toilet seats with safety grab bars

Seats, colored toilet seats (huge selection)

Seats for Eljer Emblem toilets

Seats, handicap

Seats, measuring guide for a new toilet seat

Seats, our index of toilet seats, bidets and colored toilet seats

Sectional drain cleaners

Sediment filters by Lakos

Sediment water filters

SeeAll pedestal mirrors

SeeAll wall mounted mirrors

Seine hydronic towel warmer

Self closing drinking fountains

Self closing showers

Self closing shower valve

Self rimming lavatory sinks

Self rimming sinks for boats, RV's & trailers

Sell your home faster

Senior assisted living products

Sensor operated concealed flushometers for toilets

Sensor operated concealed flushometers for urinals

Sensor operated exposed flushometers for toilets

Sensor operated exposed flushometers for urinals

Separators and filtration systems by Lakos

Separators for grease and water

Septic tank bacteria

Septic tank flood preparedness

Septic tank odor vent pipe filter

Septic tank treatment K-37

Sereno Series, tub/shower systems

Series 69 laundry faucet parts

Service sink faucets, Fisher

Service sink faucets, Speakman

Service station oil interceptors

Sewage backup help and safety

Sewage basin assemblies

Sewage ejector dual pump packages

Sewage ejector sump pump packages

Sewage ejector packages, index page listing

Sewage ejector sump pump packages (outdoor)

Sewage grinder sump pump packages - Zoeller Shark Series Pumps

Sewage pumps, DuraMAC

Sewage removal systems, upflushing toilets/pumps

Sewage sump pumps

Sewage sump pumps, Little Giant

Sewage sump pumps, Zoeller

Sewer backing up alarms

Sewer cleaning products and snakes

Shampoo, dispenser (Clear Choice brand)

Shampoo dispensers ('Ulti-Mate')

Sharkbite ball valves

Sharkbite fittings

Sharkbite fittings, for potable/drinking water

Sharkbite hydronic fittings

Sharkbite radiant fittings

Shark Series sewage grinder pump packages

Shaving mirrors

Shelves, porcelain

Shelves, wall mounted

Shielded couplings

Shims, plastic toilet

Shipping FAQ's

Shock arrestor

Shower accessories, designer

Shower arm replacement cartridges OFC for Sprite FAS series filters

Shower arm mounts for hand showers

Shower arms, adjustable

Shower arms by Danze

Shower arms by Jaclo

Shower arms, extending

Shower arms, index page

Shower arms, regular

Shower & bath diverter valves & trims

Shower benches - constructed of bamboo

Shower benches - constructed of Teak

Shower benches, fold-up, teak

Shower body sprays

Shower caddies

Shower chairs

Shower channel drains

Shower components

Shower curtain rods

Shower curtain rods, Convertos

Shower curtains, 15 feet long

Shower diverters

Shower diverters, elbows, pin mounts, and hand shower related accessories

Shower diverters (more)

Shower door handles

Shower drain covers, designer

Shower drain repair made easy by Davke

Shower drain replacement

Shower drains

Shower drains index page

Shower, emergency

Shower enclosures complete with faucet and supplies

Shower enlarger

Shower faucets - antique style

Shower filters by Sprite

Shower for prisons, jails, etc.

Shower, hand sprayers

Shower head extensions

Shower head filters, Sprite

Shower head flow regulators

Shower heads

Shower heads, dual

Shower head selection made easier

Shower heads, low flow

Shower heads (more)

Shower heads, nebulizing mist

Shower heads, rainfall

Shower heads, Speakman - The best shower heads!

Shower heads, sunflower

Shower heads super size

Shower heads, vandal resistant

Shower hose, decorative

Shower hoses, Elements of Design

Shower mirrors (fog free and links to other types)

Shower mounting accessories

ShowerOff® metered showers

Shower, outdoor

Shower pans, ADA compliant

Shower pans, luxury

Shower, poolside luxury

Shower products, Danze

Shower products, Jaclo

Shower risers

Shower rods, budget type

Shower rods, increase space with these

Shower rods, straight

Shower screen strainers

Shower seats

Shower seats, compact folding

Shower seats, folding (deluxe)

Shower seats, reversible

Shower, self closing valves

Showers for correctional facilities

Showers, index page

Showers, pressure balance

Shower squeegees, decorative

Shower stall replacement valves

ShowerStart hot water saver

Showers, outdoor

Showers with built-in scald protection

Showers, thermostatic

Shower tilt-up seats deluxe

Shower track cleaning brush

Shower valve cover plates

Shower valve (Jaclo) index page

Shower valves 3-3/8" center to center

Shower valves, cross handle, "Contemporary" design

Shower valves, cross handle, "Retro" design

Shower valves, index listing

Shower valves, lever handle, "Contemporary" design

Shower valves, lever handle, "Retro" design

Shower valves - pressure balance vs. thermostatic

Shower systems that automatically shut off

Shut-off included with gas flex

Shut-offs - compression vs. 1/4-turn

Shut-offs for drip irrigation

Shut-offs for gas

Shut-offs for tankless water heaters

Shut-offs for under-counter locations (for water supplies)

Shut-offs for water pipes

Shut off the water to your house

Siamese (shut off) hose connectors

Side outlet 90 degree elbows (plastic)

Side outlet 90 PVC fittings

Sign of the Crab brand cross handles

Sign of the Crab brand lever handles

Signs for restrooms

Silicone lubricant (used in plumbing)

Sill faucets (aka: sillcocks, hose bibs)

Sill faucets (aka: sillcocks, hose bibs) for freezing conditions

Silver foil tape

Simplex sewage pump system

Single bowl copper kitchen sinks

Single bowl drop-in sinks

Single bowl sinks (commercial stainless steel)

Single bowl undermount sinks

Single curb, ready to tile shower pans

Single faucets

Single handle bathroom faucet index

Single handle kitchen faucets by Danze

Single handle kitchen faucets by Elements of Design

Single hole lavatory faucets, Elements of Design

Single hole stainless steel commercial, faucets, by Fisher

Sink, Aero, stainless steel

Sink, Barclay hand decorated

Sink basket strainers

Sink care - copper

Sink drain P-trap, commercial

Sink drain pump

Sink, farmer

Sink flanges and stoppers for garbage disposers

Sink, Griffin commercial kitchen stainless

Sink, Griffin heavy gauge drop-in sinks

Sink hole covers

SinkMaster brand garbage disposers

Sinkmaster Garbage disposer parts for model 1000

Sinkmaster Garbage disposer parts for model 1200

Sinkmaster Garbage disposer parts for model 1300

Sinkmaster Garbage disposer parts for model 1400

Sinkmaster Garbage disposer parts for model 1500

Sinkmaster Garbage disposer parts for model 2100

Sinkmaster Garbage disposer parts for model 2500

Sinkmaster Garbage disposer parts for model 3000

Sink, Opella stainless bar sinks (round)

Sink, Opella stainless steel basin sinks

Sink plugs

Sink rim clips


Sinks, 1 compartment commercial grade 14 gauge

Sinks, 2 compartments commercial grade 14 gauge

Sinks, 3 compartments commercial grade 14 gauge

Sinks, ADA compliant

Sinks, Aero commercial

Sinks, antique farmhouse

Sinks, boats, campers, RV's

Sinks, composite granite

Sinks, deep

Sinks, hand wash

Sinks, foot operated

Sinks for classrooms, Haws

Sinks, hammered

Sinks, knee operated

Sinks, large

Sinks, luxury kitchen sinks

Sinks, natural granite

Sinks, natural marble

Sinks, pedestal basin

Sinks, SolidCast acrylic

Sinks, SolidCast double bowl kitchen

Sinks, SolidCast single bowl kitchen

Sinks, stainless, unique sizes by CTI

Sink stopper, Flip-It®

Sink stoppers

Sink strainers

Sink, Swanstone

Sinks, triple bowl commercial kitchen - stainless

Sinks with drainboards

Sinks with front apron

Sinks with integral drainboards

Sinks with sensor faucets

Sirio electric towel warmers by Amba

Sizing guide for pumps

Sizing help for plumbing pipes

Slice gate valves for RV holding tanks

Slide bar handheld shower sets by Symmons

Slide bar handheld tub/shower sets

Slide bar hand showers, ADA compliant

Slide bar hand showers, Water Dance

Slide gate valves for holding tanks on RV's, trailers and houseboats

Sliding handshower mounts for grab bars

Slim-line SLC replacement cartridges for Sprite shower filters

Sloan brand bathroom hygiene products

Sloan brand bedpan washing system

Sloan brand concealed flushometers for toilets - manually operated

Sloan brand concealed flushometers for toilets - sensor activated

Sloan brand concealed flushometers for urinals - manually operated

Sloan brand concealed flushometers for urinals - sensor activated

Sloan brand exposed flushometers for toilets - manually operated

Sloan brand exposed flushometers for toilets - sensor activated

Sloan brand exposed flushometers for urinals - manually operated

Sloan brand exposed flushometers for urinals - sensor activated

Sloan brand faucets

Sloan brand flushometer repair parts

Sloan brand products

Sloan brand retrofit kits for flushometers

Sloan brand shower heads

Sloan conservation flush valves

Sloan Dolphin flushometer repair & replacement parts

Sloan genuine repair parts

Slow drain improvement enzyme

Slow - soft close toilet seats

Small area roof drains

Small drain cleaning equipment

Small toilet seats

Small tube push-in fittings

Small water heaters

Smart Dumbell tool

Smart Dumbell tool, how to use

Smitty remodeler repair plate

Smooth straight grab bars

Smooth straight grab bars with end caps

Smooth straight grab bars with finials

Smooth straight grab bars - transitional

Snake, drain cleaning

Snake with camera

Snap connectors for garden hose

Soaking tub - Enso series

Soaking tub - Reo series

Soap and lotion dispensers, low priced

Soap dispensers for handwashing and lotion

Soap dispensers - hands free

Soap/shampoo/lotion dispensers for showers

Soccer arena cooling towers, pedestal misters

Socket saving tool for PVC/ABS plastics

Soft closing toilet seats

Soft (padded) toilet seats

Softener air gap

Softeners, American Plumber

Softeners for hard water

Soiree toilet repair parts by Toto

Solace large toilet seat

Solar powered hands-free faucets

Solar products

Solar relief vents, air (releases air in water lines)


Soldering torches for plumbing

Solder shield protective blanket

Solenoid valve wireless water main security system

SolidCast sinks

Solid granite sinks

Solid marble sinks

Solids interceptors

Somerset Collection Repair Parts by Grohe

Somerton toilet parts by Caroma

Spa flex - PVC flexible tubing

Spacecab® medicine cabinets

Spanner wrenches for water filter housings

Sparco brand air relief vents (eliminates air in water lines)

Sparco brand water tempering valve

Sparco zone valves for hydronic heating

Speakman 6-jet shower head with Evolve ShowerStart hot water saver

Speakman commercial plumbing products

Speakman handheld shower heads

Speakman shower heads

Speakman showers

Specials (products we have too much of)

Speedfit quick connect fittings by John Guest

Speedfit small diameter fittings by John Guest

Speed master mounting assembly

Speedway brand drain cleaning equipment

Spigots (outdoor faucets)

Spigots, Woodford

Spin down sediment filters from Vu-Flow

Spin down style Lakos TwistIIClean filters

Splash guards for garbage disposers

Split ring escutcheons

Sponge/brush for kitchen clean-up

Sponge gaskets for floor and wall mount toilets

Sponge gaskets for tank to bowl connection

Spout mounted eyewash system, AXION™ eyePOD™ by Haws

Spouts for bath tubs

Sprayers for garden hoses

Sprayers for kitchen faucets

Sprinkler heads (quality impulse type)

Sprite shower water filters

Spuds for urinals and toilets

Square corner commercial kitchen sinks

Square front toilet seats

Square rain machine

Square shower drains

Squeegees for showers - Mountain Plumbing

S shaped shower arm

Staging your home for sale

Stainless steel bakery racks, donut tables, and more

Stainless steel bar sinks

Stainless steel bus carts

Stainless steel clamps

Stainless steel commercial, faucets, 4" centerset (4"cc) by Fisher

Stainless steel commercial, faucets, 8" centerset (8"cc) by Fisher

Stainless steel commercial, faucets, single hole mount by Fisher

Stainless steel designer drain covers

Stainless steel designer outdoor fresh air showers

Stainless steel drinking fountains

Stainless steel drinking fountains

Stainless steel drinking fountains, wall mount

Stainless steel escutcheons

Stainless steel, commercial faucets

Stainless steel fittings

Stainless steel flexes for gas

Stainless steel flexes for water

Stainless steel gas venting pipe

Stainless steel hose clamps

Stainless steel kitchen shelves

Stainless steel kitchen sinks

Stainless steel kitchen sinks by Just Mfg

Stainless steel kitchen sinks by Nantucket

Stainless steel large diamter pipe cutters

Stainless steel mesh drain strainers

Stainless steel nipples to 2"

Stainless steel outdoor pedestal drinking fountains

Stainless steel pot racks

Stainless steel prep tables

Stainless steel prep tables with sinks

Stainless steel push on lock nut for copper pipe

Stainless steel putty

Stainless steel restaurant cabinets

Stainless steel restaurant steam pan, bun pan, and tray racks

Stainless steel shower drain covers in a variety of unique themes

Stainless steel sink cleaners

Stainless steel toilets for commercial applications

Stainless steel towel warmers

Stainless steel undermount kitchen sinks

Stainless steel urinals

Stainless steel valves by Kitz

Stainless steel water coolers

Stakes for drip irrigation

Standard Collection toilet parts by American Standard

Standard toilet seats

Standard toilet tank lids

Standard Trenton

Standing water hand operated suction pump

Standpipes for air gaps

Sta Put ultra plumbers putty

Statistics related to plumbing

Statuary pumps by Little Giant

Steam bathing benefits

Steam carts, restaurant

Step by step instructions for changing anode rods

Sterling toilet tank lids

Stern Williams pedestal hosebibbs

Stiebel Eltron point of use tankless water heaters

Stoppers, Flip-It®

Stoppers for drains

Stops (angle and straight)

Stops, needle style

Stop valve outlet boxes

Stove top products

Straight grab bars - contemporary style

Straight grab bars - reeded style

Straight grab bars - reeded style with end caps

Straight grab bars - reeded style with finials

Straight grab bars - reeded transitional

Straight grab bars - smooth style

Straight grab bars - smooth style with end caps

Straight grab bars - smooth style with finials

Straight grab bars - smooth transitional

Straight shower rods

Straight stop valve kits for faucets

Straight stop valve kits for toilets

Straight stop valves

Straight stop valves in designer finishes

Straight stop valves

Strainer, basket

Strainer, grid

Strainer, inline, bronze/brass

Strainers for drip irrigation

Straps for potential earthquakes (used on water heaters)

Strap wrench and trap tools

St. Thomas toilet tank lid replacements

Studor brand air vents

Stylish towel rails

Stylish ways to age in place

Submersible effluent pumps, DuraMAC

Submersible effluent pumps, Little Giant

Submersible effluent pumps, Zoeller

Submersible pumps for high temperature liquids

Submersible pumps for ponds, puddles and other low spots

Submersible sewage pumps

Submersible sump pumps, DuraMAC

Submersible sump pumps, Zoeller

Suction water pump, hand operated

Sump backup pumps

Sump emergency backup system

SumpJet water powered pumps

Sump pump alarms

Sump pump check valves

Sump pump controller (electronic)

Sump pump float control

Sump pump maintenance tips

Sump pumps, Big John

Sump pumps for crawl space

Sump pumps, large

Sump pumps, miscellaneous

Sump pumps, NexPump

Sump pumps, water powered (when the electricity is off)

Sump pump systems for basements

SumpWatcher electronic sump pump switch

Sunflower shower heads

Super Lube® synthetic PTFE liquid lubricant

SuperPole mobility products by HealthCraft

Super seal sink strainer

"Super sized" undermount kitchen sinks

SUPER Water-Flex Mega-Flow - from Falcon Stainless, Inc.

Supply elbows for showers

Supply flexes for water

Supply lines for toilets in designer finishes

Supply stop tee adapters

Supply valves for toilets in designer finishes

Supportive products

Supreme toilet repair parts by Toto

Supreme II toilet repair parts by Toto

Surefire torch - propane and Mapp

SureSeal inline floor drain trap seal

Sure-Vent® AAV - Air Admittance Valves

Surgical scrub sinks

Survey for your chance to win a prize!

Swanstone brand sinks

Swanstone durable quartz sinks

Swash® luxury bidet-style toilet seats

Swedge tool for copper pipe

Swirlway brand jetted bath tubs

Switches and floats for sump pumps

Switch for utility pumps

Swivel arm mounts

Swivel drain connectors

Sydney toilet parts by Caroma

Symmons brand bar faucets

Symmons brand bath and shower accessories

Symmons brand bathroom sink faucets

Symmons brand kitchen faucets

Symmons brand laundry faucets

Symmons brand metered faucets

Symmons brand metered shower systems

Symmons brand parts, page 1

Symmons brand parts, page 2

Symmons brand parts, page 3

Symmons brand pressure balancing shower valves

Symmons brand roman tub fillers

Symmons brand sensor operated faucets

Symmons brand shower faucets

Symmons brand shower heads, institutional

Symmons brand shower heads, residential

Symmons brand slide bar shower only

Symmons brand slide bar tub/shower sets

Symmons brand tub and shower valves

Symmons brand tub/shower and shower only systems

Symmons products - index page

System for finding leaks

Our catalog has over 2,900 pages of plumbing related supplies and products.

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