Commercial Roof Drains
PVC, ABS, and Cast Iron Small Area Roof Drains

Roof Drains provide effective internal drainage of water from the roof surface, and are a practical year-round solution to removing water from the roof surface in any weather or season. Recommended for installation in flat areas with decks that are constructed of steel, wood, or concrete, these roof drains are suitable for many installations. Looking for more drainage solutions? Visit our page.

Sioux Chief 868-15 15" No Hub Cast Iron Roof Drain

15inch cast iron roof drain
  • Constructed of a enamel-coated cast iron
  • Enamel-coated cast iron dome strainer with gravel guard
  • Strainer free area (free grate area): 75.75 square inches
  • No-hub couplings are available separately
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15" No Hub Cast Iron Roof Drains
  • 3" No Hub Outlet Drain $610.31
  • 4" No Hub Outlet Drain $671.37
  • 6" No Hub Outlet Drain $671.35
  • 8" No Hub Outlet Drain $671.40
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Sioux Chief 868-20 High Volume 20" No Hub Cast Iron Roof Drain

cast iron roof drain
  • Constructed of a enamel-coated cast iron
  • Enamel-coated cast iron dome strainer with gravel guard
  • Strainer free area (free grate area): 178 square inches
  • No-hub couplings are available separately
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High Volume No Hub Cast Iron Roof Drains
  • 10" No Hub Outlet Drain $1,224.50
  • 12" No Nub Outlet Drain $1,196.95
High Volume Roof Drain Accessories
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RD-08CI Cast Iron Small Area Roof Drain

Roof Drain
  • Constructed of a Dura-coated cast iron drain body
  • Heavy duty Dura-coated cast iron dome
  • Integral cast iron gravel guard
  • No Hub outlet
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No Hub Cast Iron Small Area Drains
  • 2" Drain $86.23
  • 3" Drain $85.87
  • 4" Drain $86.03
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Plastic Roof Drain with Dome and Gravel Guard

Roof Drain with Plastic Dome
Roof Drain with Cast Iron Dome
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Sioux Chief 867 Light Commercial Roof Drain

Sioux chief roof drain pvc model 867
  • 3" PVC (gray) or ABS (black) base solvent weld hub outlet connection
  • Uses key and keyhole classment system on dome strainer and gravel guard
  • U.V. resistant cast iron dome strainer
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Light Commercial Roof Drains
  • 3" ABS Drain Body $78.11
  • 3" PVC Drain Body $74.36
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RD2130 Cast Iron Combination Roof Drain & Overflow

Drain and Overflow
  • Constructed of a Dura-coated cast iron body
  • Dura-coated cast iron clamp device with integral gravel guard
  • Heavy duty, cast iron dome strainer
  • No-hub couplings are available separately
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  • Approx weight: 35lbs
Combination Roof Drain & Overflow
  • 2" No Hub Drain $132.70
  • 3" No Hub Drain $133.70
  • 4" No Hub Drain $133.80
Please note: Due to weight and to ensure safe delivery, these drains have an additional shipping fee.
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No-Hub Couplers / Couplings

image of no-hub coupling
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Designed for up to 60lbs of torque load
  • Includes stainless shield, 2 stainless clamps
  • They can be used to connect plastic, steel or cast iron pipe for low pressure drainage
  • View our wide selection of no-hub couplings
Pipe Size Approx. OD of pipe
it fits
Price & Quantity
2" 2-3/8" o.d. $2.63
3" 3-3/8" o.d. $2.29
4" 4-3/8" o.d. $2.95
5" 5-1/4" o.d. $12.51
6" 6-5/16" o.d. $9.41
8" 8-3/8" o.d. $7.25
10" 10-3/4" o.d. $102.88
12" 12-3/4" o.d. $87.58
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Miscellaneous Roof Drain Parts

Mushroom Vent Cap
Mushroom Vent Cap
3" x 4" - $3.98
Plastic Receiver Pan
Plastic Receiver Pan
16" - $9.43
plastic under deck clamp kit
Plastic Under Deck Clamp Kit
3" and 4" - $29.99
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is Dura Coat?"
A. Dura coat is a specially formulated paint designed to resist cracking and chipping. Dura Coat is a latex based coating developed to be used with cast iron substrate.

Q. "What does No-Hub mean?"
A. No-Hub is the most widely used connection. It is achieved by butting No-Hub soil pipe or plastic pipe to the bottom of drain and securing it with a No-Hub joint clamp known as a No-Hub Coupling.

Q. "Do you offer any floor drains?"
A. Yes. We offer a variety of floor drains here.

Q. "What is an external water dam?"
A. Sometimes roofs are designed to contain a predetermined depth of water at all times for various reasons. Roof drains for installation in these types of roofs should be equipped with a water dam (watertight open top collar either internal or external of the dome), with its flood level at the prescribed elevation above deck to serve as a dam to retain the desired amount of water on the roof. Excess water floods over the dam and is discharged into the roof drainage system.

Q. "What does the sump receiver do?"
A. Sump receivers, sometimes called drain receivers, should be used with roof drains to compensate for deck opening irregularities and provide proper support for the drain. The sump receiver is a flat steel plate with a depressed center opening into which the roof drain body flange fits, the sump receiver is supported by the lip of the opening in the deck. In addition to easing the deck opening tolerance requirements, the sump receiver distributes the weight of the drain over a larger surface of the deck.

Q. "How does the underdeck clamp work?"
A.The underdeck clap is designed to be used in conjunction with the sump receiver. With the drain and sump receiver in place, the circular underdeck clamp is drawn tightly in place with hardware provided. This in effect sandwiches the sump receiver between the drain and the clamp.

Q. "What is the purpose of the threaded extension kit?"
A.The threaded extension is placed on the structural deck level to accommodate various thickness of insulation, thereby avoiding the necessity of tapering or feathering the insulation layer down to the fixed body flange level of the drain causing a loss of insulation value at the drain location.

Please note: While we strive to ensure every product we label as "Made in the USA" really is 100% made in the USA, it is also important to understand that sometimes manufacturers make changes to their products, or for various reasons may receive components or materials that they would normally purchase domestically from an overseas supplier - and they don't necessarily let distributors (like us!) know that they've changed something about the product or where it is manufactured.

If you receive a product that® says is "Made in the USA" and the product states it was manufactured elsewhere, please contact us. We will happily replace or refund your purchase to your satisfaction.

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