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Shower Systems and Related Products Index

Find complete shower systems, shower spa columns, commercial showers, and more

Looking for a fantastic new addition to your shower or bath? We here at PlumbingSupply.comĀ® are thrilled to offer an extensive selection of shower systems and components that are sure to please. Choose from simple shower sets, handshowers with slide bars, vintage styles, contemporary designs, jetted shower panels and more! The styles you're looking for are just a click away!

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Look for these symbols to find showers that are:
ADA compliant - ADA Compliant
WaterSense certified - WaterSense Certified
Water efficient shower - CEC Compliant

Not sure whether to choose a pressure balance or thermostatic valve for your shower system? Learn more about the differences between these valves and how to choose the best one for your needs

Quality Symmons Pressure Balancing Shower Systems

Symmons Sereno shower example

Symmons has long been known as an industry leader in quality and innovation, and their beautiful shower systems are the perfect complement to almost any home. Whether you're looking for a simple shower for a small stall, or want a complete tub and shower system with matching handspray, these shower collections are sure to please - and the variety of stylish modern designs mean you can make your home as unique as you are.

Compliant with California Energy Commission water efficiency standards:

  • Allura Collection
  • Canterbury Collection
  • Carrington Collection
  • Dia Collection
  • Identity Collection
  • Naru Collection
  • Origins Collection
  • Oxford Collection
  • Sereno Collection
  • Unity Collection
  • Winslet Collection

Shower or Handshower Systems

Tub & Shower/Handshower Systems

Complete Tub, Shower & Handshower Systems

Danze® Designer Pressure Balance Shower Systems

Danze Amalfi shower example

For a truly designer look in your shower, Danze® is the way to go. Offering numerous collections with styles ranging from traditional to ultra-modern in today's most popular finishes, you're sure to find a shower or tub/shower system you love. The best thing? Most of these collections have a full range of accessories and other matching bathroom fixtures!

All Danze® shower systems are ADA compliant when properly installed  ADA compliant

All Danze® shower systems are compliant with CEC water efficiency standards California Energy Commission compliant product

WaterSense® Certified collections:

  • WaterSense Certified Amalfi Collection
  • WaterSense Certified Melrose Collection
  • WaterSense Certified Opulence Collection
  • WaterSense Certified Parma Collection
  • WaterSense Certified Sheridan Collection
  • WaterSense Certified Sirius Collection

Shower Only Systems

Tub & Shower Systems

Jaclo Thermostatic Single Handle Shower Systems

Sierra shower example

Looking for a unique finish? These Jaclo thermostatic shower systems are the answer. With constant thermostatic temperature control and a HUGE selection of designer finishes, these sets are ideal for almost any home. From oil rubbed bronze to antique copper to polished brass and every finish in between, all with durable brass construction, you won't find a better designer option anywhere.

Compliant with California Energy Commission water efficiency standards:

  • Cylindrica 5 Shower Only
  • Cylindrico Shower Only
  • Retro Only
  • Sierra Only

Shower or Handshower Only Systems

Tub & Shower Systems

Banner shower example
Banner has long been the standard for classic budget showers, and we're pleased to offer our customers a wide selection of these shower systems. Perfect for rental homes or apartments, you're sure to find a simple yet stylish design to match almost any décor.

Single Handle

Two Handle

Three Handle

Old-Fashioned Style Shower Sets

Sign of the Crab vintage shower example
When you want to add the convenience of a modern shower, but desire a vintage look, these shower systems fit the bill. Choose from a variety of old-fashioned handle and shower head options, with or without a tub spout, in durable classic finishes.

Shower Only Systems

Tub & Shower Systems

Complete Shower Spa Columns

Jetted shower column
For the ultimate in luxurious showers, you can't go wrong with one of these shower spa columns. Offering the convenience of an all-in-one installation, you get a fixed shower head, hand shower, and numerous body sprays - ideal for smaller spaces or for remodels and retrofits where adding the components separately isn't feasible or desirable. With a variety of styles to choose from, you're sure to find one that suits your personal style.

with Pressure Balancing Valve

with Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Institutional/Commercial Shower Systems

Commercial shower example® is your source for the very best commercial and institutional shower systems. Whether you're looking for an ADA compliant handshower system for your long-term care facility or assisted living, need quality athletic club showers, or want something vandal resistant and sturdy for a public pool or detention center, we've got you covered. Spas, recreation centers, gyms, hospitals, factories, schools, dorms, and even homes - the list goes on and on for the places that can benefit from one of these top quality commercial shower systems.

HydroTek Hands-Free

Hydrotek motion sensor shower

Speakman Vandal Resistant Showers

Anystream shower system
Speakman Sentinel Mark II ShowerPac

Speakman Shower Systems

Speakman single handle shower
Speakman tub/shower set
Speakman slide bar handshower

Speakman slide bar tub shower system
Speakman deluxe slide bar showerADA compliant

Symmons Visu-Temp Series

VisuTemp shower systemADA compliant
VisuTemp tub shower systemADA compliant
Symmons Visu-Temp hand shower

Symmons Visu-Temp shower with handspray
Symmons VisuTemp tub/handshower system
Symmons Visu-Temp complete shower systemADA compliant

Symmons Temptrol Vandal Resistant Showers

Temptrol vandal resistant showerADA compliant
Temptrol tub/shower setADA compliant
Temptrol handshower

Temptrol tub/handshower system
Temptrol shower/handshower system
Temptrol complete tub, shower, and handshower system

Symmons Safetymix Series

Safetymix shower systemADA compliant
Safetymix tub and shower systemADA compliant
Safetymix hand shower with slide bar

Safetymix fixed shower head and handspray unit
Safetymix handshower with tub spoutADA compliant
Safetymix complete tub/shower system

Symmons Safetymix Exposed Showers

Safetymix exposed showerADA compliant
Safetymix exposed showerADA compliant

Symmons Showeroff Metering Showers

Concealed metering shower system
Exposed metering shower system

Symmons Hydapipe Exposed Shower Systems

Hydapipe 800 and 900 series showersADA compliant
Hydapipe flat wall unitADA compliant
Hydapipe double shower systemADA compliant

Hydapipe triple shower systemADA compliant
Hydapipe tub/shower unitADA compliant

Shower Systems Related Items:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do pressure balance shower systems work?"
A. A pressure balancing valve mixes your hot and cold water together to get the right temperature and help keep hot water temperatures from becoming too hot. Thus, it helps prevent accidental scalding or "shower shock" when the water suddenly turns freezing cold because the water pressure changed (i.e., someone flushed the toilet or turned on a faucet in the kitchen). Additionally, most units feature an adjustable stop screw beneath the cover that prohibits the valve handle from being turned to excessively hot temperatures.

Q. "What is a thermostatic shower and how does it work?"
A. The thermostatic valves within these tub/shower systems work by controlling the flow of hot and cold water to maintain temperatures. When the water coming from the hot water inlet is too hot, the valve will expand and adjust the amounts of hot and cold water coming out of your tub spout or hand shower to keep the temperature constant and help prevent accidental scalding. Note that they do not actually heat the water, and can only maintain hot water temperatures as long as there is sufficient hot water coming through the pipes.

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- Jeff Whiteside, Missoula, Montana 59804-9744

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