Medical & Healthcare Facility Products

Handwash & Scrub Sinks

Handwashing is THE #1 way to prevent the spread of disease, as any medical professional will tell you. Make sure your facility is equipped with these quality, easy-to-clean, heavy duty handwashing and surgical sinks so your staff is ready to scrub up and provide exceptional care at a moment's notice.

Kitchen, Cafeteria & Dining Services

Everybody's gotta eat. Whether you're serving up meals to patients, meeting special dietary needs, keeping team members fueled for a long shift, or comforting anxious family members and visitors with a hot cuppa', we have what you need to make sure your kitchen staff can do their very best work efficiently, cleanly, and safely.

Resident/Patient Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Enhance the comfort, protect the dignity, and promote the independence of your long-term residents and patients with these bed and bath products. From bedside transfer assists and privacy curtains to hygienic bidets and oversized bariatric toilet seats, create resident suites that meet your individual patient needs and feel more like home.

Resident/Patient Shower Rooms & Therapy Centers

Bathing is one of the most comforting and most private activities we all engage in. Keep your patients safe with sturdy transfer benches and anti-scald showers - without neglecting the creature comforts of a warm shower room and toasty towels or a relaxing, therapeutic whirlpool bath. Have an on-site resident salon or patients with mobility issues? We also offer salon sinks to help maintain safety when all you need is a quick shampoo.

Public Restrooms, Hallways & Waiting Areas

You work hard to make your facility comfortable for patients - don't forget your visitors, staff, and volunteers! Keep waiting areas, common rooms, hallways, and general use bathrooms safe, clean, and comfortable too with a variety of quality plumbing products designed to stand up to hard usage.

Emergency Equipment

Even the most careful attention to procedure can sometimes result in an accident. Perfect for medication rooms, chemical or cleaning supplies storage, biohazard waste disposal areas, and anywhere the risk of eye contamination and chemical or fire burns is present, these emergency showers and eyewash stations will help keep your staff safe.

Utility & Maintenance Equipment

Show your support staff some support by making sure they have the best equipment and the right tools to do their jobs safely and efficiently. From hoppers and laundry sinks to lint interceptors and bedpan washers, we've got what you need to keep the departments behind-the-scenes running smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What does "NSF Approved" or "NSF Listed" mean?"
A. When a product is NSF certified or listed means that the National Sanitation Foundation has reviewed the product, most often through a sampling of the product; they have determined that the product complies with the current "Standard"; and has conducted or will conduct audits to determine whether the product continues to comply with the Standard.

Q. "Are all of these products ADA compliant?"
A. This page is designed to help our customers who may be purchasing items for their long-term care facility, assisted living home, hospital, clinic, or other medical/healthcare facility find everything they need in one place. Many of the items listed here are ADA compliant, but please check the product description carefully on the actual product ordering page to ensure the product meets any ADA compliance, safety, or other specifications your application requires. For a listing of our ADA compliant products, please click here.

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