Food Waste Solids Interceptors
by Zurn

More quality interceptors from Zurn! With proper maintenance, an interceptor will keep your drains from getting clogged with waste, and with the removable bucket, maintenance is a snap. Designed for use in areas where a disposer or garbage grinder is used, these hard working traps can help keep your work area free of hassle, saving you money and time. This is accomplished through the principle of gravity separation. Food wastes are retained in the perforated removable basket. Waste water flows from the inlet piping into the removable perforated basket, passing through the basket and the outlet cover screen attached to cover, into the main body chamber, then exits the interceptor to the sanitary drain system.
solids interceptor
Size (Inches)
Flow Rate
Solids Cap.
(Cu. Ft.)
Approx. Wt.
Price & Quantity
Z1183-100 2" 4 0.20 18 $1,399.87
Z1183-200 2" 7 0.29 23 $1,456.25
Z1183-300 3" 10 0.33 27 $1,469.27
Z1183-400 3" 15 0.38 33 $1,686.53
Z1183-500 3" 20 0.66 37 $1,792.35
Z1183-600 4" 25 0.79 45 $1,955.66
Z1183-700 4" 35 1.17 53 $2,069.29
Z1183-800 4" 50 1.35 59 $2,224.69
Due to weight and size, these interceptors ship by truck at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you!
Add a disposable filter bag for your Z1183 interceptor (sold individually) - $53.65
Order 10, 20, 30 or more disposable filter bags for additional savings!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What are the maintenance requirements for the solids interceptors?"
A. Cleaning should be done on a regular basis, either before or after the bucket becomes clogged. Remove the cover and bucket, take out the primary and secondary screens and clean out all debris. Replace the screens in the bucket and put the bucket into the interceptor. Make certain cover gasket is intact and clean. Apply a light coating of oil on the cover gasket, which helps prevent cover gasket from adhering to cover and aids in maintaining a complete seal. The cover should be placed back on the unit and secured. Efficiency of operation is directly related to the level of maintenance.

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