Our easy-to-use picture index can help you figure out which toilet model you have, view parts diagrams, and find the right Kohler toilet repair parts.

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Identify Your Toilet Using The Images Below

Not sure which Kohler toilet you have? Take a look at the models pictured below, and select an image. The parts you need for that toilet are just a click away! Simply click on any of the images below to find parts schematics for that Kohler toilet. We at PlumbingSupply.com® are pleased to offer a large selection of Kohler repair parts.

click any toilet below to find parts schematics for that model

Alouette K-3491 ToiletAlouette
Tank: K-4601
Alouette K-14249 ToiletAlouette
Tank: K-14249-NA
Ankara one-piece toiletAnkara
Models: K-14230-TF & K-14278-TF
Archer K-3517 ToiletArcher
Tanks: K-4431 & K-4493
Bancroft K-3487 ToiletBancroft
Tank: K-4633
Barrington K-3530 ToiletBarrington
Tank: K-4519
Bolton K-3670 ToiletBolton
Model: K-3670
Bolton K-3450 ToiletBolton
Tank: K-4505
Bolton K-3475 ToiletBolton
Tank: K-4509
Briar Rose toiletBriar Rose
Tank: K-14279-BR
Cabernet K-3401 ToiletCabernet
Model: K-3401
Cabernet K-3408 ToiletCabernet
Model: K-3408
Calabria artisan toiletCalabria
Tank: K-14279-CL
Cayuga K-3440-EB & K-3440-PT ToiletCayuga
Tank: K-4509
Champlain K-3390 ToiletChamplain
Model: K-3390
Cimarron K-3489 ToiletCimarron
Model: K-3489
Cimarron K-3497 ToiletCimarron
Tank: K-4634
Cimarron K-3609 ToiletCimarron
Tanks: K-4418 & K-4421
Close Reach K-14231-SB ToiletClose Reach
Tank: K-14233-SB
Confidente K-3556 ToiletConfidente
Tank: K-4456
Couture K-3470 ToiletCouture
Tank: K-4501
Couture K-3471 & K-3472 ToiletCouture
Tank: K-4591
Couture K-3477 & K-3478 ToiletCouture
Tank: K-4605
Crimson Topaz K-14231-TC toiletCrimson Topaz
Tank: K-14233-TC
Devonshire K-3488 ToiletDevonshire
Model: K-3488
Devonshire K-3457 ToiletDevonshire
Tank: K-4619
Devonshire K-3503 ToiletDevonshire
Tanks: K-4438 & K-4708
English Trellis K-14261 ToiletEnglish Trellis
Model: K-14261-FL
English Trellis K-14179 ToiletEnglish Trellis
Tanks: K-14179-FL & K-14249-FL
Epernay K-14179 ToiletEpernay
Tanks: K-14179-EP & K-14249-EP
Fables and Flowers Designer ToiletFables & Flowers
Models: K-14230-TL & K-14278-TL
Kohler Fables and Flowers pattern on San Martine toiletFables & Flowers
Models: K-14289-TL & K-14290-TL
Fleur K-3417 ToiletFleur
Tank: K-4586
Fleur K-3447 ToiletFleur
Tank: K-4606
Fleur K-4447 ToiletFolio
Tank: K-4447
Gabrielle K-3322-RA ToiletGabrielle
Model: K-3322
Highline K-3658 & K-3658-RA ToiletHighline
Tank: K-4436
Highline K-3527 & K-3518 ToiletHighline
Tank: K-4518
Highline K-3427-RA ToiletHighline
Tank: K-4620
Highline K-3427-X ToiletHighline Peacekeeper
Tank: K-4620-X
Highline K-3611 ToiletHighline
Tank: K-4632
Kathryn K-3324 ToiletKathryn
Model: K-3324
Kathryn K-3484 ToiletKathryn
Tank: K-4403
Kelston K-11453 ToiletKelston
Tanks: K-4469 & K-4474
Laureate ToiletLaureate
Models: K-14286-PD & K-14346-PD
Laureate ToiletLaureate
Model: K-14291-PD
Leighton K-3486 ToiletLeighton
Tank: K-4628
Loon K-14212 ToiletLoon
Tank: K-14212
Memoirs K-3451 ToiletMemoirs
Model: K-3451
Memoirs K-3453 ToiletMemoirs
Model: K-3453
Memoirs K-3511 ToiletMemoirs
Tank: K-4464
Memoirs K-3511 ToiletMemoirs
Tanks: K-4642, K-4473 & K-4492
Memoirs K-3509 ToiletMemoirs
Tank: K-4454
Memoirs K-3509 ToiletMemoirs
Tanks: K-4641, K-4485 & K-4491
Northline K-3516 Series ToiletNorthline
Tank: K-4519
Palarre K-3383 ToiletPalarre
Model: K-3383
Peonies & Ivy K-14215-PS ToiletPeonies & Ivy
Tank: K-14215-PS
Peonies & Ivy K-14239-PS ToiletPeonies & Ivy
Tank: K-14279-PS
Persuade K-3654 ToiletPersuade
Tank: K-4419
Pheasant K-14239-PH ToiletPheasant
Tank: K-14279-PH
Pillow Talk K-3378 ToiletPillow Talk
Model: K-3378
Pillow Talk K-3379 ToiletPillow Talk
Model: K-3379
Pinoir K-3465 ToiletPinoir
Tank: K-4609
Placid K-3405 ToiletPlacid
Model: K-3405
Pompton K-3400 toiletPompton
Model: K-3400
Portrait K-3357 ToiletPortrait
Models: K-3506 & K-3357
Portrait K-3490 ToiletPortrait
Tanks: K-4590
Portrait K-3591 ToiletPortrait
Tank: K-4607
Prairie Flowers toiletPrairie Flowers
Models: K-14258-WF & K-14345-WF
Revival K-3360 toiletRevival
Models: K-3360 & K-3612
Revival K-3555 toiletRevival
Tanks: K-3613 & K-4445
Rialto K-3402 ToiletRialto
Model: K-3402
Rialto K-3386 ToiletRialto
Model: K-3386
Rochelle K-3385 toiletRochelle
Model: K-3385
Rosario K-3434 toiletRosario
Model: K-3434
Rosario K-3434-X toiletRosario Peacekeeper
Model: K-3434-X
San Martine K-3435 ToiletSan Martine
Model: K-3435
San Miguel K-3406 ToiletSan Miguel
Model: K-3406
San Raphael K-3384 toiletSan Raphael
Model: K-3384
San Raphael K-3384-2 toiletSan Raphael
Model: K-3384-2
San Raphael K-3395 ToiletSan Raphael
Model: K-3395
San Raphael K-3397 toiletSan Raphael
Model: K-3397
San Raphael  K-3398 toiletSan Raphael
Models: K-3398 & K-3399
San Raphael K-3466 toiletSan Raphael
Models: K-3466 & K-3467
Santa Rosa K-3323 toiletSanta Rosa
Model: K-3323
Santa Rosa K-3810 & K-3811 toiletSanta Rosa
Model: K-3810 & K-3811
Saree toiletSaree
Model: K-14268-S1
Serif K-3468 toiletSerif
Tank: K-4608
Trocadero K-3437 toiletTrocadero
Model: K-3437
Vintage K-3410 toiletVintage
Model: K-3410
Wellington K-3441 toiletWellesley
Tank: K-4504
Wellington K-3415 toiletWellington
Tank: K-4504
Wellington K-4646 toiletWellington
Tank: K-4646
Wellworth K-3577 ToiletWellworth
Tank: K-4436
Wellworth K-3977 ToiletWellworth
Tank: K-4468
Wellworth K-3420 ToiletWellworth Lite
Tank: K-4512
Wellworth K-3520 ToiletWellworth
Tank: K-4519
Wellworth K-3502 ToiletWellworth
Tank: K-4520
Wellworth K-3407 ToiletWellworth Eco Lite
Tank: K-4597
Wellworth K-3422 ToiletWellworth
Tanks: K-4620 & K-4621
Wellworth K-3420-x ToiletWellworth Peacekeeper
Tanks: K-4512-X & K-4620-X
Wellworth K-3574 ToiletWellworth
Tank: K-4632
Whistling Straits on Gabrielle ToiletWhistling Straits
Model: K-14257-WS & K-14258-WS
Whistling Straits on Gabrielle ToiletWhistling Straits
Model: K-14343-WS

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do I find my Kohler model number?"
A. For our customers' convenience, we often list both the model number and the tank number of the Kohler toilets we offer parts for. If you already know your model number, that's great - but oftentimes this information won't be available to you. What you'll need to do then is look for the TANK number, which is right where you'd expect it to be on the inside of your toilet tank. Grab a flashlight, carefully remove your tank lid, place your lid somewhere safe, and look around inside your toilet tank for a 4-digit number beginning with either a 3 or a 4. Certain specialty toilets may have a 5-digit number starting with a 1. The number will be either molded into the porcelain or stamped on in blue or black ink. This is your tank number and you can use it to find the parts you need to fix your toilet.

Kohler toilet tank number molded into porcelain tank
Kohler toilet tank number stamped onto side of tank

Q. "There are letters and/or numbers after the model number inside my Kohler toilet tank - what do those mean?"
A. Kohler offers many variations of almost all their toilet models, and has experimented in the past with many different features. Typically, numbers (or a single letter/number combination like K4 or Y2) after the 4- or 5-digit model number indicate the color code for your toilet. If your model number is followed by letters, those usually have different meanings to indicate the features of your toilet or will indicate that you have a specialty Artist Edition toilet.

Code Meaning
AA Water-Guard toilet flushing system - Old flush system that has long been discontinued
EL Toilet with Elongated Bowl
K Eco Lite tank
L Bedpan lugs or a Pressure Lite flush system - Both older features that have been discontinued
RA Tank with RIGHT side trip lever
T Tank locking system (vandal-resistant feature usually on commercial toilets)
U Insuliner® lined toilet tank
UR Insuliner® lined toilet tank with RIGHT side trip lever
X Peacekeeper® seat actuated flushing system - Discontinued
Need a new toilet seat? We offer color-matching toilet seats for almost all the Kohler colors below!
Code Color Name Code Color Name Code Color Name
0 White 02 Spruce Green 03 Lavender
04 Suez Tan 06 Skylight 07 Black
08 Cerulean Blue 10 Peachblow 12 Jersey Cream
17 Teal 18 Sunrise 21 Avocado
24 Expresso 31 Harvest Gold 32 New Orleans Blue
33 Mexican Sand 34 Fresh Green 35 Pink Champagne
40 Parchment 41 Country Grey 42 Aspen Green
44 Swiss Chocolate 45 Wild Rose 47 Almond
49 French Vanilla 52 Navy 53 Raspberry Puree
55 Innocent Blush 56 Tender Grey 58 Thunder Grey
68 Heron Blue 71 Seafoam Green 85 Merlot
89 Desert Bloom 95 Ice Grey 96 Biscuit
97 Timberline 98 Chamois G9 Sandbar
K4 Cashmere NG Tea Green S1 Biscuit Satin
S2 White Satin W2 Earthen White Y2 Sunlight

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