Pillowtalk Series Toilet Repair Parts
By Kohler

Have you been searching for repair parts for your very unique Kohler Pillow Talk toilet? Well search no more because they can be found right here at PlumbingSupply.com®! From flappers to fill valves as well as old conversion kits, we're sure you'll find just about everything you need to get your toilet running like new again. And, if you are in need of other Kohler parts, you can find more right here.

Kohler Pillow Talk One-Piece Toilet - K-3378K-3378
Kohler Pillow Talk One-Piece Toilet - K-3379K-3379

Kohler Toilet Repair Parts for the Pillow Talk Series
Model # K-3378

Pillow Talk Series by Kohler

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 84503 Flush Valve and Cap/Plunger Repair Kit - Includes top assembly (42482), plunger assembly (42393), flush valve kit (83650) Discontinued
see 84499 below
2 84499 1B1X Conversion Kit - Includes flush valve (83650), float ball (42753), float rods (42752 and 54642), nut (41633), top assembly (42482), plunger assembly (42393) &washers, taper washer (42470), screw (84441/31490), body (42377), float assembly (42381), locknut (42396), washer (42398), rim hose (42452) $120.29
1B1X Fill Valve Assembly & Diverter Only - Brass Construction
Includes brass 1B1X fill valve, refill tube, brass float rod, black plastic float ball, diverter assembly and mounting hardware (washers, nuts & screws) - without flapper and flush valve
See 84499 Above
2a 42452 Rim Hose Only - For 1B1X Conversion Kit (shown above) $2.62 Enter a quantity and
3 83650 Flush Valve Kit - Includes flush valve (83650), flapper (83064), washer (53410), screws (61052), mounting lugs (87377)

Please Note: If your toilet has a triangle hole in the tank then you must also order the #GP83888 flush valve gasket to be used instead of the red flush valve washer that is included with the #K83650 flush valve. The GP83888 flush valve gasket must be installed with the larger flat surface facing toward the tank (opposite of the way the red gasket is shown on the flush valve.)
$52.64 Enter a quantity and
4 K83064 Flapper for flush valve #83650 $11.71 Enter a quantity and
5 84218 Flush Valve Kit $34.97 Enter a quantity and
6 K83064 Flapper for flush valve #84218 $11.71 Enter a quantity and
7 42482 Fill Valve Top Assembly Discontinued
8 42393 Plunger Kit - Replaced by "will fit"
Please Note: Large O-ring may fit tight and may need to be slightly stretched out using both hands (no tools) in order to be installed. Additionally, the 42393 plunger repair kit has been discontinued. The "will fit" replacement plunger is completely round. If your original plunger has a flat edge like this, the replacement plunger will NOT fit with your existing top assembly.
$5.59 Enter a quantity and
9 42388 Flapper - old style replaced by GP49114 Discontinued
Use Will-Fit
"Will Fit" Replacement for Old Style Flapper $8.46
10 42752 8" Brass Float Rod - Replaced by "Will Fit" $2.25 Enter a quantity and
11 91489 Trip Lever Discontinued
12 42753 Replaced by "Will Fit" Float Ball $3.70 Enter a quantity and
13 53410 Flush Valve Gasket - red (for round hole opening) $6.27 Enter a quantity and
14 GP83888 Flush Valve Gasket - gray (for triangle hole opening) - The GP83888 flush valve gasket must be installed with the larger flat surface facing toward the tank $8.00 Enter a quantity and
Not Shown 74929 Kohler Pillowtalk Toilet Seat - white Discontinued

Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

Kohler Toilet Repair Parts for the Pillow Talk Series
Power Lite Model # K-3379

Pillow Talk Series by Kohler

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 1007489 Complete Fill Valve Assembly - Includes riser assembly (1007491), O-ring (38820), coupler nut (1006734), flow regulator support (83140) $103.29 Enter a quantity and
2 1007523 Fill Valve Service Kit - Replaced by "will fit" Fluidmaster 747 $20.29 Enter a quantity and
3 83040 Hose Clamp (1.62 I.D) $11.33 Enter a quantity and
4 81891 Bowl Supply Hose $13.19 Enter a quantity and
5 81788 Locking Ring Discontinued
6 81787 Snap Spud $17.39 Enter a quantity and
7 83821 Rim Supply Hose $23.82 Enter a quantity and
8 87378 "Will-fit" Hose Clamp (.94 O.D.) $6.65 Enter a quantity and
9 83034 Flow Restrictor Discontinued
10 84153 Pump Flush Assembly - view dimensions $708.69 Enter a quantity and
Not Shown 81996 Push Button Switch Assembly - Polished Chrome $119.25
Push Button Switch Assembly - Brushed Nickel Discontinued Enter a quantity and
Not Shown 74929 Kohler Pillowtalk Toilet Seat - White Discontinued

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do I adjust the water level for the 84499 conversion kit?"
A. As with any conversion or "will fit" replacement kit, you might need to make slight adjustments for the unit to function exactly like your original valve did. For the 84499 fill valve, you simply turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise to raise the water lever or clockwise to lower the water level. You may need to flush the toilet and keep turning either way until the water level in the tank matches the line on the flush valve overflow tube. If you're not sure where to find the adjustment screw or water level, view our handy parts diagram.

Q. "How do I install the Fluidmaster 747 Fill Valve Service Kit?"
A. To install the Fluidmaster 747 Fill Valve Service Kit, you need to first turn the water supply to the toilet off. Using your fingers, turn the cap (usually blue but not always) connected to the copper riser tube a quarter of a turn counterclockwise to release the cap from the float assembly. A wrench should not be required. Once the cap is disconnected from the tabs keeping it in place, pull the float assembly straight off. Align the replacement Fluidmaster 747 fill valve service kit (float assembly) up and push it back into the cap and turn the cap clockwise a quarter of a turn until it tightens onto the tabs on the float assembly (fill valve service kit). Turn your water back on and check for leaks.

Q. "The 84499 1B1X conversion kit includes a diverter assembly on the fill valve but you also offer other 1B1X fill valves without a diverter assembly. If I purchase a 1B1X fill valve separately should I order the one with a diverter or without a diverter?"
A. If your toilet fill valve currently has a diverter, we believe you should purchase a 1B1X with a diverter. Older toilets came with 1B1X fill valves without a diverter. The diverter assembly was invented as a water saving device for the 1B1X fill valve and was added in later years after stricter laws regarding water saving toilets came into effect. When properly installed, the diverter assembly allows water to flow into the bowl and the tank at the same time. As the water in the tank reaches a certain level, the float on the diverter assembly closes off the water flowing into the bowl and diverts that water so it flows into the tank instead. The extra flow of water into the tank then helps fill the tank quicker causing the float ball to rise and turn off the fill valve completely. Without a diverter, the 1B1X fill valve will continue to flow water to the bowl the entire time the tank is filling up. The #84499 1B1X conversion kit was designed by Kohler to upgrade their older toilets to be more water saving.

Q. "How do I find my Kohler model number?"
A. For our customers' convenience, we often list both the model number and the tank number of the Kohler toilets we offer parts for. If you already know your model number, that's great - but oftentimes this information won't be available to you. What you'll need to do then is look for the TANK number, which is right where you'd expect it to be on the inside of your toilet tank. Grab a flashlight, carefully remove your tank lid, place your lid somewhere safe, and look around inside your toilet tank for a 4-digit number beginning with either a 3 or a 4. Certain specialty toilets may have a 5-digit number starting with a 1. The number will be either molded into the porcelain or stamped on in blue or black ink. This is your tank number and you can use it to find the parts you need to fix your toilet.

Kohler toilet tank number molded into porcelain tank
Kohler toilet tank number stamped onto side of tank

Q. "There are letters and/or numbers after the model number inside my Kohler toilet tank - what do those mean?"
A. Kohler offers many variations of almost all their toilet models, and has experimented in the past with many different features. Typically, numbers (or a single letter/number combination like K4 or Y2) after the 4- or 5-digit model number indicate the color code for your toilet. If your model number is followed by letters, those usually have different meanings to indicate the features of your toilet or will indicate that you have a specialty Artist Edition toilet.

Code Meaning
AA Water-Guard toilet flushing system - Old flush system that has long been discontinued
EL Toilet with Elongated Bowl
K Eco Lite tank
L Bedpan lugs or a Pressure Lite flush system - Both older features that have been discontinued
RA Tank with RIGHT side trip lever
T Tank locking system (vandal-resistant feature usually on commercial toilets)
U Insuliner® lined toilet tank
UR Insuliner® lined toilet tank with RIGHT side trip lever
X Peacekeeper® seat actuated flushing system - Discontinued
Need a new toilet seat? We offer color-matching toilet seats for almost all the Kohler colors below!
Code Color Name Code Color Name Code Color Name
0 White 02 Spruce Green 03 Lavender
04 Suez Tan 06 Skylight 07 Black
08 Cerulean Blue 10 Peachblow 12 Jersey Cream
17 Teal 18 Sunrise 21 Avocado
24 Expresso 31 Harvest Gold 32 New Orleans Blue
33 Mexican Sand 34 Fresh Green 35 Pink Champagne
40 Parchment 41 Country Grey 42 Aspen Green
44 Swiss Chocolate 45 Wild Rose 47 Almond
49 French Vanilla 52 Navy 53 Raspberry Puree
55 Innocent Blush 56 Tender Grey 58 Thunder Grey
68 Heron Blue 71 Seafoam Green 85 Merlot
89 Desert Bloom 95 Ice Grey 96 Biscuit
97 Timberline 98 Chamois G9 Sandbar
K4 Cashmere NG Tea Green S1 Biscuit Satin
S2 White Satin W2 Earthen White Y2 Sunlight

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