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Barrington Toilet Repair Parts
By Kohler

Whether you need a flapper or a plunger assembly, repair parts for your Barrington toilet are right here at®! These and many other parts are here to help keep your classic toilet working at it's best. Looking for more Kohler toilet parts? Click here.

Barrinton toilet

Kohler Toilet Replacement Parts
The Barrington Series - Model # K3530

Barrington repair parts by Kohler

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 1041244 Fill Valve (replaced by *GP1138930) - Includes: top assembly, lock nut, washer, supply nut, refill tube clip, and color coded flow restrictors $21.95
2a 30373 Repair Kit for old 30653 valve - Replaced by "OEM" - Includes Plunger Assembly #30197 $12.59
Repair Kit for old 30653 valve - Replaced by "Will Fit" - Includes Plunger Assembly #30197 $12.58
2b 56094 Cap Assembly for New Syle valve (#1041244) - Replaced by "Will Fit" $4.98
3 30197 Plunger Assembly $7.25
4 1001906 Flush Valve Assembly - replaced by 85406
Includes flapper and tank gasket (51487) - gasket bolt kit sold separately below (#9)
5 87449 Flapper - replaced by GP87449 $7.89
6 53154 Rubber Washer - replaced by GP1145626 $3.34
7 51487 Tank To Bowl Gasket Complete With Bolt Kit - includes: gasket (1), washers (3), 5/16" bolts (3) and nuts (3) $12.85
8 52048-0 Bolt Cap - White - click here for more color options $5.39
9 30419 Tank To Bowl BOLT KIT - Includes: items 10, 11 and 12 $9.67
30324-CP Left Hand Trip Lever - Chrome $14.23
30324-VF Left Hand Trip Lever - Polished Brass $41.19
30324-BN Left Hand Trip Lever - Brushed Nickel $59.51
GP1083167 *Replacement Class 5 Fill Valve - (refill tube not included - order separately below) $19.91
1033209 Refill Tube for GP1083167 fill valve $1.99

*If your existing fill valve stem is GRAY with a small insert, use GP1138930.
If your existing fill valve stem is BLACK with a large insert, use GP1083167.
View this fill valve comparison to help you choose

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Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "The GP1138930 comes with some colored inserts. What are those for?"
A.Since the Kohler GP1138930 is a replacement for a variety of fill valves, it comes with a selection of color coded flow restrictors. To select the correct insert, check your old fill valve (the one you're replacing) and use the same color restrictor on your new GP1138930 fill valve. See example of the four included restrictors.

Q. "What does 'will fit' mean?"
A."Will Fit" is a term used to define an item that may or may not be made by the original manufacturer (OEM), but will function just like the original part.

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