Toilet Safety Products

Safety products for the bathroom can help to make the difference between dependence and independence, especially when it comes to personal hygiene. Help your loved ones or long-term care residents retain their dignity and personal independence in the bathroom as long as possible with these sturdy toilet safety products - many available in blue to provide extra visual cues for those who may be visually or cognitively impaired. Looking for more assistive devices? We've got you covered with a variety of shower seats and grab bars in both straight and unique/angled designs - and special finishes, too!

Medic-Aid Toilet Seats with Safety Bars

Medic-Aid® toilet seats are the perfect choice for individuals with special needs who like keeping comfort and convenience in mind. These seats replace your existing toilet seat and contain DuraGuard®, an anti-microbial agent that, along with regular thorough cleaning, inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria. These seats are constructed from heavy-duty molded plastic, as well as stainless steel hinges for durability and longevity. Medic-Aid® seats are the perfect choice for hospitals, clinics, assisted-living and long-term care facilities, and in-home care settings.

Medic-Aid safety bar seats come with:
  • Textured, non-slip hand grips provide support and safety for when getting on or off the toilet
  • White molded plastic seat means the seat has the same color throughout
  • Heavy duty stainless steel arms are built to last and hold up even in high use areas
  • DuraGuard® anti-microbial agent inhibits bacterial growth which can lead to unsightly stains and odor
  • StaTite® fastening system - a simpler, more secure system that cuts installation time by a third and prevents toilet seat loosening. Just tighten the lower portions of the innovative one-piece nuts. They shear when properly tightened. A finned bushing securely centers bolts in mounting holes to prevent shifting

Medic-Air safety bar seat
with check hinges
Model # Type of Seat Front Price & Quantity
MA2055T Round Open $263.90
MA2155T Elongated Open $281.84
image of the ADA compliant toilet seat and cover with safety grab bars
with stainless steel mounting points
Model # Type of Seat Front Price & Quantity
MA2050T Round Open $280.84
MA2100T Elongated Closed $296.55
MA2150T Elongated Open $282.53

Please note: For sanitary/hygienic reasons, toilet seats may not be returned.

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Padded Back Rest Grab Bar

Leaning against the toilet tank is tempting, but dangerous. Provide for leaning and resting in the bathroom while simultaneously providing a stable hand hold.

example of installed padded back rest, shown in blue
This back rest grab bar features:
  • Designed to be installed above the toilet tank, providing a place for the elderly, infirm, or simply tired, to lean while seated
  • Pad designed for comfort and stability
  • Helps to prevent broken toilet tanks and tank lids
  • Designed around a grab bar, this back rest also provides a stable hand hold for transferring on and off the toilet
  • Bar is constructed of steel with a welded flange
  • Available in powder coated white with blue or gray color pad
  • Padded dimensions 4" x 10"
  • Extends 10" from the wall
  • Mounting screws and anchors must be provided by the installer since there are too many varieties of mounting surfaces used in modern construction.
  • View dimensions

Description Blue Pad Gray Pad
Over-the-Toilet Padded Back Rest Grab Bar $82.45 $82.45

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Fold-Up Double Toilet Assist Bar

Promote bathroom independence, safety, and preserve your loved ones' dignity with a folding grab rail by the toilet.

Photo of installed fold-up double support bar, shown in white
This folding toilet assist bar features:
  • Helps provide stability for the elderly and handicapped when sitting/rising from the toilet
  • Folds up when not in use to save space
  • ADA Compliant when installed per manufacturer's specifications
  • Sturdy steel construction with a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs
  • Available in white powder coat finish
  • Extends 30-1/8" from wall
  • Extends from wall 9-1/2" when folded
  • Due to differences in mounting surfaces, hardware is NOT included
  • View detailed dimensions

Folding Double Toilet Assist White Bar = $316.75

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Fold-Up Double Toilet Assist Bar with Leg and Tissue Holder

A more supportive version of the Double Toilet Assist Bar, this bar offers an adjustable leg for greater support. It also assists those with back injuries or who are otherwise unable to twist about to reach the toilet paper.

Image of installed Folding double support bar with adjustable leg, shown in white
This folding toilet assist bar features:
  • Helps the elderly and disabled maintain independence by providing support in standing and sitting in the bathroom
  • Includes a toilet paper holder that attaches to grab bar for added convenience and to help prevent twisting movements
  • Folds up when not in use making it ideal for shared bathrooms
  • Adjustable leg expands from 24" to 30-7/8" to provide additional stability
  • Steel construction for strength and durability with a maximum weight capacity of 440 lbs
  • Extends 30-1/8" from wall when unfolded
  • Extends from wall 9-1/2" when in folded position
  • Available in white or blue powder coat finish
  • Due to differences in mounting surfaces, hardware is NOT included
  • View detailed dimensions

Description White Bar Blue
Folding Double Toilet Assist Bar with Leg and Tissue Holder $355.80 $355.80

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Retrofit Universal Wall Mount Toilet Support

Designed to support wall hung toilets from pulling off the wall due to an excessive weight load.

These toilet supports enable an obese person (up to 1000 lbs.) to use the supported toilet without fear of the wall bracket collapsing and the toilet crashing to the floor with them on it.

Image of retrofit universal wall hung toilet support
This folding Retrofit Wall Mount Toilet Support features:
  • Supports up to 1000 pound weight load
  • Help prevent injuries and possible law suits
  • Universal design fits 99% of wall mounted toilets currently in use
  • Retrofits onto wall mounted toilets without removing the toilet
  • Non-skid swivel foot adjusts to fit each individual toilet installation
  • Includes all necessary hardware

Retrofit Universal Wall Mount Support = $411.97

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Retrofit Universal Wall Mount Toilet Support Mounting Examples

Image of retrofit universal wall hung toilet support mounting examples

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "It says mounting hardware isn't included. What kind of mounting hardware do I need for these products?"
A. The safety bars featured here should only be installed in areas where the mounting surface is structurally sound, and must be secured with fasteners appropriate to the structural material of the wall. Each fastener must have a retention force rating for the maximum weight capacity of the product you've chosen (see product specifications for this information). Inspect, or have inspected (and tighten if neccessary) the screws on a monthly basis. If you are not equipped to undertake the outlined work we recommend that you have your product installed by a qualified contractor.

Q. "I noticed there are assistance levels on these products, can you tell me which number means what, etc.?"
A.The levels are....

Assistance Level 1: Minimal - I can stand up or transfer on my own, but need some support for safety. I may use a cane and/or a walker on occasion.

Assistance Level 2: Moderate - I require firm or solid support to be able to complete standing or transfers. I may use a cane and/or a walker on occasion. I occasionally use a scooter on days where I'm feeling a bit tired.

Assistance Level 3: Maximum - I am not able to perform standing and transferring without assistance. I require leaning & resting support. I depend on my walkers / wheelchair to get around.

Assistance Level 4: Powered Assistance - I require the use of a mechanical lift or powered device to safely perform transfers. I will apply most, if not all, of my body weight on the transfer aide. I use a wheelchair / scooter to get around.

Q. "What causes mobility to become an issue?"
A. The causes of impaired mobility can range from body changes due to aging, to rehabilitation following an accident or stroke, to increased symptoms of conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Any sort of restricted movement can affect the activities of daily living, which may not only be frustrating, but can potentially make "normal" activities feel unsafe. The major goal of adding transfer bars and other assistive devices is to maintain functional ability, and ensure a safe environment, no matter the cause of the decreased mobility.

Q. "I see you're offering a back rest for toilets. What's wrong with simply leaning against the tank?"
A. The toilet tank is simply not designed for persons to lean against. This can cause undue stress on the porcelain between the tank and bowl connections, resulting in a broken tank and a great big mess! If you or a loved one wishes to lean, the backrest we offer is designed as a sturdy grab bar with a nice pad. This is far more comfortable and safe than resting against cold porcelain, and makes a good hand hold as well!.

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