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Stylish Designer Grab Bars

Our Index of Grab Bars® is proud to offer these luxury grab bars. Grab bars in a few key places in your home can really make a difference when aging in your home. One of the key things is safety in the bathroom and grab bars help with stability. Also consider that a grab bar doesn't need to be an ugly institional-looking bar, but can really tie into your existing decor without taking away from the style you've created for yourself. These ADA Compliant grab bars add a great look to your bathroom and provide that safer way to get out of the tub or shower. Of course we also have the more institutional grab bars for those needs.

Designer Straight Grab Bars

Stylish enough for most décor's, yet able to provide support as needed, these grab bars double as decorative towel bars

Handicap accessible and ADA Compliant product imageOther Luxury Grab Bars - ADA CompliantHandicap accessible and ADA Compliant product image

For safety with elegance, these grab bars are perfect for security and comfort without sacrificing style

Handicap accessible and ADA Compliant product imageADA Compliant Grab BarsHandicap accessible and ADA Compliant product image

Made from durable 18 gauge type 304 stainless steel tubing. For when simple is simply the best, we offer many sizes and styles of classic grab bars

Decorative Dual Purpose Grab Bars

Invisia Collection - safety enhanced bathroom accessories

Based on a simple concept that grab bars should not have to look like grab bars

We also offer luxury pull handles for shower doors.

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