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Find all the tubing you want in one place - from vinyl to copper tubing, drip to gas tubing, and everything you need to connect them, you'll find it here. In just a few minutes you can find the right tubing, clamps, and tools for the job, then spend your time doing the job instead of wasting time looking high and low for what you want. Hook up your toilets, sinks, and dishwasher, then get your spa up and running too with everything you need from PlumbingSupply.com®!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Which copper pipe is thicker - type L or type M pipe and which should I be buying?"
A. Type M is the thinner of the two and is quite common in copper piping done for residential homes throughout the U.S.. It generally isn't code to use type M copper underground. Some areas do not allow type M copper. When in doubt then it's best to buy the type L copper as it is thicker and code in all areas of the country for above ground piping. Always check with your local code department.

Q. "I recently received my shipment of clear tubing, and there appears to be a few kinks in the roll. Is this normal? Can the kinks be removed?"
A. The manufacturer spools both the clear vinyl tubing and braided tubing in as small of a roll as possible, and then they either box or shrink-wrap the rolls. Unfortunately, there's no way for them to avoid a few kinks. When used in a pressurized water system (which is the usage this tubing is designed for), the kinks will straighten out over time and should not noticeably affect your water flow.

Q. "How flexible is spa flex?"
A. 2" pipe has a bend radius of about 4 feet and 1/2" pipe has a bend radius of about 2 1/2 feet. You can bend the pipe itself in a much tighter radius but it is not recommended to do so near a fitting/joint. You'll be able to greatly reduce the number of fittings used for most applications. Once you have used this flexible pipe, you'll wonder why everyone doesn't use this product. Another thing we'd like to mention is that 2" pipe can be coiled up in less than a 3' diameter (1 1/2' radius) but if one bends it that much near a fitting that fitting will probably not be as strong. If you are going to have any pressure on the pipe then it is best to have nearly straight pipe close to the fitting.

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