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When you're looking for quality, performance, and water-efficiency, you can't do better than Toto. Many people say Toto toilets are the best they've ever owned, and that repair is far more desirable than replacement. We agree, and are pleased to offer a variety of parts for these exceptional toilets, from flush valves and tank gaskets to trip levers and bolt caps. Whatever you need to fix your Toto toilet, PlumbingSupply.com® is here to help!
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A quick note about Toto model numbers: "Eco" versions of Toto toilets have the same model number as the original version, but will have an "E" somewhere after the number. The only difference between the original and "Eco" versions is the amount of water they flush (1.6gpf vs 1.28gpf) - thus, they use a different flush valve and/or a different flapper. The other internal components will typically be the same. Any internal differences will be noted on the product page.

Additionally, be aware that on occasion Toto has changed the NAME of certain lines, but the model number remains the same. For example, the Gwyneth one-piece is now the Ultramax II and the Gwyneth two-piece is now the Drake II. We have provided the most current names to better assist our customers, but please refer primarily to model NUMBER when selecting your toilet parts to ensure you're getting the right parts for your model.

If you are uncertain about what your model number is, please refer to our FAQs or contact us for additional assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Many Toto toilet models seem to be a bit more advanced than the toilets I'm used to seeing. Are Toto toilets difficult for the average homeowner to repair themselves?"
A. That really depends on the nature of the problem and your level of comfort and experience with plumbing repairs. Many common issues with toilets, such as a running toilet, loose handle, or minor leaks, can often be addressed with simple DIY fixes. Toto provides clear instructions and diagrams in their user manuals for basic maintenance and troubleshooting tasks (so keep those owner's manuals in a safe place!), and we carry a wide selection of parts for many Toto toilets -- as you can see by clicking on your toilet model above. Homeowners who are comfortable following instructions and using basic tools should be able to handle minor repairs. For more complex issues such as valve or seal replacements, it may require a bit more expertise -- although with the right tools and a willingness to learn, some homeowners may still choose to tackle these repairs themselves. If you're unsure about how to proceed or you encounter a problem beyond your skill level, it's always advisable to seek professional assistance from a licensed plumber. While this may incur additional costs, it ensures that the problem is properly diagnosed and repaired, reducing the risk of further damage.

Q. "How can I find the model number and color of my Toto toilet?"
A. Look inside your tank. Always exercise caution when removing the tank lid, as it is fragile and can be easily broken if stepped on or dropped. Inside your tank on the back wall of the tank or sometimes on the right hand wall (opposite the trip lever), you will see a model number stamped or engraved in the porcelain. Typically, for Toto toilets, you will see letters with a three-digit number. There may be more letters following, depending on additional features available on that model of the toilet. Elsewhere in your toilet tank, you will find a color code. Color codes start with a # followed by a two-digit number. The most common Toto colors are #01 - Cotton White, #03 - Bone, #04 - Gray, #11 - Colonial White, #12 - Sedona Beige, and #51 - Ebony.

How to find Toto toilet model number and color code

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