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Pipe Brackets

Proudly made in the USA

A great way to reduce supply line movement is to install pipe brackets. Whether you want to install a single supply line, or combine the supply line and stub out on a single mount, these brackets can really come in handy. We also offer a great selection of supply stops and pipe fittings.

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GridIron universal pipe bracket
A-1 metal pipe brackets
Pipe Eyes insulator
Copper star push nut

Sioux Chief Grid Iron Universal Bracketing System

Gridiron universal pipe bracket
This universal bracketing system features:
  • PVC material's tensile strength exceeds 7,000 PSI
  • All four sides have strap slots and clamp holes
  • 6" and 8" centers possible on all four sides
  • Multiple pipes may be secured using Touchdown clamps or stainless steel bands (sold separately)
  • Fits inside a 2" x 4" wall with a 2" pipe
  • 3/8" holes are great for all-thread rod when used as a trapeze
  • Perfect for mechanical chases, standing off pipe, or walls
  • Overall length is approximately 10-1/2" inches
  • View installation examples
Grid Iron Universal Pipe Bracket - 571 = $3.36

Stainless Steel Bands & TouchDown Clamps

Model Description Price & Quantity
574-72 Standard Stainless Steel Band - 5" max diameter $2.39
574-75 Snap-Lock Stainless Steel Band - 5" max diameter $2.94
574-104 Snap-Lock Stainless Steel Band - 7" max diameter $3.69
550-11 TouchDown Clamp - fits 1/4" to 1" CTS pipe & 1/8" to 1" IPS pipe $0.68
550-20 TouchDown II Clamp - fits 1/2" to 2" CTS pipe & 3/8" to 2" IPS pipe $2.02
522-100B TouchDown Clamp Noise Reducing Inserts - PAIR $0.78
550-200B TouchDown II Clamp Noise Reducing Inserts - PAIR $0.60
Please note: Due to variances in supply, these stainless steel bands may NOT be made in the USA.
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Sioux Chief A-1 Pipe Brackets

A-1 copper and galvanized steel pipe brackets
These pipe brackets feature:
  • Brackets are very strong once installed
  • Allows supply lines to be installed on one side of the drain pipe
  • Copper-plated bracket supports both 1/2" & 3/4" water supply
  • Cantilevered design provides cost-effective, rigid support
  • Works great for hose bibbs or sillcocks
  • You may bend the "foot" tab to mount the bracket inside the stud bay and secure pipes run vertically
Model Description Price & Quantity
521-6417 Copper Plated A-1 Pipe Bracket - can be soldered to copper pipe $1.29
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Sioux Chief "Pipe Eyes" Metal Stud Insulator

Pipe eyes for cold and hot supply
These pipe insulators feature:
  • Snaps into 1-11/32" punched hole
  • Designed for use with 1/2", 3/4" and 1" CTS piping
  • Split design, isolates tube away from the stud
  • Offset hole for adjustable tube position
  • Compatible with copper, PEX and CPVC
Model Description BLUE
(for Cold Supply)
(for Hot Supply)
558-M2 Pipe Eye Bracket - 1/2" CTS $0.33 $0.33
558-M3 Pipe Eye Bracket - 3/4" CTS $0.34 $0.34
558-M4C Pipe Eye Bracket - 1" CTS $0.39 $0.39
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Copper Star Push Nut

copper star push nut
These pipe nuts feature:
  • 20-gauge pure copper with a 2" outside dimension
  • Slides over and locks copper tube into place
  • Secures copper tube when penetrating walls and floors
Tube Locking One-Way Push Nut - 1/2" = $1.92
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