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Shower Heads

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Something as simple as a new shower head can revitalize your shower and spruce up your whole bathroom décor without extensive remodeling. You won't find a better selection of shower heads anywhere on the Internet. From soothing to invigorating - and everything in between - you'll find the perfect shower head right here! Let® be your source for shower heads and thousands of other plumbing-related products.

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Water-Saving Shower Heads

Delta contemporary square shower head
Help save one of our most precious natural resources with a low-flow shower head. All of the shower heads featured below have a flow rate of 2.0gpm or less, and many are WaterSense certified. With so many styles to choose from - including a variety of designer finishes and spray pattern options, we make it easy for you to be eco-friendly without sacrificing comfort, features, or décor.

Contemp2 designer shower head
Storm shower head
Delta cone-shaped water-saving shower head

Alsons/Delta amplifying water-saving shower head
Alsons/Delta water-saving shower head
Speakman Caspian water-saving shower head

Speakman Neo water-saving shower head
Delta square-shaped contemporary water-saving shower head
Jaclo round water-saving shower head

Jaclo square water-saving shower head
Adjustable water-saving shower head
Massager water-saving shower head

Institutional water-saving shower head

Filtered Shower Heads

Filtered rainshower
Perfect for kids, the elderly, and anyone with allergies or sensitive skin, filtered shower heads offer you a more skin-friendly showering experience. Whether you're looking for a basic multi-function shower head, a rainshower, or even a filtered showerarm extension, we've got just what you're looking for - we like these quality filtered shower heads so much, several of our staff use them at home!

Sprite Pure Spray 8-spray shower head
Sprite Prestige shower head
Sprite Cascade shower head

Sprite Cascade shower head
Sprite Perma-Seal shower head
Sprite SlimLine shower head

Sprite SlimLine2 shower head
Sprite all-brass SlimLine shower head
Sprite SlimLine Mini shower head

Sprite all-brass high output shower head
Sprite high output 2 shower head
Sprite single arm shower extension

Sprite double arm shower extension

Downpour, Watering Can, & Rainshower Style Shower Heads

Grohe rainshower
The gentle, soothing cascade of a rainshower or downpour shower head is very popular. Many people love the refreshing feel of these shower heads, and we're please to offer you an extensive selection of sizes, styles, and colors. From smaller sunflower style heads that are perfect for apartments to massive 16" ceiling-mounted models, you're sure to find one to suit your space - start enjoying relaxing showers today.

6" diameter or smaller

Monterey rain shower head3-3/4" dia
Bonnie 4-in rainfall shower head4" dia
Sign of the Crab old fashioned watering can shower head4-7/8" dia

Oceanic rain shower head5" dia
Delta contemporary rain shower head5-1/8" dia
Delta classic rain shower head5-7/8" dia

Deluxe 6-in rain shower head6" dia
Morgan 6-in rainfall shower head6" dia
Danze 6-in sunflower rain spray shower head6" dia

Bell shaped rainshower head6" dia
Symmons 6-in rainshower6" dia
Square 6-in shower head6" sq

Delta square rainshower head6-1/4" sq
Oxford square rain shower head6-1/2" sq
Raincan downpour shower head3-1/2" dia

Country style high-low rainshower6" dia

Mid-size 7"-10" diameter

Symmons Sereno rain shower head7" dia
7-1/2 in rainshower head with 3 spray settings7-1/2" dia
Speakman rain shower head8" dia

Luxury rainshower with flow control8" dia
Deluxe 8-in rain shower head8" dia
Danze 8-in sunflower rain spray shower head8" dia

Lorenzo 8-in raincan shower head8" dia
Elephant shower head8" dia
Delta watering can shower head8-1/2" dia

Kimberly 9-in rainfall shower head9" dia
Symmons 9-in rainshower9" dia
Carolene 10-in raincan shower head10" dia

Normandy rain shower head10" dia

12" diameter or larger

Sandro 12-in rainfall shower head12" dia
Symmons 12-in rainshower12" dia

Classic Multi-Function Shower Heads

Grohe Rustic shower head
Offering you a range of comfortable spray patterns in stylish, compact designs, there's something for almost everyone here. Featuring quality construction, innovative yet functional detailing, and a myriad of styles from contemporary to traditional, we're confident you'll enjoy the way these classic multi-function shower heads feel and look in your bathroom.

Symmons Deluxe shower head
Euro-Flo 3-spray shower head
Euro-Flo 5-spray shower head

Euro-Flo luxury shower head
Jaclo designer shower heads in a variety of finishes
Symmons Square 4-spray shower head

Carrington 3-spray shower head
Naru 3-spray shower head
7-Spray massaging shower head

3-spray massaging shower head
6-jet classic shower head
Traditional 5-spray shower head

Assana shower head
Danze Parma designer shower head
Leticia shower head

Sensation shower head
Sierra shower head

Single Function Basic Shower Heads

Single function Rondo Caty shower head
Sometimes the simplest things are best. If you're searching for a basic, single spray showerhead that won't break the bank, you've come to the right place. We offer a variety of classic styles in durable, popular finishes to suit almost any décor. They're the perfect solution for apartments and rental homes, or anyone who just wants to keep it simple.

Classic Touch-Clean shower head
Modern style Touch-Clean shower head
Bell style Touch-Clean shower head

Symmons basic shower head
Euro-Flo shower head
Symmons Clear-Flo shower head

Deluxe classic shower head
Easy clean classic shower head

Unique Shower Heads

Dream light canopy shower head
Add some flair to your shower with one of these truly unique shower heads. From fun spirals shower heads to vintage style porcelain heads that are naturally mildew and bacteria resistant, we've got what you need to make your bathroom as individual as you are.

Cascada shower head
Spiral arm shower head
Porcelain sunflower shower head

Art Deco shower head
Danze designer multi-function rainshower

Heavy-Duty Institutional Shower Heads

Sloan Act-o-Matic
These heavy duty shower heads are the answer for hospitals, locker rooms, employee bathing facilities, correctional centers, and anywhere you need a shower head that can handle lots of use. From quality manufacturers like Sloan and Chicago Faucets, these institutional shower heads are specifically designed for vigorous commercial use - and many of them come with special vandal-resistant features to ensure your showers can stand up to almost anything.

Act-O-Matic shower head
Sloan 450 institutional shower head
Chicago institutional shower head

Symmons senior institution shower head
Symmons universal institutional shower head
Fre-Flo vandal resistant shower head

Fre-Flo institutional shower head

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Customer Testimonials

"I can't tell you how happy I was to find a plumbing supplier that stocks Speakman plumbing products let alone the relatively hard to find dual shower head items!! I have been searching locally (for some time) and when I saw that you carried them AND you are on the West Coast I was both very pleased and relieved. And again, thank you very much for taking the time to check with me and confirm this order. I am very impressed with your customer service. I wish more businesses would take the time to make sure things are done right. You set a great example of how it SHOULD be done!"
- Darrin J, Renton, Washington 98059-4745

"Just wanted to say thank you for your great website. It is so easy to find what you need--even for me!"
- Barbara Dzuba, Donora, Pennsylvania 15033-1457

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