Sunflower Showerheads

The sunflower showerhead, with it's sunny face and porcelain accents, is the perfect finishing touch to your shower. The old-fashioned look is the latest in bathroom remodels and new bath construction, offering that little nod to the past with a cheerful touch.® is your source for clawfoot style, old-fashioned products and thousands of other plumbing-related products.
Due to state mandated low-flow restrictions, these shower heads cannot be shipped to customers in Colorado.

Showerheads are 6-1/4" overall with 3-1/2" brass portion

Sunflower Shower Head ONLY
Model Diameter Finish Price & Quantity
P0180C 6-1/4" Chrome $335.58
P0180S 6-1/4" Supercoat Brass $218.42
P0180N 6-1/4" Nickel $208.58
P0180M 6-1/4" Matte Nickel $234.62
Sunflower Shower Head with Shower Arm and Escutcheon
Model Diameter Finish Price & Quantity
P0180-1C 6-1/4" Chrome $251.06
P0180-1S 6-1/4" Supercoat Brass $251.24
P0180-1N 6-1/4" Nickel $249.91
P0180-1M 6-1/4" Matte Nickel $264.41

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "My shower head is off-center when it is tightened. How can I center it without leaks?"
A. Back it off until it is centered; then count the number of turns it takes to remove it. Reapply lots of PTFE thread sealing tape (clockwise), then thread the shower head onto the arm the same number of turns that it took to remove it.

Q. "Do all of your heads deliver 2.5gpm?"
A. Yes, at 80 psi all do (unless it specifically states otherwise). If your house has less pressure than 80psi (while the head is operating) then you might get less volume than 2.5gpm.

Q. "Does the showerhead I ordered swivel, or do I need an additional part for it to do so?"
A. It is rare for a showerhead not to have a swivel feature unless its position adjustment is in the shower arm or it is a "flat" model that is meant to be installed parallel to the floor. With the exception of those mentioned, some industrial models and most handshowers, standard-style showerheads generally come with a built-in swivel feature.

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