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Quality Drain Cleaning Products

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When you're looking for drain cleaning tools to assist you in the home and commercially, you won't find a better selection of drain cleaning equipment, tools, and accessories anywhere on the Internet than at®! Let us be your source for manual augers or electric rooters; small, large, and jet-powered drain cleaning machines, along with pipe inspection products and thousands of other plumbing-related products!

Offering a wide selection of drain cleaning products you won't find anywhere else!

Popular Drain Cleaning Tools
What can I do to prevent my drain from clogging?
Image of toilet augers
toilet augers and drain cleaners
Professional toilet plungers for your drain cleaning needs
professional plungers
Image of a speedrooter
drain cleaning rooters and more
General Wire drain cleaning products
drill-style drain cleaners
Read more information about Drill Style drain cleaners.

General Wire Drain Cleaning Equipment
How to prevent drain clogs
Smaller drain cleaners
small drain cleaners
Medium size drain cleaners
medium drain cleaners
Large drain cleaners
large drain cleaners
Sectional drain cleaners
sectional drain cleaners

Speedway Drain Cleaning Equipment
Learn about maintenance to prevent drain clogging
Image of drain cleaning drill
drain cleaning drill
Image of heavy-duty drain cleaner
mobile heavy-duty drain cleaners
Speedway drain cleaning products
Speedway drain cleaning

Jet-Set High Pressure Jetting Equipment
Prevent drain clogs with these easy tips
Image of electric jet
electric jets for cleaning

by General Wire
Image of gas powered jet for cleaning drains
gas jets for drain cleaning

by General Wire
Read more information about Jet Set drain cleaners.

Video Pipe Inspection Equipment
Learn about drain maintenance
image of General Wire Gen-Eye pipe location systems
pipe and power line locator

by General Wire
image of Rothenberger ROCAM video pipe inspection system
video pipe inspection

by Rothenberger
image of General Wire Gen-Eye Mini Vista inspection/location systems
mini pipe inspection systems

by General Wire

image of General Wire Gen-Eye POD pipe inspection/location systems
GenEye Pod

by General Wire
image of hand held drain tool
Hand Held Drain Inspection

by Rothenberger
image of General Wire Gen-Eye SD pipe inspection/location systems
GenEye SD

by General Wire

Drain Maintenance Equipment
How to prevent drain clogs
General Wire kinetic water rams
General Wire kinetic water rams
Image of the Wassi water stopper
Wassi water stopper for pipe repair
Image of Gen-Ear water leak location system
GenEAR water leak locator systems
Image of
mini-hand snake, plungers, and drain cleaners
Image of bacteria drain cleaner
bacteria drain cleaner
Image of toilet augers
toilet augers
Screen mesh strainers to help prevent your drain from clogging
screen mesh strainers
image of add a trap kit
add a trap
Replacement Cables by Brand
Helpful hints to prevent drain clogging
replacement cables by General Wire drain cleaning cables by Speedway

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