Preventative Care Bacterial Drain and Trap Cleaner

Drain maintenance is a key factor in keeping your drains clog-free and keeping those stinky drain smells away. We recommend safe granulated powder bacteria drain cleaners for drains, garbage disposals, drain and sewer piping, and septic systems.® offers many products to help you maintain free-running drains - stainless steel mesh drain screens, the easy-to-use mini hand snake, and Roebic bacteria digesters for septic tanks, to name a few. And no bathroom is complete without a quality, professional plumber's plunger. We are your best source on the Internet for quality, value-priced plumbing products.

Powerful Granular Drain & Trap Cleaner

We offer K-67 with patented granular Roetech bacteria instead of other brands because we believe this to be one of the best and safest drain cleaning products and certainly a great value.

K-67 bacterial drain and trap cleaner with patented Roetech bacteria is safe and effective to use (when used as directed as you wouldn't want to drink it for example).

You can use it on your shower drains, kitchen sink, bathtub drains, bathroom sinks, garbage disposal, septic tanks & fields, RV & boat holding tanks, laundry drain and floor drains. K-67 bacterial drain and trap cleaner is comprised of many unique bacterial strains. The bacteria in K-67 produces enzymes that will eat the most common types of buildups.

K-67 can eliminate or reduce many types of oils, grease, fat, even many modern synthetic detergents, other cleaners, soaps and toilet paper from the drain system.

If you maintain monthly usage with K-67 you will tend to have less drain stoppages. K-67 is a dry powder that when mixed with water, activates the enzymes/bacteria. Mix one scoop of K-67 into 12 ounces of water, pour into the drain and let liquid sit over night in the trap before using the sink again.

Roebic K-67 bacterial drain and trap cleaner with patented Roetech bacteria
  • Powerful, non-corrosive, and natural drain cleaning product
  • Add bacteria to reopen drains and traps clogged by grease, soap and food particles
  • Use as a monthly treatment all over the house to keep sinks, tubs and showers open and flowing smoothly - without smelly drains
  • Regular Use May End Slow Drains
  • Helps Keeps Pipes and Traps Clear and Clean
  • Safe for use in All Plumbing and Septic Systems
  • Helps clean Garbage Disposals
  • Helps Eliminate Stinky Septic Smells
  • Each package contains a convenient scoop (1 tablespoon)
  • 25-32 applications per 16 ounce bag

Roebic K-67 Bacterial Drain and Trap Cleaner
K-67 bacterial drain and trap cleaner with patented Roetech bacteria-enzyme

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Roebic Drain / Trap Cleaner (Case QTY) - 12ea 16oz bags $178.29

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Very easy to use. Follow the directions on the container which for most applications is simply adding one scoop of the bacteria-enzyme into a warm water container, waiting until all the powder has dissolved, and then simply pouring into the drain, etc. Please do read the directions on the package before using.

Drain Hints

Overall, Plumbers probably get more calls to open clogged drains than any other service. Assuming the drainage lines were piped properly, tubs and showers usually have hair as the main cause of their stoppages. Physical removal of hair is best. The regular use of a product such as Roebic K-67 can help prevent slow drains and stoppages.

This bacteria-enzyme drain cleaner among other things contains viable bacteria cultures on a bran fiber carrier.

The most often clogged drain is the kitchen sink. Kitchen sink stoppages are usually caused by liquid fats, emulsified by warm soapy dishwater and then carried through the drainpipes. As the water cools it proceeds down the drain and leaves the fatty deposits along the piping. A film of grease forms on the pipe wall and so on. Coffee grounds, egg shells, etc add to this accumulation layer until the pipe becomes impassible. Not only that, but buildup often makes drain pipes smell awful.

We recommend that you pour excess grease into a tin can, not down the sink drain. When using a garbage disposal, always let sufficient cold water run to carry the particles down and into the main line to prevent buildup in the smaller waste lines.

In the event of a total stoppage, you should have a plunger (also known as a "plumber's friend") with a large rubber suction cup with a wooden handle. Cup it tightly over the drain and plunge it vigorously several times. It is best to try to use the suction cycle rather than the pressure cycle of the plunger.

What we mean is that one "should" push slowly, make sure the plunger is sealed to the drain and then pull quickly on the plunger. This tends to loosen rather than pack down the stoppage. If it is a double drain sink, make sure you seal the other drain so water will not splash out into the other bowl or on you. Drain piping can usually be cleaned by removing the J-bend on the trap below the fixture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Do you carry any type of liquid drain cleaner?"
A. If you need (insist on) a more aggressive drain cleaner you will need to buy it locally, as we do not recommend pouring unsafe, dangerous to your health (and sometimes your pipes), bad to the environment products, into your drain. We believe in the above product but it might not do the job that you expect and it certainly does not work instantly. Also, shipping a liquid (potentially caustic product) is not practical by FedEx/UPS/USPS.

Q. "Do you carry any type of root killer?"
A. Root killers are a bandaid. If roots are in your drain or sewer it means that you have a break in your line. It plain just needs to be fixed. Drains are a source of water/food for roots. Once roots are in your sewer/drain you are going to have to deal with it (and not with a bandaid). Also recognize that any root killer is only effective if it actually contacts the roots. Then it has to stay in contact long enough for the roots to absorb it.Then the roots need to be pulled out or chopped up and removed/disposed of. Even then you may not have solved your problem for long. In almost all cases your lines need to be replaced if you have roots in them. Also, for the root-killer to be at all effective the roots have to be at the bottom of the pipe and the water flow has to be high enough to carry the killer to the roots, but slow enough to keep it there for a long time. The tree/shrub/etc needs to be killed or moved, and then the drain/sewer line needs to be replaced, etc. Also, note that in many areas of the country many root killer ingredients and copper sulfate are not legal to put into your drain or sewer. Because of all of those reasons we have chosen to not sell root killers as we don't believe in them as a "fix."

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