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Flexicore Closet Augers

by General Wire

Use the toilet auger that the professionals prefer. General Wire manufactures the finest drain cleaning products in the industry, and we have them. Don't settle for less, purchase only the best plumbing tools and supplies from your source for these convenient augers and more drain cleaning and video inspection equipment,®.

top quality augers by General

Top quality - Toilet ("Closet") Augers
These quality augers are made of two layers of tempered spring steel
by General Wire Spring Co.
This top quality auger has tremendous resistance to kinking.

Description Price & Quantity
3' deluxe closet auger - regular head $37.05
6' deluxe telescoping closet auger - regular head $54.85
6' deluxe telescoping closet auger - drop head $61.85
6' Replacement CABLE only - with regular head $34.12
6' Replacement CABLE only - with drop head $40.35
Replacement HEAD only - regular head $3.98
Replacement HEAD only - drop head $11.97

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Top quality - Urinal Auger by General Wire

Telescoping Urinal Auger

This quality auger is specifically designed for urinals and made of a single tempered steel spring (hollow core) which allows flexibility through numerous tight turns in urinals and helps resist cable kinking. An extra 2 feet of cable is hidden inside the tube, easily accessed by pushing a button and pulling out the crank handle.

Description Price & Quantity
4 ft. Deluxe Telescoping Urinal Auger  $31.30

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Budget/Economy Toilet Augers
not by General Spring Wire
Toilet Auger
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3' budget toilet auger $15.95
6' budget toilet auger $18.72

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is Flexicore®?"
A. Flexicore is a patented process of wrapping heavy gauge spring wire tightly around a 49-strand aircraft-type braided wire rope core, which is then heat treated. This makes these augers exceptionally strong while remaining flexible.

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