Flexicore Closet Augers

by General Wire

Use the toilet auger that the professionals prefer. General Wire manufactures the finest drain cleaning products in the industry, and we have them. Don't settle for less, purchase only the best plumbing tools and supplies from your source for these convenient augers and more drain cleaning and video inspection equipment, PlumbingSupply.com®.

Top Quality - Toilet ("Closet") Augers - aka "Snake"
by General Wire Spring Co.

This closet auger works where plungers fail. The perfect tool for retrieving lost objects or breaking up stoppages in clogged toilets. Two layers of tempered spring steel tightly coiled over an inner core of wired rope gives this tool tremendous resistance to kinking and breaking.

These quality augers are made of two layers of tempered spring steel and have tremendous resistance to kinking.

A flexible bulbous type head with a built in retriever coil helps protect the inner walls of a toilet bowl from chipping or breaking, while the double layered 15/32" O.D. cable is easily worked through sharply angled trap way passages. A vinyl bowl guard allows the cable to be placed in the bottom of the bowl without scratching the bowl and allowing the cable to be released directly into the trap way. The telescoping auger lets you clear stoppages that may be just beyond the bowl. There are three extra feet of cable hidden in the guide tube that can quickly and easily be released, when needed, by pressing a button and pulling out the crank handle.

The 6 foot telescoping augers have a 1-1/8" diameter outer brass finish steel tube and a tough octagonal inner guide tube that houses the extra hidden cable. Top this off with a 3/8" galvanized steel cranking rod, a vinyl grip handle and a grip clip to attach the cable to the tube when not in use, and you have a tool that has been made to be used for many years to come. It's no wonder this is the professional plumbers choice. It's like the Cadillac of closet augers, but at the Chevy price.

The 3 foot closet auger has a 3/4" brass finished steel tube outside but also incorporates the 3/8" galvanized steel cranking rod and the vinyl grip handle. The grip clip allows the cable to be conveniently attached to the handle for easy transportation and storage.

The major benefit of the "down head" style cable (which is also appropriately known as a drop-head) is that the down head will lead the cable down the drain as opposed to up the vent stack. As the down head approaches a tee opening, gravity takes over and the down head works like a universal joint, swiveling and dropping down into the opening, forcing the cable to follow. A typical blockage will be down the line, not up the vent.

Description Price & Quantity
3' Deluxe closet auger - regular head $50.42
6' Deluxe closet auger - regular head $78.14
6' Deluxe closet auger - drop head $91.79
6' Replacement cable only - regular head $54.60
6' Replacement cable only - drop head $70.99
Replacement HEAD only - regular head $5.37
Replacement HEAD only - down head $14.38

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Top Quality - Urinal Auger - aka "Snake"
by General Wire Spring Co.

This quality urinal auger cable is a single layer of tempered spring steel coiled tightly over a hollow core specifically designed for urinals. This tough, tempered steel spring offers tremendous resistance to kinking or breaking, yet has the flexibility and maneuverability to negotiate through numerous tight urinal bends. The Telescoping Teletube® provides 48" of spring but 24" is hidden inside an octagonal inner guide tube for those instances when you may need help to clear stoppages lurking beyond the urinal.

The extra 2 feet of cable inside the 4 foot deluxe telescoping urinal auger can easily be accessed by pushing a button and pulling out the crank handle. A rubber bumper at the end of the tube helps protect urinal bowls.

Top Quality Urinal Augers This quality auger is specifically designed for urinals and has tremendous resistance to kinking.

4' Deluxe Telescoping Urinal Auger by General Wire = $41.04

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Budget/Economy Toilet Augers (aka "Snake")
not by General Wire Spring Co.

Toilet Auger
3 Ft. Budget Toilet/Closet Auger

Description Price & Quantity
3' budget closet auger $11.98
6' budget closet auger $15.99

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These small drain cleaning products are usually in stock. However, if you would like us to make certain before you place your order, please contact us prior to ordering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is Flexicore®?"
A. Flexicore is a patented process of wrapping heavy gauge spring wire tightly around a 49-strand aircraft-type braided wire rope core, which is then heat treated. This makes these augers exceptionally strong while remaining flexible.

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