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Laboratory faucets, Chicago

Lahara Series tub/shower repair parts

Lakos filtration products

Lakos purge and ball valves

Lakos sand filters

Lakos SandMaster filters

Lakos separators and filtration systems

Lakos TwistIIClean filters

Laminar flow devices

Laminar flow lavatory faucets

Lamosa toilet tank lids

Large capacity oil interceptors

Large capacity solids interceptors

Large diameter pipe cutters for cast-iron, stainless steel, ductile iron, PVC & PE

Large garbage disposers

Large sinks

Large size drain cleaning tools

Large steam generators, Steamist

Latch, partition hardware

Laundromat lint interceptors

Laundry faucets

Laundry pump

Laundry sinks, various

Laundry tray pump system

Lavatory, corner wall-hung

Lavatory drains

Lavatory drain screens

Lavatory drain stoppers

Lavatory faucet index page

Lavatory faucets, old fashion

Lavatory faucets, transitional style

Lavatory faucets, single handle

Lavatory faucets, two handle

Lavatory, hand decorated

Lavatory, legs

Lavatory stopper, Flip-It®

Lavatory, two legged

Lavatory water supply kits, without trap

Lavatory water supply kits, with trap

Lavelle's toilet fill valve

Lawn decor

Lawn supplies

Lazy hand gauge

Leak detection in and around your home

Leak detector, alarm, and shutoff for water heaters

Leak locator system

Leak proof, freezeless garden hose hydrant

Leaky toilet help

Learn about faucet aerators

Left/right nipples & couplings

Legal warning notice

Legato toilet repair parts by Toto

Legs, clawfoot

Legs, wall-hung lavatory

Lekoro electric towel warmer

Leland Series tub/shower repair parts

Lenox self igniting torch

Lever handles for Sign of the Crab faucets

Lever operated trim kits for bath tub drains

Liberty macerating toilet system

Liberty pump, water powered

Lids, toilet tank

"Life" (fun page)

Lift and turn lav drain

Lift wire guides - brass

Lift wires - brass

Light commercial tankless water heater

Lighted vanity mirrors, Kimball & Young

Lighthouse themed toilet seat

Lindi electric towel warmer

Linear shower drains

Line Series toilet parts, American Standard

Linkable tankless water heaters - indoor

Linkable tankless water heaters - outdoor

Links, plumbing site

Lint interceptors

Little Giant, backup emergency sump pump

Little Giant constant water pressure pump

Little Giant effluent sump pumps

Little Giant Pump Co. - product index page

Little Giant sewage basin assemblies

Little Giant sewage ejector sump pumps

Little Giant sewage ejector units

Little Giant, water removal system

Livestock watering freezeless supply valve

Livestock watering valves

Lloyd toilet repair parts by Toto

Locator for clogged drains

Locator for leaky pipes

Locking monitor well plug

Lock-nut, stainless

Lock nut, stainless steel for copper pipe

Lockwood Series tub/shower repair parts

Logan Square Series toilet parts by Gerber

Log-lighter gas flexes

Longevity - we'll be here

Long tub spouts (and links to unique bath tub spouts)

Looking to replace your toilet seat?

Loose key hosebibbs

Lotion dispensers

Low flow bathroom faucets

Low flow kitchen faucets

Low flow showerheads

Low flow urinals

Low lead commercial faucets

Low lead in schools article

Low profile greasetraps

Low profile pre-rinse commercial kitchen faucets

Low profile rotary pipe cutters

Low voltage water alarm

Low water pressure problems & solutions


Luxor replacement toilet parts

Luxor replacement toilet seats

Luxury bar faucets and accessories

Luxury designer drains

Luxury dispenser faucet index page

Luxury drinking water faucets

Luxury grab bars

Luxury grab bars, Seachrome

Luxury granite composite sinks

Luxury Houzer (by Enex) sinks

Luxury kitchen products

Luxury undermount kitchen sinks

Luxury wood shower seats

Lynx Series toilet parts by Gerber

Our catalog has over 2,900 pages of plumbing related supplies and products.

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