Granite Composite Sinks

Granite and granite composite sinks are a uniquely beautiful option for your kitchen. Whether you want the stunning natural beauty of 100% Granite or need an equally lovely yet affordable Granite Composite (usually composed of 85% quartz granite and 15% acrylic resin),® has a great selection to choose from. These highly durable sinks will boost the style level of your kitchen, and last you a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do I clean my new granite composite sink?"
A. Granite composite sinks require regular care to keep that "new" appearance. Most deposits can be removed with dish soap and hot water followed by a clean water rinse. It is also good to dry the sink with a soft cloth, as otherwise limescale can build up on the surface. For more stubborn marks we suggest a cleaner specifically designed to maintain the beautiful finish and luster of granite sinks. Be sure to follow all sink-care directions carefully!

Q. "Can these granite sinks be used outdoors?"
A. Granite is a hardy material and can usually withstand the rigors of outdoor use. If you're thinking about installing an outdoor sink, be sure to understand warranties and installation issues thoroughly before purchasing to be sure that the granite sink you've chosen is appropriate for your outdoor needs.

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