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Drains Index® is your one-stop shopping location for all your drainage and plumbing needs! Why drive all over town looking for various parts that may or may not fit, be in stock, or match your décor? Browse our extensive selection of drains and related products from shower and tub drains, designer cover plates, and kitchen basket strainers to commercial floor troughs and P-traps, you're sure to find everything you need right here.

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Learn how to prevent clogged drains and useful tips for regular drain maintenance

Shower Drains & Drain Covers

Learn how to use shower drain tools and make your next installation or removal quick and easy.

Shower Drain Covers Available in a Variety of Styles and Finishes

View a huge selection of shower systems and shower products

Bathtub Drains & Waste and Overflow Kits

Browse a wide selection of luxury clawfoot bathtubs

Tub Drain Trim Kits & Accessories

Lavatory Sink Drains & Accessories

Visit our massive bathroom sink index for sinks in every style and size you can imagine

Kitchen Drains & Accessories

View an extensive selection of kitchen sinks

Commercial Drain Products

Tubular Drain Parts & Traps

Miscellaneous Drains & Accessories

Looking for drain cleaners? Check out our drain cleaning index for everything from augers and rooters to plungers and bacterial cleaners.

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