Airgap Kits

For Preventing Backflow

If you are looking for a method to securely support your indirect waste drain in a situation that requires an air gap, these Tru-Gap Airgaps may be the answer. When you cannot connect directly to your drain system, this is the perfect solution for draining your ice maker, filtration system, eye-wash stations, and many other uses.

Every kit includes the Tru-Gap fixture, pipe mount with screws, & floor grate hook

Tru-gap airgap fixture
These airgap kits feature:
  • Multiple installation configurations for different applications
  • Can be connected by solvent weld glue to standard 2" PVC pipe
  • Optional PVC reducer fittings can be adapted to smaller or larger piping easily
  • Includes built in hook for floor grates & drains
  • Helps prevents backed-up and potentially contaminated water from entering your potable water system
  • Ideal for a number of applications such as dish washers, beverage machines, eye-wash stations, ice machines, filtration systems, buffet tables, and many more applications
  • Included pipe mount secures pipes and prevents them from wobbling or sagging
  • Provides a clean and professional appearance
  • Easily assembled
  • Works with inlet pipe sizes up to 1-1/8" outside diameter
  • Tested and fully compliant to the ASTM D2665-07 standard
  • View dimensions -- View hanging pipe example -- View floor drain example
Please note: Most codes state that for an air gap to be legal the space between the top of the drain overflow and the discharge pipe or hose must be at least 2". For discharge pipes or hoses larger than 1" the requirement is that the air gap space/height must be at least two (2) times the diameter of the hose above the drain overflow. For example if the discharge hose is 2" the air gap space must be at least 4" above the drain overflow.
Tru-Gap Air Gap Fixture with Pipe Mount = $22.64
Tru-Gap Pipe Mount ONLY = $7.01
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How many pipe mounts can the Tru-Gap airgap kit hold?"
A. The Tru-Gap is capable of holding two mounts and includes one mount. Each mount can hold 3 pipes.

Q. "What is the purpose of an air gap?"
A. An air gap is the unobstructed vertical space between the water outlet and the flood level of a fixture. It's designed to prevent contaminants in the sink from flowing back into the potable water system by siphonage.

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