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We have (by far) the largest plumbing-only product selection on the Internet since 1995.

"Without integrity, no company can have positive word of mouth." - Jay Abraham

Established in 1980, our journey began as a local brick-and-mortar plumbing supplier in Chico California. Veteran and plumber, Vic Makau founded the business on 4 principles: quality service, knowledgeable staff, low prices and huge inventory. 44 years and over one million orders later we still strive to give that same high quality small town service to everyone who shops with us.

Since opening our virtual doors in 1995, we have been known as THE #1 Internet plumbing supplier. We started out with a mission to transform the task of buying plumbing related products into an enjoyable experience and offer the largest selection of plumbing supplies anywhere. Today, we continue with that mission by providing top quality plumbing products at the lowest possible prices, with strong focus on providing you with excellent customer service. We here at PlumbingSupply.com® sincerely believe that our customers should always come first. We have been reviewed and written about in numerous publications, have received tens of thousands of thanks and compliments, and are well known on the Net and especially in the plumbing community. We also sponsor a number of plumbing-related educational and informational sites such as PlumbingNet.com (directory of plumbing manufacturers), and Plbg.com (best plumbing advice forum on the Net). We are proud of our reputation and we believe that over 99% of our customers are very happy with our service, prices and quality of our products.

After all these years we’re still the same family-owned business. (With multiple team members having been with us for over 25+ years) We’re not corporate, venture funded or parent company owned. Just a hardworking small business here for you and plan to stay that way. Thank you for the trust and support!

Some of our fantastic team:
Michael is one of our leaders Rick is a great team leader and part of our excellent team Sandee is a most caring part of our excellent team Pedro always provides you with the best possible service Dan is part of our team, he's our top IT specialist Mark does great with our accounts payable Laurel puts a lot into providing top notch customer service Mike has been with us since we started Amy A employee picture

"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured
with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."

- Douglas Adams

"Under promise and over perform" is our motto. "Yes, we have it", we have low prices, a great inventory, large selection, top quality products, and the most conscientious plumbing-supplier team ready to serve you.

Our Founder

Vic our Founder

Many years ago, Vic after having served in the U.S. Navy Reserve (Vietnam veteran) graduated from Cal State University at Northridge. While searching for employment he stumbled into an excellent paying Plumbing Apprenticeship Program soon after graduating from CSUN. After 4 1/2 years (he was advanced ahead of all of his many peers) of intensive plumbing education he became a Journeyman Plumber. As soon as he qualified for the next step, he became a Plumbing Contractor. Then he became a College Plumbing Instructor at Butte College (Northern California) and finally a well known Plumbing Distributor.

Vic believes plumbing has contributed much to society and his goal is to not only be able to provide quality plumbing products at very low prices and provide superior service, but to also educate people as to how important plumbing is to society. Vic also believes in "giving back" to society, and therefore each year we give a considerable amount of moneys to charities. These days Vic has stepped out of a day-to-day role at our company to spend more time on his health (yoga, aerobics, meditation, stress management). Occasionally, when he has time, he will audit some transactions/sales to be sure that we are always providing you with the excellent service that we are known for. Vic enjoys sharing his passions and hobbies as shown on our page.


Michael is one of our leaders

Michael has been with us since we started. He loves challenges and finding unusual plumbing products. He also is seen reading the plumbing code books to find answers to complex questions. Michael enjoys finding the newest plumbing products on the market and solutions to common plumbing problems.

He also orders a number of products and helps to oversee our Accounts Payable Department. Michael's eye for detail is one of the reasons our credit rating is impeccable. He makes sure all of the manufacturers and suppliers are always paid on time. Having a great relationship with our suppliers is one of the reasons that we can offer such low prices.

His goal is for us to continue to be the best Internet plumbing supplier in the U.S., and is dedicated to leading a team that is known throughout the plumbing industry for providing the best service.

Co-CEO - Chief Financial Officer

Rick is part of our team, he is our CFO

Rick has worked for us since we started our online venture in 1995. Rick has contributed several ideas that have helped to streamline many of our daily processes and has contributed considerably to the improvement of our inventory management. He makes sure that all inventory levels are correct for the thousands of products that we stock in our warehouse. This ensures that the rest of our team can fulfill orders in an accurate and timely fashion.

It is his strong work ethic, attention to detail, and dedication that has made Rick the obvious choice for our CFO. Rick also trains our team members how to manage our Returns Department and how to monitor all orders that are shipped directly from various manufacturers. Rick has also written several informative plumbing articles and FAQ's for our site. We are very lucky to have such a conscientious person on our team.

Chief Technology Officer

Ian is our Chief Technology Officer. In his time with the company, he's proven himself to be a valuable asset, taking on additional duties as needed. He manages our IT and Web Development teams, as well as coordinating collaborative projects. We are grateful to have Ian on our team and serving in this essential role!

Customer Relations Supervisor

Laurel does everything she can to make every customer happy. She focuses on the "big picture" of her department, overseeing the workflow, and finding ways to make our team even more efficient and helpful. She often monitors our in and out going email and reviews most orders we receive daily. Laurel also assists our Web Development Team by reviewing our web pages before they are added to our site. Her hard work, dedication, and caring nature is the driving force behind our outstanding customer service. She raises our team's core understanding of customer care and brings it to the highest level. We are very thankful to have her on our management team.

Water Quality Specialist

Mike is our Water Quality Specialist. His wisdom and experience has helped solve many, many common problems and has provided helpful solutions to hundreds of grateful and happy customers. Mike's extensive familiarity with plumbing and plumbing products is now benefiting our Web Team - he writes and instructs the team in all types of helpful information for our site in order to benefit our customers and provide a better understanding of common plumbing issues. One of his specialties is water quality, and he is always happy to share his knowledge and assist customers with their questions. The specialized water softener and water products we offer are based off of his specifications. Mike is also a leader in our local community and does a lot of rewarding charity work. We are quite lucky and proud to have Mike on our team.

Senior Purchasing Agent

Pedro orders the majority of the products we stock in our warehouse and monitors inventory levels to ensure that our stock levels are kept at their highest. We take pride in our inventory level and normally, we have 98% of all items in stock which is largely due to Pedro's ability to stay on top of our ever-changing inventory.

IT Department

Dan spends his time making sure all of our technology is running smoothly. Whether he is maintaining our servers, fixing glitches on company computers, or adding fancy new features to our website, this computer whiz works hard to make our company's technological face look its best!

Web Development

Mike, and Zach work hard to make sure all of our pages are kept up to date and accurate. With several pages added daily, in addition to keeping up the thousands of existing pages, they certainly do keep busy!

Accounts Payable Department

Mark manages our accounts by making sure all invoices are paid on time (and often early!). Our AP department does an exceptional job at making sure our relationships with our vendors, manufacturers and suppliers are all kept in good standing.

Customer Care Department

Laurel, Kelsie, and Ashley are all doing an outstanding job serving our customers. These team members focus on providing outstanding customer service and support, regardless of order size. They make sure all customers are greeted promptly with a friendly disposition and answer all inquires to the best of their abilities. They are trained in all aspects of the customer experience, including answering emails and phone calls, processing payments, and packaging and shipping your orders!

We would also like to honor a former team member and dear friend, Michelle, who sadly is no longer with us.

Warehouse Specialist

Warehouse Specialist Sandee, and Amy works to ensure shelves are stocked full and arranged properly so that the product is easily accessible. She keeps the warehouse clean, organized, and in working order.

Our Town - Our Team

We are located in Chico, California. Our city is a cultural, economic, and educational center in the northern Sacramento Valley and is home to both Chico State University and Bidwell Park which, at over 3600 acres, is the third largest municipal park in California and one of the 25 largest city parks in the United States. Chico is a relatively small city (the urban area of Chico is at approximately 110,000 people) but its citizens are proud of, and care deeply about, their community. If you come to Chico, it is not uncommon to see a bumper sticker boasting "Chico Is My Hometown!" We are very fortunate that all of our team members love their jobs and love Chico. We do not have much "turn over," and this is one of the reasons that our percentage of orders to you is nearly 100% "perfect."

We have gotten thousands of letters and notes thanking us for our fantastic service. All of our team members pay very close and careful attention to detail (although we are human, and do make mistakes once in a very great while). They are all trained in every aspect of our entire system and therefore can step in and help when any team member is sick, on vacation, or may be off on their birthday (which is one of the paid benefits when working at PlumbingSupply.com®).

The people that are listed here are able to process your order from start to finish. You might even see one of their names on an e-mail from us if we have any questions about your order. We are able to provide you with great service because of team members such as them. The listed team members here are examples for all others to follow. Without them we wouldn't be the same.

Do you have more questions about us? Please try our FAQ page.

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