When we've got a question about a product or procedure, chances are that Michael has got the answer. One of our Co-CEOs, Michael, has been with us since we started and so has a vast knowledge of the plumbing world and most everything related. We are a class act partly because he is a class act. He really cares about his work and he does a great job in helping our team excel. He loves challenges and finding unusual plumbing products. Sometimes, Michael is seen reading plumbing code books (for fun). He reads a number of monthly plumbing distribution magazines and is constantly striving to improve his knowledge.

He is driven and it helps us to drive a straighter path. He orders a number of special order products for you all and he even oversees our accounts payable. Our credit rating is impeccable and Michael is one of the reasons as he makes sure that our account payable treats all of our manufacturers and suppliers with utmost respect and they always get paid on time. Having a great relationship with our suppliers is one of the reasons that we can offer such low prices. We are very fortunate to have Michael on our team.

Michael's hobbies include going to the Pacific Coastal and Sierra Nevada Mountain ranges. When Michael talks about his daughter, he is always glowing with pride and says that his biggest joy in life is "...watching my daughter's face as she discovers the world around her and reliving the experience I had with her..." .

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