Pump Controllers

Find a pump controller or switch for almost any application here at your number one plumbing and pump control source, PlumbingSupply.com®. Whether you need it to turn the pump on at high level, keep the water level at a certain point, or you want to keep a tank from over-filling, we've got just what you need. Simply click on any image below for more information.

Electronic Pump Controllers

Hi-Lo Sump Controller

hi-lo sump pump controller

With separate sensors for turning the pump on and off, this switch lets you accurately set when the pump starts and stops, making it a great solution for too-frequent pump cycling.

Electronic Sewage Pump Controller

Electronic Sewage Pump Switch

When you need to stop your sewage pit from overfilling, install one of these great electronic sewage pump switches and stop worrying.

Electronic Sump Pump Controller

Electronic Sump Pump Switch

Keep your sump pit from overflowing with one of these great electronic sump pump switches.

Electronic Utility Pump Switch

electronic utility pump switch

Get rid of unwanted water with one of these helpful electronic utility pump switches. Turns any manual pump into an automatic.

Mechanical Float Switches

Pump Down Float Switch

Pump-down float switch

Direct-acting, in-line control system for automatically draining sump pits and holding tanks in water and sewage systems.

Pump Up Float Switch

Pump-up float switch

Direct-acting, in-line control system for automatically filling of holding tanks or similar applications.

Remote Liquid Level Switch

Little Giant #RS-5LL Remote Switch

Keep your sump pit from spilling over with this water pressure activated liquid level switch.

Compact Float Switch

Compact Float Switch

This compact float switch is designed to fit into even the tightest of spaces where conventional float switches are too large.

Electronic Emergency Shut-Off Switches

Emergency High Water Shut-Off Switch and Alarm

emergency high water shut-off switch

Stop your pump from overfilling your pump filter pit or waterfall pool and causing flooding and water damage by installing a high water shut-off switches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is a float switch?"
A. The float switch is what turns your sump pump on and off in response to the water level in the pump pit. It's like a beach ball that "floats" on top of the water. When the water rises, the float rises with it. When it gets high enough, a switch inside the float closes and turns on the pump, draining the pit. When the water drops low enough, the switch inside the float opens and turns the pump off. The cycle is repeated hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of times during the life of the switch.

Q. "Why will the float switch fail?"
A. The float switch can fail for any number of reasons. Many times the float simply gets stuck between the pump and the wall of the sump pit. That's because the pump vibrates slightly whenever it runs, and can "walk" across the bottom of the pit, eventually trapping the float between it and the side of the pit. Other times, after so many up and down cycles, it just gives out and stops responding to the rise and fall of the water in the pit. Often it stops working while the pump is running. When this happens, the pump is left switched on so that it runs continuously until it burns itself out. You can't do regular maintenance on a float switch; you can only replace it once it fails.

Q. "What can I do to help prevent water damage and float switch failure?"
A. The float switch hasn't changed much in the 75+ years it's been used to control sump pumps. It is a mechanical device that will eventually wear out. The electronic switches and controllers on the other hand, use reliable microprocessor technology to control the pump. They have no moving parts and use solid-state components to detect the rise and fall of the water in a sump pit or holding tank, which makes them very reliable, but please keep in mind, all man-made devices will fail eventually.

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