Electronic Sump Pump Float Switch Controller

For a reliable, inexpensive solution for your sump pump needs, you can't go wrong with this economical Sump Controller. This electronic controller saves money on repairs as there are no moving parts to break down, and it will continue to work where regular float switches fail, helping to prevent costly damage. For even greater flexibility, the controller will work on any size pump up to 14 amps.

Electronic Hi-Lo Pump Switch

These Hi-Lo Pump Switches are "electronic float" switches that are designed to work in sump pits that collect ground water from around your home's foundation. They are particularly useful when the sump pit is very large and may take more than 90 seconds to empty, or the water table is unusually high and it isn't practical to try and empty the pit every cycle. The real advantage of the Hi-Lo Pump Switch is that it lets you accurately set where the pump turns on, and where it turns off. And, unlike traditional float switches, the Hi-Lo Pump Switch has no moving parts that can seize up or get wedged between the pump and the wall of the pit and prevent the pump from running, or cause it to run continuously and burn out. This makes the Hi-Lo Pump Switch many times more reliable than float switches and, because it's electronic, it has features that just aren't available in mechanical switches, such as the alarms that are described below. Whether replacing a switch that has already failed or just being pro-active in an attempt to avoid damage that can occur when a switch finally does fail, installing this Hi-Lo Pump Switch just makes sense to help prevent basement water damage. This switch works with any brand of pumps (14 Amps or less): DuraMac, Little Giant and Zoeller.

Hi Low Pump Switch
This Hi-Lo sump controller features:
  • Easy to install, doesn't require any changes to your plumbing
  • Comes with two sensors and a control module
  • The setting of the sensors determine when the control module turns the pump on, and when it turns it off.
  • Lets you accurately set where the pump turns on, and where it turns off
  • Fits in narrow sump pits, where most floats are hard to fit
  • Ideal for a second pump when space in the pit becomes very tight
  • No tools required - makes for easy installation
  • Plugs into standard electrical outlet
  • No mechanical parts to wear out
  • 120VAC, 14 amp (max current)
  • 12 ft sensor cable length
  • For indoor use only
  • Alarm rating: 80 dB
  • Relay cycles pump on/off - additional information
  • Relay life expectancy: 100,000 - 1,000,000 cycles
  • Manufacturer's instructions and maintenance manual is included with your shipment, follow the simple steps for long hassle-free (no more float switch!!!) operation
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Troubleshooting guide and Smart Button features
  • Special instructions for using with water softener discharge

Hi-Lo electronic sump controller - for 120 volt pumps up to 14 amps = $42.83

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How The Hi-Low Pump Switch Works

Hi-Low Pump Switch - how it works The location of the sensors determine when the control module turns the pump on, and when it turns it off.

How the Hi-Lo Pump Switch Works:
  1. When the water is below both sensors, the pump is off
  2. The pump is off when the water is above the black (lower sensor), but hasn't reached the red (upper) sensor
  3. When the water reaches the red upper sensor, the pump is turned on
  4. The pump stays on while the water is between the sensors
  5. The pump is turned off when the water drops below the black lower sensor

Things To Keep In Mind

Sump Diagram
  • The "piggyback plug" attached to the mechanical float switch cannot be used with the SumpController. It must be disconnected and remain disconnected.
  • If your sump pump has an internal float switch wiring, i.e. doesn't have a "piggyback plug," then you must secure the float up as if the pit were full so that its internal switch is always closed and the pump enabled.
  • The sensors shouldn't touch anything else in the pit, like the wall, each other, the discharge pipe, pump, etc. If they do, the Hi-Lo SumpController might be confused and think it is time to turn the pump on, or fail to turn it off.
  • The Hi-Lo SumpController works with any size pump, up to a maximum of 14 amps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is a float switch?"
A. The float switch is what turns your sump pump on and off in response to the water level in the pump pit. It's like a beach ball that "floats" on top of the water. When the water rises, the float rises with it. When it gets high enough, a switch inside the float closes and turns on the pump, draining the pit. When the water drops low enough, the switch inside the float opens and turns the pump off. The cycle is repeated hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of times during the life of the switch.

Q. "Why will the float switch fail?"
A. The float switch can fail for any number of reasons. Many times the float simply gets stuck between the pump and the wall of the sump pit. That's because the pump vibrates slightly whenever it runs, and can "walk" across the bottom of the pit, eventually trapping the float between it and the side of the pit. Other times, after so many up and down cycles, it just gives out and stops responding to the rise and fall of the water in the pit. Often it stops working while the pump is running. When this happens, the pump is left switched on so that it runs continuously until it burns itself out. You can't do regular maintenance on a float switch; you can only replace it once it fails.

Q. "What is the life expectancy of the relay?"
A. The electrical life expectancy of general purpose and power relays is generally rated to be 100,000 operations minimum, while mechanical life expectancy may be one million, 10, or even 100 million operations. The reason electrical life is rated so low compared with mechanical life is because contact life is application dependent. The electrical rating applies to contacts switching their rated loads. When a set of contacts switches a load of less than rated value, contact life may be significantly greater. For example, 25 amp, 240V AC, 80% P.F. contacts may be expected to switch such a 25 amp load in excess of 100,000 operations. If these contacts are used to switch, say, a 5 amp, 120V AC resistive load, however, life may be in excess of a million operations.

Q. "What can I do to prevent water damage and float switch failure?"
A. Install a Hi-Lo SumpController. The SumpController does what the float switch does, only much, much better. The float switch hasn't changed much in the 75+ years it's been used to control sump pumps. It is a mechanical device that will eventually wear out. The SumpController, on the other hand, uses a reliable microprocessor technology to control the sump pump. It has no moving parts and uses reliable solid-state components to detect the rise and fall of the water in the sump pit.

Q. "How far apart can the Hi-Lo SumpController 'sensors' be placed vertically apart from each other?"
A. The Hi-Lo SumpController 'sensors' have no restrictions as to how close or how far apart they are placed vertically or horizontally. When water is below both the sensors then the pump will be off. When water is above both sensors the pump will be on.

Q. "We are very happy with this Electronic Hi-Lo Pump Switch. But, is there something available in case we have an electrical power failure?"
A. We offer a water powered back up sump pump made by Zoeller and also one made by Liberty Pumps. We also offer some 12 volt battery operated sump pumps. The Little Giant battery backup Emergency Sump Pump System is very reliable and we have not heard of any problems with them. We also offer a Failed Circuit Alarm which will signal an alarm when a circuit has failed. It's designed for use on refrigerators, freezers, hot tubs, heat lamps for animals, pumps, etc. It can be used with any 110v/120v appliance where it is important to know if the breaker or fuse has blown (or any power outage).

Q. "If I install this sump controller, will I ever have to replace it?"
A. Make sure to follow all of the manufacturer's instructions and directions by performing the proper maintenance and inspections to ensure that you are fully protected from flooding - this is ever-so-important with (man-made) safety devices as they will eventually fail.

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