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Find pumps for many applications right here at®! From sump pumps to sewage ejector pumps to condensate pumps, we've got just the one you need. Simply click on the pump you're interested in, then check out all their great features. For many more pumps and pump-related items, visit our page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Why is it called a submersible pump?"
A. Submersible pumps are designed so that they can be placed directly in the water. They draw the water up from the bottom of the pump and have special electrical cords to prevent water damage and electrical shock.

Q. "What does it mean when a pump has a 'shut-off head'?"
A. It means that the pump cannot pump higher (measured vertically) than the listed height (with no friction loss taken into account).

Q. "What is friction loss?"
A. Friction loss refers to the loss of pressure from the fluids moving through piping. Adding to friction loss is any turns (elbows) and changes in direction as well as the type of piping being used. The friction loss for piping varies depending on the material, if you are using cast iron or PVC you will see a significant difference so this needs to be taken into account when planning your pumping stations.

Q. "Do you offer any other type of sump pumps besides Little Giant?"
A. Yes. We offer DuraMAC pumps, & Zoeller pumps.

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