Quality Basement Sump Pump Systems
By Little Giant

Save your home from costly water damage with this workhorse from Little Giant. Keeping excess water from building up and overflowing the sump is vital, and these basement pump systems provide reliable service even if the power goes out (auxiliary power system available). Take home-care to a new level with these tireless basement sump pump packages, offered direct to you from PlumbingSupply.com®.

TSW Series - Self Diagnostic Sump Pumps For Ultimate Peace Of Mind

Basic sump pump system model TSW-BTSW-B basement sump pump system
Traditional sump pumps have been around for years. They represent a starting point in terms of a method for eliminating ground water that cause flooded basements. However, due to the possibility for switch failures or pump clogs, sump pump failure was more of a question of when, not if. Now, with the TSW's exclusive design, you get the ultimate protection against a flooded basement caused by sump pump failure.

With the TSW sump pump, you will not get any switch failures from hang ups; the IntelliSwitch has no moving parts to hang up or get clogged, which virtually eliminates (but not completely) the possibility of failure and assures accurate turn-on and turn-off each time the pump runs. The sump pump is designed to be suspended from the basin cover, it is not near the gravel and debris that collects at the bottom of the sump pit, helping reduce the chances of the pump getting clogged.

  • Clog resistant - center discharge (1-1/2" NPT) for suspended installation from sump pump basin cover, keeps pump away from the bottom of the basin where gravel or other debris are more likely to cause clogging
  • Both upper and lower ball bearings for smooth, quiet operation and longer motor life
  • Dual shaft seals - gives the pump extra protection against seal leaks which can damage the motor
  • Integral IntelliSwitch senses the presence of water with no moving parts to hang up or fail
  • Intelliplug provides a red high water alarm light and buzzer, a "push to silence" switch, and a green run light to show when pump is running - this eliminates the need to purchase and install a separate alarm device to warn of high water conditions
  • Mechanical shaft seal provides protection against water entry into the motor
  • Environmental friendliness in mind:
    1. Protection against the safety and health hazards that may be associated with flooded basements
    2. Maximum vertical lift (Shut-off) at 32'
    3. Powerful and efficient 1/3 HP permanent split capacitor motor draws less than 5.0 full load amps, conserving energy, while delivering 40 GPM at 10' dynamic head
    4. Center discharge enables the water to flow past the enclosed motor housing to cool the motor, eliminating the need for a motor chamber filled with oil that may be a potential contaminant
    5. All exposed component parts of the pump are made of corrosion resistant materials to provide a longer service life

TSW-B Series System Components
pump, 22" or 30" basin, clear view cover assembly, and discharge kit with clear check valve and IntelliPlug

Model # Description Price & Quantity
TSW-B22 Sump Pump System with 22" Basin, Pump, etc. $428.60
TSW-B30 Sump Pump System with 30" Basin, Pump, etc. $448.55
Replacement Pump For Basement Pump System
TSW-SP Replacement sump pump for TSW Series basement pumping systems $226.70

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What features does the IntelliPlug have?"
A. The Integral IntelliPlug provides a red high water alarm light, a buzzer, a "push to silence" switch, and a green run light to show that the pump is running.

Q. "Do I need to install a vent pipe to the tank?"
A.It really depends on how you plumb the piping to the tank and each situation is different. In many cases with any brand of sealed tank the simple answer is yes as you need air to displace the volume of discharge. An AAV may be used in many areas of the country but local codes always prevail and so best to check with your local code authorities before purchasing the enclosed tank system/s such as these shown on this page.

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