Steam Generators, Sauna Heaters & Day Spas

Not sure if a steam shower or sauna is right for you? Check out the benefits of steam bathing to learn more

Steamist Residential Steam Packages

For the ultimate luxury spa experience, we offer the complete line of Steamist's residential generators and Total Sense® home spa options so you can immerse yourself in a truly therapeutic experience of purifying steam and mood-inspiring colors, aromas, and sounds. Choose the deluxe package for an amazing full sensory experience, or select only the aromatherapy, chromotherapy, or audio options you want. With so many options, including touchscreen and Wi-Fi controllers so you can have your steam shower waiting for you, these Steamist packages are customizable to best enhance your personal well-being.

Commercial Steam Generator Packages

Today steam baths are considered an integral method for purifying and detoxifying the skin and body, increasing circulation, stimulating the immune system and encouraging complete physical and mental well-being. Many are aware of the wide range of benefits of steam, and it can be a unique selling point for your business to offer a steambath experience to your clients. Your customers will appreciate the quality, and you will appreciate the value of the commercial steam products we offer. Give your clients a luxurious, purifying experience - with little maintenance and easy-to-use controls for your staff. If you're looking to upgrade your spa, salon, fitness center, or therapy gym, these generators are a solid choice.

Steamist Sauna Packages

For those who prefer "Dry Heat" over "Wet Steam", we are pleased to offer a top quality line of sauna heaters, Western Red Cedar rooms, and accessories by Steamist. We help make adding a sauna easy for you with pre-cut rooms that you put together from start to finish or pre-fabricated rooms that can install in just a few hours. Whether you are saunabathing for health, relief from an active, sports oriented lifestyle, or just to recover from the fatigue of day-to-day demands by family and business, these Steamist saunas are an excellent choice for you.

Steam Room Accessories & Related Items

Finish off your new steam shower with accessories that will enhance the comfort, safety, and convenience of your steambathing experience. Teak benches offer a comfortable resting place, while grab bars and no-skid teak mats help to prevent slips and falls. Keep warm towels close by with our luxury towel warmers and add a little extra ambiance with lighted mirrors and aromatherapy oils.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Are steam generators expensive to use or operate?"
A. Most of the steam generators we offer are designed to be energy and water efficient - using between 1-2 gallons of cold water per 20-minute steam. To put that in perspective, a 20-minute shower with a 2gpm shower head would use 40 gallons of water heated by your water heater, and the average bath uses 35-50 gallons of water - also heated by your water heater. Even if you take a cool 10 minute shower after your steam (as is recommended by many health professionals), your total overall water usage is less than 25 gallons and the steam unit uses less energy than your typical tank water heater.

Q. "What's the difference between a steambath/steam shower and sauna? Which is better?"
A. The difference between a steambath and a sauna is basically "wet heat" versus "dry heat". Sauna room temperatures may actually be higher, but you may "feel the heat" more by adding steam. Both steam and sauna systems provide similar benefits for your mental and physical well-being - whichever is "better" for you really comes down to personal preference. Some people find it easier to breathe in a steam bath, while others prefer the hotter feeling of a sauna. Keep in mind also, that a steam bath/shower is usually easier to integrate into an existing bathroom than a sauna, which will usually require separate construction. If you're designing a new home, steam rooms are also generally less expensive to integrate into the design than a sauna as you can utilize one space for both your regular shower and steam shower.

Q. "Who can use a steam shower? Are there any restrictions? Is it okay for a child to use a steam room?"
A. Medical professionals consider "steam and sauna" generally healthy to use, but people suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnant women, and the elderly who are not in good health should not take a steambath without consulting a physician first. As with all activities involving heat, it is important to maintain good hydration and "self-monitor" one's body for irregularities or negative effects of the heat. Those with cognitive impairments or who may otherwise not be able to appropriately monitor their own steambath usage should be supervised. Additionally, some say children can use steambaths for supervised short periods of time while others say not at all - we say talk to your child's pediatrician first to help avoid any possible risk of harm.

Please note: Steam bathing has many benefits including purifying and detoxifying the skin and body, increasing circulation, stimulating the immune system and encouraging complete physical and mental well-being. Although steam baths are generally safe, there are some risk issues. Please consult with your doctor before steaming. Because we do not make steam systems, we ask that you contact the manufacturer for steam bath safety and warranty information.

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