Tubular Drain Products

PlumbingSupply.com® has an excellent selection of tubular drain components, pop-up assemblies and many other drain-related products. If you're looking for sink drains, look no further. We offer many bathroom sink drains in a variety of styles and finishes as well as special finish p-traps and hard to find 1 3/8" clawfoot tub drain assemblies. We are your source for hard-to-find plumbing products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What does tubular mean?"
A. Tubular pipe is a thin walled pipe most commonly used under sinks to attach sink drains to the house drain. Slip joint nuts and washers are used to seal fitting connections and allow many adjustable connection options for the installer. The tubing is measured by the outside diameter and by being light weight yet durable, it is much easier to install compared to direct hard line connections.

"Tubular" is also an expression primarily used to indicate something is totally awesome - as in "That's totally tubular dude!"

Q. "Are the black tubular drainage parts all ABS as well as are the white tubular parts all made of PVC?"
A. No, the black and white tubular drainage parts are mostly made of polypropylene plastic, colored black to match ABS piping or colored white to match PVC piping. There are some parts made of ABS and PVC so those specific parts can be glued (solvent welded) to the stub outs of the type pipe, ABS or PVC being used in the house drain. Color choice is usually based on customer preference to match the type of piping in their house drain systems.

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