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Handheld Shower Heads & Handshower Kits

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Hand showers are great for bathing kids and pets, offer you added reach, and often can function as a regular shower head as well. Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing hand shower or want the added convenience of a handshower with your fixed shower head system, you've come to the right place! With an extensive selection of styles to choose from, we're sure you'll find a great hand shower to suit your needs.

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Deluxe Multi-Function Handshowers

Relexa handshower

Most of us share a shower with at least one other person - and often a single spray just doesn't suit everyone. With these multi-function handshowers, you don't have to just grin and bear an uncomfortable shower anymore. Featuring a variety of spray patterns and numerous styles to choose from, you're sure to find a solution that will make everyone in your home happy.

Classic-style hand shower
Palm-held hand shower
Traditional-style handshower with 5-spray pattern

5-spray hand shower
Narrow spray massaging handshower
Sierra multi-function handshower

Basic massaging hand shower
Anystream Napa 5-spray hand shower
Sensation family-friendly multi-function handshower

Frescia handshower
Leticia multi-function handshower
Ambra multi-function handshower

Dania handshower
Antique-style handshower
Cylindrica 5 multi-function handshower

Please note: Photos are representational only. The handshowers featured above may not include hoses or mounts.
If you're looking for multi-function handshowers that include these items, please see handshower kits below.

Quality Single Spray Handshowers

Luxury rainshowers

Tired of your old hand shower? Looking for a gentle rainshower or perhaps a sleek, contemporary wand-style handheld shower? Check out our selection of stylish single spray handshowers and update your shower today. Available in a myriad of designer finishes and unique designs, they retain a basic simplicity that makes them easy to install and use right away.

Cubica I rain spray handshower
Dinamica II rain spray handshower
Full spray handshower

Basic hand shower with pause button
Easy Clean hand shower
Maya handshower

Sunburst handshower
Sunshine handshower
Carlton rain spray handshower

Savoy handshower
Diva handshower
Cubix handshower

Tangent hand shower
Slim waterfall handshower

Please note: Photos are representational only. The handshowers featured above may not include hoses or mounts.
If you're looking for single spray handshowers that include these items, please see handshower kits below.

Filtered Handshowers

The baby shower

The drying effects of chlorine and other common water treatments on our sink and hair can be uncomfortable, leaving us itchy and irritated. Perfect for babies and kids, elderly or disabled persons, those with skin allergies or sensitivities, or anyone who just wants a gentler shower, these filtered hand showers are super convenient to use and come in a variety of styles to match your bathroom décor.
*Note: Not intended for use in the treatment of any medical condition.

Shower Pure filtered handspray
Cascade filtered handspray
Pure-Spray filtered handspray

Royale filtered handspray
The Original Hand-Held filtered handspray

Water-Saving Handshowers & Handshower Kits

Moen handshower

Finally! You don't have to sacrifice comfort or style to save water! With specially designed low-flow (2.0 gpm or less) handheld shower heads, these handshower kits are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to help conserve our natural resources while still experiencing the comfortable, refreshing feeling of a full-flow shower.

Massaging 5-spray hand shower
Narrow spray massaging handshower

Multi-Function Handshower Kits

Danze 3-function handshower

Enjoy a myriad of spray patterns with the convenience of a complete, easy to use hand shower kit. Whether you need a traditional mount or slide bar, want 3, 4, 5 or even 6 spray patterns, or are looking for hard-to-find designer finishes, we're confident you'll find whatever you're looking for here. These kits come ready to install with handshower, mount, and hose included.

ActivTouch hand shower
Delta Traditional handshower combination
Deluxe Traditional handshower combination

Designer Frescia handshower kit
Symmons Euro-Flo 3-spray handshower kit
Symmons Euro-Flo 5-spray handshower kit

Dania hand shower kit
Danze diverter hand shower kit
Traditional hand shower

Contemporary hand shower

With wall bar mounting system

Traditional style handshower with wall bar
Contemporary style handshower with wall bar
Jaclo Cylindrica 5-spray handshower

Danze slide bar handshower kit
Jaclo Frescia 4-spray handshower
Traditional wall bar hand shower combination

Symmons Euro-Flo 3-spray handshower
Symmons Euro-Flo 5-spray handshower
Jaclo Leticia 5-spray handshower

Jaclo Sierra 3-spray handshower
Delta slide bar handshower

Single Spray Handshower Kits

Moen Fina handshower

Sometimes you just want or need something simple and easy. For a quick, easy shower installation, try these single spray complete handshower kits. Featuring a single gentle rain spray pattern and a variety of designs, from wand-style to wallbar mounted, you're sure to find one that perfectly complements your bathroom and soothes your body at the same time.

Hand shower kit
Full spray handshower kit
Euro-Flo single mode handshower kit

Sunburst hand shower kit
Danze ShowerStick handshower kit
Single spray telephone hand shower

With wall bar mounting system

Jaclo Dynamica rain spray handshower
Single function handshower with slide bar
Adjustable height wall bar handshower kit

Basic glide rail handshower combination
Classic style glide rail pin mount handshower combination
Symmons Euro-Flo single-spray handshower

Jaclo Titania rain spray handshower
Jaclo Maya rain spray handshower
ShowerStick handshower with slide bar

Jaclo Diva rain spray handshower
Jaclo Zen slim waterfall spray handshower

Handshower & Fixed Shower Head Combinations

In2ition handshower

Get the best of both worlds with these handshower and fixed shower head combination sets. Perfect for remodels or anyone who's looking to spruce up their shower, these unique shower sets come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your existing fixtures or décor.

In2ition model 58466
In2ition model 58467
In2ition model 58468

In2ition model 58469
In2ition model 6465

ADA Compliant Handshower Kits

Speakman ADA compliant handshower

Whether you're looking to install an ADA compliant hand shower in your home, healthcare facility, rental property, gym or club, recreational facility, or elsewhere, we've got what you need. Choose from grab bar wall mounts in multiple lengths or stylish yet functional decorative bars in designer finishes, and help your family, clients, or patients shower more safely.

24-in grab bar handshower kit
36-in grab bar handshower kit
Stylish handshower grab bar kit

Outdoor Pool and Pet Handshowers

Wand style pool handshower

Take the stress out of bathing pets and help keep your house cleaner with these outdoor pool and pet handshowers. Designed specifically for the rigors of outdoor use, they're the ideal solution for preventing muddy footprints or harsh, chlorinated pool water drips all over your nice floors, a quick wash-up when working in the garden, and rinsing outdoor toys, patio furniture, or lawn equipment.

Basic pets handshower kit
Outdoor hot/cold pet shower
Outdoor pet shower

Outdoor Collana hand shower
Round wand hand shower
Outdoor rectangle wand hand shower

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