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Telephone Style Hand Held Shower
By Sign of the Crab

Telephone style hand showers and brackets (cradles) add old-fashioned, antique style to your clawfoot tub and faucet installation. Manufactured by Sign of the Crab, these quality sets are easy to install and made to last.

telephone shower

Antique looking telephone-style handheld shower head and hose (includes vacuum breaker)

Due to state mandated low-flow restrictions, these hand showers cannot be shipped to customers in California, Colorado, or New York. To find other hand showers available for shipping to these states, please view our handshowers index

Model Description Price & Quantity
P0144C Telephone style handheld shower with 5' hose - chrome $113.55
P0144S Telephone style handheld shower with 5' hose - pol. brass $113.96
P0144M Telephone style handheld shower with 5' hose - matte nickel $129.96
P0144N Telephone style handheld shower with 5' hose - nickel $113.96
P0144-1C Hose only for #S0144 - chrome $47.67
P0144-1S Hose only for #S0144 - pol. brass $47.52
P0144-1M Hose only for #S0144 - matte nickel $62.36
P0144-1N Hose only for #S0144 - nickel $53.45

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Hand Shower Brackets

Model Description Price & Quantity
P0144IC Inlet bracket for P0144 - chrome $71.74
P0144IS Inlet bracket for P0144 - polished brass $60.81
P0144IM Inlet bracket for P0144 - matte nickel $59.74
P0144IN Inlet bracket for P0144 - nickel $52.59
P0144AC Adjustable bracket for P0144 - chrome $78.52
P0144AS Adjustable bracket for P0144 - polished brass $78.66
P0144AM Adjustable bracket for P0144 - matte nickel $86.81
P0144AN Adjustable bracket for P0144 - nickel $79.02
P0144RC Riser bracket for P0144 - chrome $60.57
P0144RS Riser bracket for P0144 - polished brass $53.00
P0144RM Riser bracket for P0144 - matte nickel $62.20
P0144RN Riser bracket for P0144 - nickel $53.04
P0144WS **Clearance Sale** get yours today while supplies last!
Wall bracket (holder) fits P0144S - polished brass

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Hand showers that come in contact with non-drinking water are not code in some areas.
See our FAQs below for more information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Why is it that you state that hand showers like this 'telephone shower' might not be code in some areas?"
A. It is code in many areas that if a potable water fixture terminates below the top of a tub (or a showerhead / handshower is able to reach below the top of the tub or shower base) then there is a chance (however small) that should the tub or shower base be filled to the top and the water valve is on/open, the potable (drinking) water then is touching non-potable water. When that happens there is an extremely small chance (but it is possible, therefore, not code in many areas) that the potable water can become contaminated. If this is a concern or applicable (check with your local codes), then please don't install a hose type showerhead. Most portable shower heads (hand showers) will be able to be placed below the top of the tub, therefore, most portable hoses (no matter what brand) are not to code. We do offer an in-line 1/2" vacuum breaker for shower hose connections order #S606OND here, which some codes will allow for portable showerheads (but not all). Again, some areas are very strict, and even with a vacuum breaker, where hoses could lay in water, some codes won't allow hoses at all. If your area has strict codes, then we do not recommend purchasing any (brand, anywhere) shower hoses. We cannot be responsible, nor can we know what your area will or will not allow as far as code is concerned. Showerheads should not be laid down below the flood rim (not placed inside the tub) of a tub at any time. Please also note that vacuum breakers (all brands) are known to leak water somewhat (due to design).

Q. "Is there any special care for increasing the longevity of my shower hose?"
A. Yes. After each use, it is very important that all of the kinks be removed from the hose before setting the handset on the bracket. Kinks left in the hose or any unusual twisting or pulling will eventually cause the hose to crack, unravel and begin to leak.

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