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Note: spaces are ignored for alphabetizing

Cabinets, wall hung restaurant type

Cable operated bath waste drains and overflows

Caddies for showers

Cafeteria faucets, stainless steel, 4" centerset (4"cc) by Fisher

Cafeteria faucets, stainless steel, 8" centerset (8"cc) by Fisher

Cafeteria faucets, stainless steel, single hole mount by Fisher

Calais toilet parts by American Standard

Calcite (food grade) for acid neutralizers

California, potable water products

Camera for pipe locators

Campground economy drinking fountains

Camp ground hosebibbs (pedestal types)

Caps for testing cleanouts

Caps for toilet bolts

Caring for your copper sink

Caring for your garbage disposal

Carlyle one-piece toilet by Toto - replacement parts

Carlyle II one-piece toilet by Toto - replacement parts

Carlyle replacement toilet parts by American Standard

Carlyle replacement toilet seats by American Standard

Carolina one-piece toilet by Toto - replacement parts

Carolina II one-piece toilet by Toto - replacement parts

Caroma replacement toilet parts, Adelaide series

Caroma replacement toilet parts, Bondi series

Caroma replacement toilet parts, Brisbane series

Caroma replacement toilet parts, Caravelle series

Caroma replacement toilet parts, Colonial series

Caroma replacement toilet parts, Royale series

Caroma replacement toilet parts, Somerton series

Caroma replacement toilet parts, Sydney series

Caroma replacement toilet parts, Tasman series

Caroma replacement toilet tank lids

Caroma toilet picture index

Carrollton two-piece toilet by Toto - replacement parts

Cartridges, replacements for Sprite shower filters

Carts, bussing and commercial kitchens

Carts, mobile restaurant stainless steel

Carts, utility and hand trucks

Carusoe (New Style) two-piece toilet by Toto - replacement parts

Carusoe (Old Style) two-piece toilet by Toto - replacement parts

Cascade model Ifo toilet parts

Case brand toilet parts

Case & Case Robinson toilet tank lids

Case toilet identification

Case toilet part pictures

Cash Acme Sharkbite® fittings

Casper Industries white shower drain replacement covers (other finishes also)

Cast acrylic colored sinks

Cast acrylic SolidCast double bowl kitchen sinks

Cast acrylic SolidCast single bowl kitchen sinks

Cast brass commercial traps

Cast iron bell to pipe bushing (donut)

Cast iron clawfoot bath tubs

Cast iron effluent pumps

Cast iron farmhouse sinks with drainboards

Cast iron flexible trap adapters

Cast iron floor sinks

Cast iron hair interceptors

Cast iron pipe cutters for large diameter pipes

Cast iron roof drains

Cast iron sewage pumps

Cast iron sump pumps

Cast iron toilet flanges

Category III gas vent pipe

Caulk-hole covers

Caution tape for work areas

Ceiling exhaust fans

Ceiling mount nipples for showers

Celestial themed toilet seat

Celite toilet tank lids

Cellar sewage related products

Cellini shower enlarger rods

Centerset faucets by Elements of Design

Centerset faucets by Symmons

Centrifugal pumps, Zoeller

Ceramic corner wallhung bathroom sinks

Certain Seal toilet flapper #400

Chain stays for pull-out plugs

Champlain replacement toilet seats

Champlain replacement toilet tank lids

Changing your water heater anode rod

Channel drains for showers

Charities that we help

Charming teak shower benches

Checking for leaks in your home's plumbing

Check valves, bronze and brass

Check valves for sump pumps

Check valves, PVC plastic

Chemical resistance chart

Chemical resistant toilet flappers

Cherne brand "Clog-Busters"

Cheviot brand console bathroom lavatories

Cheviot brand drop-in bathroom sinks

Chicago faucets brand (as well as links to many other Chicago products)

Chicago Pottery used toilet tank covers, tops, lids

Child Potty Seat, NextStep® by Bemis

Child size toilet seats

Chilled outdoor drinking fountains

Chiller water drinking fountains

Chinese wok style kettle and pot filler faucets

Chloe toilet parts by American Standard

Chlorine removal filters for drinking water

Chlorine removal filters for showers by Sprite

Choose the right drill-style drain cleaner, information to help

Choose the right flood prevention device or system

Choose the right kind of pump

Choose the right makeup or shaving mirror for your morning routine

Choose the right outdoor drinking fountain for your facility

Chrome, angle stops

Chrome, brass fittings

Chrome, brass nipples

Chrome, escutcheons

Chrome fittings, potable/drinking water

Chrome nipples, potable/drinking water

Chrome plated tailpieces

Chrome rings for stove tops

Chrome trim kits for Valley, Delta, Moen showers

Chronomite instant water heaters

Cimarron® by Kohler, toilet parts

Circular garden hose holders

Circulating pumps

Circulating water systems explained

Cisa toilet tank lids

Clamps for pipe and tubing

Clamps for pipe repair

Clamps for hose (made out of stainless steel)

Clarifiers aka: "grease traps"

Clarion toilet parts by American Standard

Classic electric towel warmers

Classic Series - Designer shower drain covers

Classic Series tub/shower repair parts

Classic vintage style kitchen and bathroom products index

Clawfoot bathtub conversion kits

Clawfoot bathtub drain assemblies

Clawfoot bathtub legs

Clawfoot bathtubs

Clawfoot bathtub shower curtain rods

Clawfoot bathtub shower sets complete

Clawfoot bathtub shower trak rods

Clawfoot bathtub supplies

Clawfoot products index page

Clawfoot shower kits complete

Clawfoot tubs

Clayton two-piece toilet by Toto - replacement parts

Clean clogged drains

Cleaners for faucets, glass, porcelain, etc.

Cleaning brushes for copper fittings

Cleaning brushes for everything else

Cleaning clogged drains with water pressure, information

Cleanout caps (for testing)

Cleanout drains

Cleanout plugs

Clean-out plug tools

Clean up sponge/brushes

Clean water pumping system

Clean water purification systems

Clearance items

ClearMirror® installation guide

Clear shower mirrors

Clear tubing

Clear water sump pump

Clip-on thermostatic control for Grundfos pumps

Clips for some sink rims

Clog-Busters (by Cherne)

Close and flush toilet sticker (fun)

Close coupled wall faucets

Closed-system Alpha pump

Closed-system expansion tank

Close quarter pipe cutter for large diameter pipes

Closet augers

Closet bolts, solid brass

Closet flanges

Closet spuds

Closet wax rings, sponge gaskets for floor and wall mount toilets

Cloth duct tape (the "best")

Clothes-line, retractable (indoor)

Cold-Shot pipe freezing kit

Cold water scale inhibitors

Color camera pipe inspection system - GenEye POD

Color camera pipe inspection system - GenEye SD

Colored acrylic SolidCast sinks

Colored double bowl kitchen sinks

Colored single bowl kitchen sinks

Colored toilet bowl caps

Colored toilet seats, cross reference chart

Colored toilet seats, standard round & elongated

Colored toilet seats, unique service

Colorful pedestal misters

Color Select Direct toilet seat color matching chips

Colton toilet tank lids

Comco toilet tank lids

Comfortable (soft) toilet seats

Comfort series pumps by Grundfos

Comfort systems by Grundfos

Commercial drains and drain products

Commercial drop-in sinks

Commercial enclosed restaurant work tables

Commercial faucets - 3/4" NPT inlet

Commercial faucets, potable/drinking water, Ecast

Commercial faucets, potable/drinking water, Fisher

Commercial faucets, potable/drinking water, Speakman

Commercial, Fisher brand faucets

Commercial Fisher faucet replacement parts

Commercial Floor Sinks

Commercial flush valve repair parts

Commercial flush valves (large selection)

Commercial garbage disposers

Commercial gas connectors

Commercial grade heavy duty pot racks

Commercial hand dryers from Saniflow

Commercial hotel & motel products

Commercial kitchen bakery products

Commercial kitchen prep tables

Commercial kitchen prep tables with built-in sinks

Commercial kitchen products

Commercial kitchen racks for steam pans, bun pans, trays, etc.

Commercial kitchen shelves, stainless steel

Commercial kitchen sinks, GSW stainless steel

Commercial lint interceptors

Commercial oil interceptors

Commercial pipe inspection system - Gen-Eye POD

Commercial pipe inspection system - Gen-Eye SD

Commercial plumbing products made in the USA

Commercial products by Fisher Mfg.

Commercial p-traps, cast brass

Commercial roof hydrants

Commercial, showers (metering)

Commercial stainless steel faucets, 4" centerset (4"cc) by Fisher

Commercial stainless steel faucets, 8" centerset (8"cc) by Fisher

Commercial stainless steel faucets, single hole mount by Fisher

Commercial stainless steel sinks

Commercial stainless steel sinks by Griffin

Commercial stainless steel sinks by Just Mfg

Commercial, T & S faucet repair parts

Commercial tub/shower systems

Commercial water heater flood protection

Commode identification information

Common DIY plumber mistakes and how to avoid them

Common everyday toilet seats

Common odor problems in water

Common plumbing abbreviations

Common toilet seats, how to replace

Compact float switch

Compact float valve

Compact folding shower seats

Compact water heater

Comparing energy efficient towel warmer models

Complete hand shower index listing

Complete instant hot water filter systems

Complete instant hot water filter systems installation

Compliments we have received

Composite granite sink index

Compression fittings, brass

Compression fittings, bronze

Compression fittings, potable/drinking water brass

Compression repair fittings, bronze

Compression style vs. quarter-turn shut off valves

Compression Tee with Valve

Compton series toilet parts

Concealed, manually operated toilet flushometers

Concealed, manually operated urinal flushometers

Concealed, sensor activated toilet flushometers

Concealed, sensor activated urinal flushometers

Concealed stop valve outlet boxes

Condensate pumps

Condensate pumps, more

Condensing commercial tankless water heater

Condensing residential tankless water heater

Connectors for pipe

Connectors, gas flexible

Connectors, water flexible stainless steel

Conservation flush valves

Console lavs

Constant water pressure boosting system - Grundfos

Constant water pressure system - Little Giant

Contact us

Contemporary bathroom faucets

Contemporary electric towel warmers

Contemporary hydronic towel warmers

Contemporary kitchen faucets

Continuous waste drain kits

Contractor kit, push-fit fittings

Controls for water volume in showers

Conversion chart, metric

Converto brand shower kits

Converto brand shower rods

Convert tub to shower riser rod

Coolers and drinking fountains, Oasis

Cooling deluxe outdoor showers

Cooling towers, people misting towers

C.O. plug drain assemblies ("co-plug")

Copper compression Add-A-Line tee with valve fitting

Copper drain flexible trap adapters

Copper fittings

Copper float balls

Copper, information/education

Copper kitchen sinks

Copper pipe, hard (short straight lengths)

Copper pipe, soft tubing in rolls/coils and available in cut lengths

Copper press fittings

Copper sinks, hammered

Copper swedging tool

Corner bathroom sinks - small porcelain

Corner kitchen sinks

Corner wall-hung bathroom sink by Barclay

Corosex media

Corrugated stainless steel flex connectors

Countertop ultra-violet water filter system

Countertop water filters

Country kitchen old-fashioned sinks and faucets

Couplings, brass

Couplings, chrome

Couplings, compression

Couplings, copper

Couplings, CPVC

Couplings, di-electric

Couplings, flare

Couplings, hose, brass

Couplings, left/right couplings

Couplings, polybutylene repair

Couplings, PVC

Couplings, stainless

Coved corner single bowl commercial sinks

Coved corner triple bowl commercial sinks

Coved corner two bowl commercial sinks

Covers for toilet bolts

Covers, tank lid

CPVC fittings and valves

CPVC fitting saver tool

Cracked shower drain replacement

Crane Criterion toilet tank lids

Crane obsolete toilet tank lids

Crane Pacific replacement toilet tank lids

Crane toilet fill valves

Crane toilet flappers

Crane toilet flush valves

Crane toilet repair parts

Crane toilet seats

Crane toilet tank trip levers

Crawl space pumping system

Crawl space sump pump system

Cross adapters, brass

Cross handles for Sign of the Crab faucets

Cross linked polyethylene tubing

Cross reference page for toilet model numbers

Cross reference page for toilet tank flush levers

Crown urinal and toilet valve parts

CTI (C-Tech-I) sinks

Cuno (now Aqua-Pure 3M) filtered drinking water systems

Cuno (now Aqua-Pure 3M) high-flow whole house water filter systems

Curtain rods, shower

Curtains, shower (15 feet long)

Cushy (soft) toilet seats

Custom bathtub tiled in drain

Customers testimonials

Customize your Enso series tub

Cutters for large diameter pipes, (stainless steel, cast-iron, ductile iron, PVC & PE)

Cutters, PVC

Our catalog has over 2,900 pages of plumbing related supplies and products.

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