Acid Neutralizer Replacement Media

Replacement media for our Acid Neutralizer Systems
we offer the following replacement neutralizer media:

Food Grade Calcite (Calcium Carbonate)

Food Grade Calcite - 1/2 cu. ft - approx 55 lbs = $97.51

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Food Grade Corosex

Use in conjunction with Calcite to boost pH levels lower than 5.9

Food Grade Corosex - 1/2 cu. ft - approx 50 lbs = $189.54

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Food Grade Gravel - Evenly Sized

Rarely needs to be replaced.

Food Grade Gravel - approx 20lbs = $73.57

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How much does a cubic foot of calcite weigh?"
A. Between 90 to 100 pounds.

Q. "If I buy the corosex/calcite combination model N225 (or previous model N125), which media will be used more (which will dissolve faster)?"
A. Corosex generally dissolves at about twice the rate of the calcite. The main purpose of the calcite in the models N125/N225 is to prevent the corosex from clumping together. Your N225 comes with more calcite than corosex. Since corosex dissolves faster, when you reorder/install replacement media we suggest ordering/installing two parts corosex and one part calcite.

Q. "What determines if I have a low pH?"
A. If you have copper pipe, water with a low pH will attack your copper piping to the point you will see blue or green stains in the bottom of your sink or tub. A low pH balance of your water is considered acidic. If you appear to have green or blue stains, or if you suspect you have acidic water, then a simple pH test will tell you whether your water is acidic or not. You can get a pH test kit at almost any pool supply store. If your water has a pH of LESS than 7, then it is considered acidic and should be treated. A pH level above 7 is considered alkaline. Acidic water is aggressive and is actually absorbing some of the copper from your pipes into the water as it passes through them. If acidic water is left un-treated it will eventually lead to pin holes throughout your piping system.

Q. "What is corosex?"
A. It is food grade magnesium oxide.

Q. "What is calcite?"
A. Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral, also known as limestone in sedimentary rock form. We sell food grade calcite.

Q. "I currently have an acid neutralizer that uses soda ash as the neutralizing media. Can I add Calcite to my current system to raise my low pH to 7.0 or above?"
A. Soda ash is sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and acts very similar to Calcite, calcium carbonate (CaCO3), in treating low pH water conditions. We sell calcite systems because we believe the calcium carbonate is better for you than drinking the sodium the sodium carbonate systems put into the water. If the sodium carbonate is not raising the pH high enough then the chances are the calcium carbonate may not have any better effect on your water. Every water situation has a different chemical make-up and we are unable to say for sure the calcium carbonate will help you in this case. Using Corosex (magnesium oxide) may work better for your situation, but we cannot guarantee it will work better for you. If you already have neutralizing equipment, sometimes it can be best to try different medias. Or, we suggest you take your water in to a lab and have a chemist analyze your water condition and diagnose your water to determine what neutralizer media will work best for your particular water composition.

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