Ultraviolet Water Purification Systems

If you're looking for an easy to install, convenient way for getting good tasting, purified and filtered water, this convenient, no-wait UV purification system is just the ticket. Clean water is essential to our health, and keeping us and our families healthy and safe from water-born bacteria is a breeze with this worry-free system. Why buy bottled water when you can have the cleanest, best tasting water right from your very own faucet? Looking for more filtration products? Visit our page

Not sure if you really need UV filtration? Check out our water filter buying guide for more information

Double Undercounter Ultraviolet Water Purification System

Under sink water filtration system
This water filtration system features:
  • Unique under sink installation is super convenient for apartment dwellers, homeowners, small offices, or anyone else that doesn't want the hassle and expense of installing a whole-house water purifier.
  • Targeted purification system penetrates bacteria's DNA to keep them from replicating in your water supply - ensuring you and your family have cleaner, healthier drinking water.
  • Custom stainless steel lined filtration chamber offers superior reflective qualities, while the easily replaceable 10 watt bulb has an average life of 9000 hours of use time meaning you can enjoy pure water for years to come with little maintenance or repair.
  • Dual housings provide you with twice the capacity of most under sink systems so you get a larger supply of fresh drinking water quickly. The sediment filter helps extend the life of the carbon filter. The carbon filter helps reduce bad taste and odor from chlorinated water.
  • Includes: stainless steel UV module, 2 high pressure filters housings, 2 filter cartridges (1-sediment and 1-carbon), long reach faucet, 1/4" quick connect elbow, red/white/blue tubing, housing wrench, wall mount bracket, hex feed adapter (for easily connecting to your existing angle stop).
  • Working pressure: 40-80 psi
  • 1 to 2 gallons per minute flow rate
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  • Proudly made in the USA USA flag button

Undercounter Ultraviolet Water Purification System = $292.46

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Replacement Parts and Upgrades

Please note: Parts, upgrades, and other supplies may not be made in the USA.
Model Description Price & Quantity
Designer drinking water faucet in polished chrome Contemporary designer drinking water faucet - Polished Chrome
  • Single lever style handle
  • Internal ceramic disc
  • 360° swivel spout
  • 12" spout height, 5" spout reach
  • Available in many additional designer finishes
$186.67 Enter a quantity and
Long reach filter faucet Long reach drinking water filter faucet - Chrome $37.18 Enter a quantity and
STandard chrome faucet Standard 6-1/4" tall drinking water filter faucet - Chrome with Black Trim $34.72 Enter a quantity and
uv lamp Replacement UV Lamp $41.98 Enter a quantity and
quartz sleeve Replacement Quartz Sleeve - (for UV lamp) - 9-1/2" Length $30.65 Enter a quantity and
sediment filter Replacement Sediment Filter - 5 micron - Spun Polypropylene $7.11 Enter a quantity and
carbon block filter Replacement Carbon Block Filter - 5 micron $19.76 Enter a quantity and
White replacement housing for undersink water filters High pressure 10" housing - White
  • Holds one standard 10"L x 2.5"W water filter cartridge
  • Constructed of chemical resistant reinforced polypropylene
$23.16 Enter a quantity and
housing wrench Slim line water filter housing wrench $5.82 Enter a quantity and
Hex feed adapter for undercounter filtration Hex feed adapter for water supply connection - Meets Federal Safe Drinking Water Act Standards $7.20 Enter a quantity and
Double plastic bracket Light weight double plastic system bracket - mounts filtration unit to the wall $5.43 Enter a quantity and
Single membrane clip 2.5" plastic single membrane clip $3.45 Enter a quantity and


Description Price & Quantity
High pressure 1/4" tubing - 4' Length - Blue $3.54
High pressure 1/4" tubing - 4' Length - Red $3.55
High pressure 1/4" tubing - 4' Length - White $3.55
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I followed a link to this page looking for Zuvo brand water filters. Do you still offer them?"
A. Sorry, but we no longer wish to offer Zuvo brand products. Our goal is to offer top quality products, and we believe the dual stage, UV purification / filter (made in the USA) that we currently offer is simply the best you can buy for the money.

Q. "Is the UV light supposed to stay on all of the time? When I turn on my water filter warm to hot water comes out."
A. The manufacturer says the UV light is recommended to stay on at all times, as the UV light is what heats the water, and the water temperature should remain around 103 degrees. The water being heated is the only barrier for bacteria and without it bacteria would pass into the water supply. Once the unit is turned on, it should take about 2 minutes for the water to reach between 104-105 degrees, and the light will be on indicating the purification system is ready for use.

Q. "Can these uv filter systems be mounted underneath my sink?"
A. Yes, all you need is a mounting bracket for the unit, color coded tubing, and a stylish single hole faucet.

Q. "I just installed this awesome UV filter system and my water is cloudy/white, why?"
A. After you install a new filter (this is the case with any/all brands of filter cartridges) you should run it for a few minutes. Generally cloudy or white water indicates air in the line and this is natural and normal with a replacement of a cartridge. Air will enter in the housing, lines and cartridge. Just run the water for a few minutes and the cloudy conditions will go away (unless you have VERY cold water in which case it is the oxygen in the water that could be making the water look cloudy). It is always a good idea to run the water free flowing for a few minutes after installing any brand or type of new filter cartridge.

Q. "How long do I have to wait for my water to be purified?"
A. The delay between when you turn on your faucet to when the purification process finishes is a few seconds. The only "waiting" you need to do is allow time for the water to get from your faucet to the unit, and back out. The water does not need to sit in a sump for an extended period of time.

Q. "Do you offer any other UV water filters?"
A. Yes, we offer a countertop UV water filter system.

Q. "What is a micron rating?"
A. The average size of the openings between pieces of the filter media are represented in microns. For example, a 40-micron filter has larger openings than a 5-micron filter. Consequently, the 40-micron filter element will let larger particles pass through the filter than the 5-micron element.

As a general rule, the smaller micron rating for a filter is better, but as with most everything, there is a trade-off. Flow capability usually drops off as the micron rating gets smaller. To overcome this, low micron-rating filters must have larger elements to keep from sacrificing precious flow.

Q. "When should I change the carbon filter?"
A. The manufacturer recommends that you replace the carbon filter every 6 months (or about every 500 gallons) for peak performance. Carbon filters absorb chemicals like a sponge, and once saturated the carbon can no longer absorb any more chemicals and must be changed. Also if you have a noticeable drop in outlet flow or change in taste or odor, you should change your filter even if it is sooner than the recommended 6 months or 500 gallons.

Please note: While we strive to ensure every product we label as "Made in the USA" really is 100% made in the USA, it is also important to understand that sometimes manufacturers make changes to their products, or for various reasons may receive components or materials that they would normally purchase domestically from an overseas supplier - and they don't necessarily let distributors (like us!) know that they've changed something about the product or where it is manufactured.

If you receive a product that PlumbingSupply.com® says is "Made in the USA" and the product states it was manufactured elsewhere, please contact us. We will happily replace or refund your purchase to your satisfaction.

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