Whole House Water Filtration

by American Plumber

Tired of plugging your nose when you want to take a drink? A whole house filtration system from American Plumber is the way to go when odor and bad taste exist. These systems make a very noticeable difference when better tasting water is desired, and the filters in this efficient system will last through up to 75,000 gallons of water before needing to be replaced. Installing one of these systems will improve the taste of all your water-based beverages.

Whole House Water Filter System

This multi-stage whole-house filter system reduces sediment, chlorine, and unwanted taste and odor from water for up to 75,000 gallons. Large 1" port allows heavy flow rates. This unit comes with one WRC25HD20 (also known as RFC20-BBS) carbon cartridge and two W50PEHD sediment cartridges, as well as a coupling to connect the two sediment cartridges.

picture of the WWHC whole house filtration system
This whole house filter system features:
  • Multi stage system for whole house filtration in one unit
  • Reduces sediment, chlorine, and improves taste and odor
  • Included cartridges are rated for up to 75,000 gallons
  • 1" NPT inlet and outlet allows for high flow installations
  • Rated at 7.5gpm maximum
  • 50 micron rating
  • Suitable for water pressures within the 20-85psi range and water temperatures within 40°-100°F
  • Includes housings, filter cartridges, coupler, spanner wrench, and o-rings

Model # Description Price & Quantity
WH20BB Pentair / American Plumber (old #WWHC) Whole House Filtration System
Includes two (2) housings, one (1) WRC25HD20 cartridge, two (2) W50PEHD cartridges, filter coupler, spanner wrench, and O-rings
$328.20 Enter a quantity and
WWHR Replacement Cartridge Set for WWHC Filter System
Includes one (1) WRC25HD20 and two (2) W50PEHD
$136.87 Enter a quantity and
WRC25HD20 Radial Flow Carbon Filter for Taste/Odor - (formerly Ametek RFC20-BBS) $136.51 Enter a quantity and
W50PEHD Pleated Polyester Filter for Sediment - 2 required per housing $25.46 Enter a quantity and
W10-OR Replacement O-Ring $9.15 Enter a quantity and
SW-4 Spanner Wrench $11.51 Enter a quantity and
W20 Filter Coupler (for connecting two W50PEHD filters) $4.25 Enter a quantity and
153087 Filter Housing Sump ONLY $104.34 Enter a quantity and

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