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By American Plumber® is your source for water filters for hot water use. Using cold water filters in hot water could really cause problems. We offer these filters for higher temperatures so that you can safely filter your hot water line. Whatever temperature or pressure you need, these filter systems can help!

Building your custom HOT water filter system is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  • Step 1: Choose your filter housing based on your application (residential or high pressure)
  • Step 2: Choose your filter cartridge based on what you are trying to remove from your water
  • Step 3: Find all the other supplies you need for installation (flexes, fittings, etc.)

The filters featured on this page are designed for HOT water applications, but can be used in COLD water applications with the correct filters. If you need a COLD water filter, please view me.

Why are the cartridges offered separately from the filter housings? Due to geographical differences in water quality and specific filtering applications required for quality drinking water, we offer a variety of filters for the same housing. This allows you the freedom to select the housing to fit your desired flow rate and to choose the best applicable cartridge to improve your home's water issues. We offer sediment filters for dirt, silt or sand problems and carbon filters to help remove chlorine and other taste and odor problems. We are sure you can find a solution customized to meet your filtration needs.

Already know what kind of replacement filter you need for your existing American Plumber system? Find it here!

Not sure what kind of filter you need? Check out our buying guide for more information

High Temperature Water Filter Housings & Cartridges

If filtering your cold water line isn't good enough, we offer these high temperature housing that can withstand the temperatures from your hot water heater. Now the hot water line can be filtered also. Just keep in mind that the stainless steel housings are rated for higher temperatures (up to 300°F) and will work better for high pressure industrial or commercial applications as it's rated for up to 250psi. The WH34 is rated for 160°F and up to 150psi, which is perfectly suitable for most residential applications. These versatile housings can also be used on cold water lines instead, making them a good bet no matter which line you choose to filter!

WH34 and ST-1 Filter Housings
WH34 & ST-1 filter housings
These water filter systems feature:
  • Install after the hot water heater with a sediment filter to reduce sediment particles in the lines - helps prevent clogged aerators
  • 3/4" NPT inlet and outlet
  • Glass reinforced nylon constructed housings designed for residential use
  • Stainless steel housings suitable for residential or commercial high pressure applications up to 250 psi
  • Housings can use any of our standard size cold water replacement cartridges when used for cold water applications only

When choosing a filter:
  • Use one (1) cartridge for 12" length housings
  • Use two (2) cartridges for 22-3/4" length housing
Please note: Multiple cartridge use requires #155003 filter coupler

Hot Water Filter Housings

Model Description Dimensions Operating
Temp. (F)
Price & Quantity
WH34 Glass-Reinforced Nylon Hot Water Housing - Red
includes O-ring - uses one 9-7/8" length filter cartridge
5-1/8" x 12-1/8" 30 - 160° 30 - 125 $197.98 Enter a quantity and
ST-1 Stainless Steel Hot Water Housing
brass/nickel plated cap - uses one 9-7/8" length filter cartridge
4-1/8" x 12-7/8" 40 - 300° 30 - 250 $259.79 Enter a quantity and
ST-2 Stainless Steel Hot Water Housing
brass/nickel plated cap - uses two (2) 9-7/8" length filter cartridges
4-1/8" x 22-3/4" 40 - 300° 30 - 250 $457.05 Enter a quantity and

Cartridges for Hot Water Housings

Filter Cartridge Micron
Material Dimensions Reduces (Purpose) Max Temp. (F) Max GPM Price & Quantity
(sold in pairs)
WPD-110 5 Polydepth® Polypropylene 2-3/8" x 9-7/8" Sediment 175° 10 $16.55 Enter a quantity and
WPD-25 25 Polydepth® Polypropylene 2-3/8" x 9-7/8" Sediment 175° 10 $16.31 Enter a quantity and
Enter a quantity of 2, 6, or more of the same cartridge for additional savings!
Pricing discounts will be shown in the shopping cart.

Accessories for Hot Water Housings

Model Description Price & Quantity
WH34 Housing Accessories
241-S Replacement Silicone O-ring for WH34 Housing (old #W34-ORS) $18.28 Enter a quantity and
WW34 3/4" Spanner Wrench $8.82 Enter a quantity and
WMB34 3/4" Mounting Bracket $10.48 Enter a quantity and
ST-1 & ST-2 Stainless Steel Housing Accessories
143216 ST-1 & ST-2 Head Gasket $19.30 Enter a quantity and
143339 ST-1 & ST-2 Head Nut Gasket $9.48 Enter a quantity and
156037 ST-1 & ST-2 Mounting Bracket Kit $27.10 Enter a quantity and
155003 ST-2 Filter Coupler $3.53 Enter a quantity and
Installation Accessories

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Can these filters be used with cold water?"
A. Yes, these filters are designed to work with hot or cold water.

Q. "What is a micron rating?"
A. The average size of the openings between pieces of the filter media are represented in microns. For example, a 40-micron filter has larger openings than a 5-micron filter. Consequently, the 40-micron filter element will let larger particles pass through the filter than the 5-micron element.

Q. "Someone told me I should lube a replacement o-ring; is this true and why?"
A. O-rings, if not correctly lubed, can expand, and sometimes stick, to a filter housing, which can make it difficult (sometimes nearly impossible) to open the housing. To prevent this, simply prepare the replacement o-ring by applying enough silicone lubricant to give it a nice gloss all over before installing. Petroleum lubricants or faucet grease are not recommended as they typically cause o-rings to swell.

Q. "My water has been leaving Blue/Green stains. How can I filter this out?"
A. Green or blue stains are usually a result of a combination of copper pipe and acidic water. This needs to be treated with an acid neutralizer. We always recommend you have your water tested locally.

Q. "I have a lot of sand in my water. Will your sediment filters take out most of the sand?"
A. Yes, they will probably take the sand out but we want satisfied customers for the long haul. Most brands of sediment filters will take out sand but it clogs the filters very fast. We want to warn you that you would probably have to buy a LOT of sediment filters all of the time and constantly have to replace the filters. Ultimately it will hit you that you really should have a sand separator filter before a regular sediment filter. It is best to try to separate most of the sand out of your water before using a sediment filter (a stainless steel sand filter is the "best" way to go if you have sand and have somewhat aggressive or acidic water). Also please recognize that a sand filter will eliminate most of the sediment. For maximum sediment removal you should use both a sand separator and a sediment removal filter.

Q. "Do you offer water filters that purify the water?"
A. The term "water purification" is much abused. Some use the term to sell cheap water filters at high prices. We offer a lot of choices in water filtration, all are quality products. Please note: You will need to know the quality of your water because if you have high bacteria, giardia, or other contaminants in your water, not all water purification systems (including ours) will take care of these unique water situations.

Q. "I have a filter cartridge that is 2 3/4" x 20". Do you offer an adapter that I can put two of your 9 3/4" filters together?"
A. Yes, because we have had a number of requests we do offer/sell a coupling. It won't fit all of the housings that we sell, and may also work on a number of other brand filter housings. Order the number #155003 coupler offered above. It is smaller than our Jumbo W20 coupler and is only designed to fit most, but not all of our smaller-than-Jumbo standard filters. Please note: some of the carbon filters we offer are not designed to be coupled together.

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