Scale Inhibitor Water Filters

Prolong the life of your water heater - tank style, tankless, or boiler system - and save money by reducing the amount of scale build-up on your elements and pipes. These beneficial inhibitors also reduce the corrosion on anode rods, which makes your whole system last longer.

Water Heater Scale Inhibitor System

image of complete scale inhibitor system
This scale inhibitor system features:
  • Highly effective in treating scale, corrosion and iron build-up for up to 6 months
  • Food-grade hexametaphosphate crystals dissolve slowly in water to prevent lime, scale and rust build-up
  • Forms a protective coating on all metal surfaces, safeguarding against acidity/alkalinity, hardness, chloride and other factors which effect the corrosion of water equipment and pipes
  • Maintains efficiently and extends life of system
  • Up to 5 gpm
  • Recommended for use with water heaters, ice machines, vending machines, food service equipment, air conditioning and many other types of water processing applications
  • If using on a water heater, it needs to be installed on cold water line entering the water heater
  • Cartridge dimensions: 2 7/8" x 9 5/8"
  • Recommended time to change/replace this inhibitor cartridge is 4-6 months
  • It's a good idea to purchase a replacement cartridge to have on hand when needed!

Description Price & Quantity
Scale Inhibitor System:
includes housing, cartridge and mounting bracket
Replacement Inhibitor Cartridge
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Mounting Bracket:
included with Scale Inhibitor System
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Scale Inhibitor System For Whole House Applications
For whole house and commercial (large volume) applications

Scale inhibitor filtration system
This whole house filter application features:
  • Chemical free scale prevention and protection converts hard water minerals to inactive microscopic crystals, keeping them from building up on your pipes and appliances which extends the life of your system.
  • Designed to be installed on the cold water supply so you can put this ahead of your water heater for additional appliance protection
  • Virtually maintenance free, the cartridge only needs to be replaced every two years
  • Easily installed mounting bracket included
  • Included filter wrench allows cartridge change outs when necessary
  • Inlet ball valve for easy isolation shutoff and filter changes
  • Maximum Pressure: 90psi
  • Maximum Temperature: 100°F
  • Minimum Temperature: 35°F
  • Inlet/Outlet Connections: 3/4" FNPT
  • Service Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm to maximum 6 gpm 24/7/365 up to 2 years
  • Designed to work with a maximum of 30 grains of hardness
  • Overall dimensions: 28-1/2" x 8-5/8" - view complete dimensions

Description Price & Quantity
Scale Inhibitor System
Includes housing, cartridge, mounting bracket, and filter wrench
Replacement Cartridge $307.18
Recommended time to change/replace this inhibitor cartridge is 2 years.
It's a good idea to purchase a replacement cartridge to have on hand when needed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Is the scale inhibitor system's active ingredient safe?"
A. Yes! All ingredients used are 100% pure food grade materials, are safe for ingestion by humans, animals, and plants, and do not build up in waste water. The organic phosphates used are approved by the USDA and meet purity requirements as a food additive by the World Health Organization.

Q. "Will these scale inhibitor systems change the taste or odor of water?"
A. No. The active ingredient is colorless, tasteless, and odorless when used as recommended.

Q. "Will these scale inhibitors prolong the life of my plumbing?"
A. These scale inhibitors will help reduce scale build-up and corrosion of pipes and therefore extend the life of your hot water system.

Q. "Do I install the hot water scale inhibitor before or after the water heater?"
A. It should be installed before the water heater somewhere on the cold water line leading to the water heater.

Q. "Does the hot water heater scale inhibitor have to be used only on a hot water heater, or can it be used for any plumbing system?"
A. The "hot water" scale inhibitor can be used on most potable water plumbing systems. However, more water is typically used through cold water systems and the phosphate in the hot water scale inhibitor would be used up much more quickly. For cold water applications we suggest you consider the "cold water" scale inhibitor as it contains quite a bit more food grade phosphate crystals. The hot water heater scale inhibitor is designed to work with most hot water systems including boilers and tankless or tank-type (gas or electric) water heaters.

Q. "I'm hearing a lot about lead-free these days. What does that have to do with plumbing products and how does the new lead-free legislation affect me?"
A. Basically, the laws implemented Jan. 1st, 2014 require plumbing products that come in contact with drinking water to be "essentially lead free" (less than 0.25% weighted average). For further information about how the law determines what is "lead free", rules regarding which plumbing products must be "lead free", and who these laws will affect, please view our page.

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