Garden and Yard Products

Deluxe Garden Hoses

We offer a range of durable garden hoses, suitable for a variety of applications, including hot water hoses and sprinkler hoses. We sell only the very best quality hoses, and are confident you'll be satisfied when you purchase from®.

Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to choosing the right garden hose for more help

Hose Bibbs, Adapters, Nozzles & Other Garden Hose Accessories

Spruce up your outdoor space with one of our decorative accessories! Our decorative hose bibbs and hose holders will add a whimsical touch to your lawn, or choose a freezeless faucet for top notch performance all year round. Need a hose bibb lock to prevent water theft? Got those too. Whatever you need in the way of hose nozzles, quick connect fittings, or even a handheld power washer,® is your leading provider of garden plumbing products, and our dedication to quality ensures you're always getting the very best.

Got a leaky hose bibb? Need help installing your new hose bibb? Let Mike walk you through it in this video!

Drip Irrigation Products

For the very best in functionality, quality construction, and ease of use, check out our wide selection of drip irrigation products. We have several different types of emitters available, along with sprayers, filters, fittings and supports for almost any kind of drip irrigation system.

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Garden & Yard Enhancements

Create the perfect outdoor space with these luxury home enhancements. Add relaxation and value to your home with a pre-fabricated sauna or a deluxe outdoor shower, cool off with a new patio misting system, or keep Fido clean without clogging up the tub with an outdoor pet shower. We also offer a wide range of beautiful Teak products, old-fashioned pitcher pumps (that work!), and all kinds of sinks to make gardening cleanup and outdoor cooking a breeze.

Equipment for Pools, Ponds, & Other Water Features

Keep your pond, pool, or other water feature clean and functioning well with our quality pumps. We offer a wide range of pumps to suit almost any application, as well as all types of controllers from mechanical wide angle float switches to electronic hi-lo controllers with built-in alarms.

Miscellaneous Yard Maintenance Supplies

Keep your sprinkler system functioning well for years to come with our high quality sprinkler heads and sprinkler pump systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Why do many codes require vacuum breakers on hose bibbs?"
A. There is a very small chance that you could have your hose in a puddle of dirty water while the water main (or well pump) is shut off or the water main/line broken. Then a negative pressure could arise and suck this potentially bacteria laden or toxic water back into the water main. Yes, it is a slim chance but it can and does happen. Vacuum breakers prevent the water from being able to be sucked back into the hose.

Q. "Can I install/replace a hose bibb myself or do I need to hire a plumber?"
A. Standard threaded hose bibbs are very simple to install or replace and are usually as easy as changing a shower head. Check out the video below for instructions. If you're referencing a freezeless outdoor faucet or a house hydrant, we recommend getting a plumber primarily because it can be difficult to see or find the connection inside the wall and you may actually have to go through the wall to complete the replacement or installation.

How to Replace a Standard Hose Bibb

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