Durable Garden Hose Nozzles & Sprayers

We are proud to offer these durable hose nozzles, sprayers and watering wands. Whether you are looking for quick-change adapters or wyes to split your hose bibb, "Yes, we have it!" You will find our large selection of water nozzles and sprayers to be the finest available anywhere. We are sure you will find the right tools for your watering needs.

Need a new hose too? We have a great selection!

Turbo Jet "Power" Washer

Turbo Jet Power Washer
  • Easily connects to garden hose and turns it into a power washer (approx. 30" overall length)
  • Great for washing cars, boats, RVs, gutters, driveways, decks, patios, windows and more
  • Versatile / useful tool - no more bending over to clean grooves in brick walkways
  • Can be used to knock down wasp nests at a safe distance
  • Soft grip comfort handle has attachment to store extra nozzle
  • Includes two nozzles: stream nozzle and fan spray nozzle
  • Easy-turn lever handle provides smooth operation and positive shut-off - no dripping from nozzle when valve is closed
  • Please note: The Turbo Jet is not a pressure washer and does not increase PSI

Turbo Jet Power Washer $27.52

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Deluxe Garden Hose Nozzles, Sprayers & Watering Wands

Item Description Price & Quantity
Wand Sprinkler - 7 pattern wand sprinkler, 18" with rubber comfort grip and ratcheting water volume control with shut-off (colors vary) $4.31

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Water Nozzles & Sprayers

water nozzlePistol Grip Sprayer
water nozzleSweeper Nozzle
water nozzleAdjustable Sweeper Nozzle
water nozzleHeavy Duty Pistol Grip Sprayer

Item Description Price & Quantity
Pistol Grip Water Nozzle Sprayer - Zinc $5.80
Water Nozzle Sweeper - Brass $3.81
Adjustable Water Nozzle Sweeper - Brass $9.39
Heavy Duty Insulated Pistol Grip Water Nozzle $8.69

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Quick Connect Fittings
For Garden Hoses, Nozzles and Sprayers

Quick connect fittings for garden hoses and garden sprayers

Order a 3/4" Male snap fitting for each of your hoses, nozzles, sprayers!!!

Use this quick connect system to easily swap between multiple nozzles, hoses, & sprayers. Simply screw on the 3/4" female snap connector to your outside faucet, attach the 3/4" male snap to any variety of garden hoses, sprayers, misters (shown above) and attach another female fitting to the other end of the hose. Then order additional male adapters for each hose attachment, and connect the snap fittings together for a quick, easy, and secure connection.

3/4in MHT x 3/4in FHT hose adapterBrass 3/4" MHT x 3/4" FHT
3/4in MHT x 3/4in FHT hose adapterChrome 3/4" MHT x 3/4" FHT

3/4in MHT snap connector hose adapter3/4" MHT Snap Connector
3/4in FHT snap connector hose adapter3/4" FHT Snap Connector

Description Price & Quantity
3/4" Quick Connect Garden Hose Fittings - Brass $14.98 Enter a quantity and
3/4" Quick Connect Garden Hose Fittings - Chrome Plated $6.94 Enter a quantity and
3/4" Male snap fitting x 3/4" male GHT - Brass $6.07 Enter a quantity and
3/4" Female snap fitting x 3/4" female GHT - Brass $12.54 Enter a quantity and
Stepped hose washer for quick connect coupling $0.23 Enter a quantity and
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3/4" Wye Hose fittings

Great for making two outlets out of one hose bibb. Solid brass wye has one 3/4" female hose connection and two 3/4" male hose connections. Now your kids can play with one hose while your other hose waters your garden.

Wye brass hose fitting

3/4" Wye Brass Hose fitting = $11.13

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3/4" Wye Hose fittings

Double the use of your outside faucet. Allows you to use two hoses from one outlet. This wye fitting is made of zinc, and includes dual ball valves constructed of solid plastic spheres. Operates with 1/4 turn lever handles. Has one 3/4" female hose connection and two 3/4" male hose connections.

Zinc wye shut off hose fitting

3/4" Zinc Dual shut-off hose fitting = $3.49

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Do you have any care tips?"
A. Hoses are best stored on a hose real or rolled up with the water pressure relieved. In freezing conditions drain out all water completely and store away from freezing temperatures. Turn off water when not in use. If you do all of that these wonderful quality hoses should last a very long time.

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